Why is Taylor Swift being so elusive ahead of Reputation’s release?

When Taylor Swift announced that her next album, Reputation, was coming on November 10th (that’s tomorrow people!) I assumed that she would be EVERYWHERE in the weeks leading up to it. But no – she hasn’t done one interview, red carpet or promotional appearance. WHY?

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The MTV VMAs were incredibly underwhelming


The Video Music Awards are the awards show I look forward to the most because it is usually fun, packed with celebs having a good time and present some shocking or ridiculous behaviour. I caught up with the show last night and tbh, I was so bored and tired I almost stopped watching. When did the VMAs become so average and underwhelming?

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Taylor Swift vs. Kim and Kanye: I can’t pick sides


Taylor Swift in happier times when Kanye sent her flowers

If you had hypothetically pitched this feud to me months ago, I would have hands down been Team Taylor Swift. I loved her and thought she seemed like a nice/relatable person who just gets bashed a lot by other people. But in recent weeks, her halo has started to slip, cracks in her polished PR strategy have begun to show and she’s starting to come across as very calculating. So it makes it harder to defend her with the latest Kim Kardashian and Kanye West feud.

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Kanye West’s Famous video is pure genius


Kanye West‘s music video for Famous dropped on Friday and it has caused quite a scandal. It basically features celebrities (or their lookalikes) all naked in bed, in a recreation of the Vincent Desiderio painting Sleep. It is shocking, a bit creepy, has a sex-tape vibe but it is ultimately very powerful and illustrates his entire point about fame.

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Met Gala 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

I don’t really remember when the Met Gala became such a big celeb thing but it is, and the fashion is under a microscope on an even more ridiculous scale than the Oscars! I honestly don’t understand why celebs go and put themselves under this pressure to wear something fabulous, something that stands out and something that is in keeping with the theme.

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Taylor Swift’s Independence Day pool party & more celeb pics


Taylor Swift makes me jealous of her squad at the best of times but her pics from her Independence Day weekend celebrations are just the worst. I have serious envy. And she’s not the only one… check out these amazing celeb party pics!!

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Met Ball 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


Forget the Oscars, forget the Grammys… The Met Ball is officially the biggest night on the fashion calendar because it is ALL about the red carpet. Nobody really cares about the fundraising that happens inside! So many stars attend and they go all out with the fashion and their bold choices really divide opinion. This what red carpets should be about! So much to discuss and debate over.

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Video Music Awards: Best & Worst Dressed

I haven't counted Katy because hers was done in humour. Very reminiscent of Britney & JT!!

I haven’t counted Katy because hers was done in humour. Very reminiscent of Britney & JT!!

The Video Music Awards always bring out the crazy side of the celebrities and they tend to be more risky and raunchy with their clothing. So I expected the standard of ‘yes’ outfits to be pretty low and I was correct. There aren’t many that I would consider great choices but I’ve managed to select the cream of the crop in my eyes.

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Big Pics: Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton


Paris partied with model Cara Delevigne in Cannes last night. I didn’t actually know they were friends until Paris captioned the pic with: “Such an amazing time out with my girl@CaraDelevingne last night. Love her! Always have the best time together. ” Paris also had a great time making out with her boyfriend River Viiperi.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is like the queen of boho chic but this time, she added a gothic twist, adding a hint of Dracula to her ensemble.

Justin Bieber


I can’t think of any situation where shorts and knee high socks are acceptable, yet Justin acts like he is the coolest. He’s completely unaware of the fashion crime he is making.

Kim Kardashian


Someone please tell Kim Kardashian she can stop wearing heels. Just look at her swollen ankles! I’m amazed she hasn’t broken the shoes. She must be in so much pain. Seriously, lady, just wear comfy flats!

Thandie Newton


On a more sombre note, look at a poor Thandie! These are some horrific stills from her gritty TV show Rogue in which she plays an undercover cop. We don’t know what has happened but she has been beaten up BADLY. The bruises you can see in the next picture are nasty. She is such a good actress. Rogue is on Wednesday at 9pm on the Audience Network in US.


Why is Cheryl Cole sucking up to Kim Kardashian?!


Cheryl Cole send Kim Kardashian a very supportive tweet earlier, but she went a bit overboard with her compliments which makes me wonder- why is she sucking up to Kim?!

She wrote: “Dear @kimkardashian. Hi Gorgeous lady! Just wanted to send you a tweet to say I think you are an incredibly beautiful woman inside and out.. I can only imagine how tough it is to be heavily pregnant and feeling extremely vulnerable on top of some of the daily criticism you take! I admire your tenacity and send you my best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy #enjoyyourblessing x”


Huh?! I hear you say, and I will join you in that too. To be fair, I think the criticisms about Kim’s weight gain during her pregnancy are completely unfair so I agree with Cheryl’s sentiment. However, why does she need to write such a long tweet? And does she know Kim well enough to say she is beautiful “inside and out”. It just seems like she is kissing ass, but why?! Cheryl has never written such a complimentary message about anyone besides her Girls Aloud pals. Are here and Kim friends? I just so bewildered about this- any light that can be shed on this would be very helpful guys.

It is great to see celebrities stick up for one another and I love when famous people tweet their support of others because the media are always trying to make out that everyone hates one another. I just think this tweet goes much further than that. It is so sickly sweet, the phases “incredibly beautiful” and “admire your tenacity” make me cringe.


Of course, Kim replied, thanking her for her kindness.

She wrote: “@CherylCole your message really touched me! Thank you so much for the support & positivity! Its so important for women to feel confident & at peace during this amazing time! Your sweet tweet really made me smile! Xoxo”

See, THAT’s a nice, normal tweet. Now I want to know more about their friendship (if there even is one)!