Pics: Inside the Kids Choice Awards 2013

You can always expect some fun at the Kids Choice Awards because it is for kids and voted by kids. The guests know that they may end being gunged and their awards are little orange submarines. It isn’t a serious awards show which means that the celebrities can let loose and have fun.

Like Kristen Stewart, for example, who sacrificed her outfit to hung a slimy Sandra Bullock. Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris got gooed while presenting her with the Best Actress submarine and Stewart happily joined in the fun.










Katy Perry also seemed to be having fun. Seriously, this girl seems to be friends with every celebrity. She just seems to know everyone. Here were can see here getting friendly with Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez and Fergie.

What's she screaming about?!

What’s she screaming about?!

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious

Loving the bump! This photo is hilarious


This is the cutest picture of the night. I knew Kristen and Katy have hung out before but I didn’t know they were this close. Also, I didn’t know Selena knew either of them. Such a great pic!

The Kids Choice Awards will be televised on Nickelodeon at 6pm.


Pics: Best & Worst Dressed at Kids Choice Awards

You know the drill. If there is an award show, I will be deciding which outfits I like and dislike. The stars graced the purple carpet for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and here are my picks.

The biggest winners of the night were Kristen Stewart,The Hunger Games and One Direction who came away with two each. It is surprising that Kristen got any because she hasn’t won many awards recently (besides the Razzies), so at least this proves to that her fans still support her despite the whole Rupert Sanders cheating debacle.

Anyway, back to the fashion! Here are my selection of best and worst dressed.





No, it’s not because she’s pregnant! It just thinks this dress is VERY busy. It is has far too many different colours. It’s crazy!

Miranda Cosgrove


I just don’t like the texture of the dress and the two patches which look stuck on. Loving her hair though.

Little Mix


I don’t expect groups to match but they clearly haven’t co-ordinated at all! They just look too different and there is no cohesion between them. Individually, I like Jade’s (left) outfit and Perrie’s yellow skirt. Not a fan of the dungarees.



I dislike because it is wacky and a comedy red carpet outfit. As a costume, I think it is brilliant and she looks badass! I love that her brother has co-ordinated with her (although his colour is pretty nasty!)


Kristen Stewart


I think Kristen look cool here. I love the structure and the shorts look fab.

Ashley Tisdale


I am loving her dress! Ashley looks simply stunning!

Selena Gomez


I think this is a cute outfit. KCAs is a fun event (people get gunged after all) so wearing casual attire is okay, as long as it’s super pretty.

Kristen Wiig


I LOVE what she is wearing here. It is so rock chick and she looks very cool.

Katy Perry 


Katy looks smoking! She is revealing her chest and her midriff but still manages to look classy. The print on this is very bold and I love it.