My favourite kick-ass screen heroines

Atomic Blonde comes out today and I bloody loved it (read review here) and mostly because Charlize Theron portrays such a badass heroine who just wipes the floor with everyone she comes up against. She is basically awesome.

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Aaron Johnson adding to the brood

I find it crazy enough that actor Aaron Johnson is still with Sam Taylor Wood due to their 23 year age gap but now news has broken that they are expecting a second child. Only a year after having Wylda Rose.

Aaron is 21 which I think is a crazy age to be having children at, especially as a busy actor being in big hit movies such as Kick-Ass, Nowhere Boy and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Sam is 44 and directed Nowhere Boy, which is how they met in 2009. They later got engaged in October 2009 and had a child by July 2010.

I just think this is all very soon and I wish they would slow down. They may be serious about each other but I can’t get over the age gap. I’m so surprised that he wants a family so soon instead of putting his career first.