Golden Globes 2018: Best & Worst Dressed

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the actors and actresses attending the Golden Globes last night wore black to support the Time’s Up movement. Here are some of my favourite looks of the night.

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SAG Awards 2017: Best and Worst Dressed


Last night it was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. You already know about the winners (see here) so now let’s look at the fashion.

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Emmys 2016: Best & Worst Dressed


I feel like I haven’t done a red carpet round-up in aaaages! But the awards season is creeping up on us slowly but surely and it all kicked off last night with the biggest TV show ceremony – the Emmys. Game of Thrones and People V OJ Simpson cleaned up (see all the winners here) but my main focus is on the red carpet, of course.

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Oscars 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

margot crop

We have finally reached the end of the film awards season! It felt like we would never get there but yes, the Oscars, the pinnacle of everything, happened Sunday night. Sure, the prizes are a good talking point but this is ALL about the fashion. This is the biggie – the event everyone saves their best for, and there were some damn good outfits on display.

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Emmys 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Awards season is officially underway, which means more red carpet fashion analysis woohoo! I’m not huge into fashion but I love checking out what the celebs choose for these fancy ceremonies. One of my favourites from last night’s Emmys is Emma Roberts, who looks absolutely gorgeous in this pale gown. I have just given the highlights of the best & worst, but I must admit, most fell into the ‘meh’ category, where was just boring and uninspired so they got ignored. The ones I have chosen inspire a reaction.

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Met Ball 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


Forget the Oscars, forget the Grammys… The Met Ball is officially the biggest night on the fashion calendar because it is ALL about the red carpet. Nobody really cares about the fundraising that happens inside! So many stars attend and they go all out with the fashion and their bold choices really divide opinion. This what red carpets should be about! So much to discuss and debate over.

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Pics: MTV Movie Awards 2013 Fashion

As usual, I have picked my best and worst dressed from the selection of celebrities that headed to the MTV Movie Awards in LA last night. That wasn’t a massive turnout of actors considering it’s a film awards ceremony- most of the celebs were models, TV stars and musicians. Perhaps Coachella festival had something to do with it. It’s the first time Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson haven’t showed in years!

The main winners were Avengers, which won Best Film, Best Fight and Best Villain. Silver Linings Playbook won two and Will Ferrell was given a special “Comedic Genius” Award. Very surprised at the lack of awards for Hunger Games and Twilight.

Here are my picks.



Emma Watson


I just love the cut of this dress! The structure of it is amazing, although it could have done with a bolder print.

Kim Kardashian


Kim managed to make pregnancy sexy in this black minidress. She is finally dressing appropriately!

Kerry Washington


I wasn’t sure about this at first but the yellow won me over. This stands out above all the others.

Zoe Saldana


Zoe looks sexy with that slit! Simple yet stunning.


Chloe Moretz

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

I’m not a big denim fan and I just think Chloe can do much better than this because I have seen her look so glamorous before. This dress is appropriate for her age though, I guess.

Kylie Minogue


This is horrible. I can’t even begin to describe it. It looks futuristic and I just don’t like it. It looks like there is tinsel on it!



This isn’t bad compared to things she had worn in the past but it seems very hippie. You can see her knickers through her trousers and hair doesn’t look very healthy.

Hayley Williams

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

I think it’s obvious that Paramore don’t usually do mainstream red carpet events. The dungarees would have been acceptable if teamed with nicer shoes and not-so-crazy hair.

Just for fun….


Will Ferrell looked like a pimp daddy!

Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition crams in the A-list celebs!


I love seeing special photoshoot editions and Vanity Fair seem to do the best! Here is their 19th Hollywood edition and just check out the celebrities they’ve managed to get involved! The special pull-out cover is by far the best.

The Hollywood edition is released annually and is crammed full of celebrities. This time the bosses managed to get 75 on board (although you will have to buy the magazine to see them all!)

I love what random selection ended up on the front cover- Emma Stone in between Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck (so jealous!) They are great choices but they aren’t actors that you would connect together so I wondered how they ended up in a bed in ape suits!

Enjoy the other pictures we’ve been teased with.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill

The Hollywood Edition will come out February 1st.

Django Unchained: Review


If you love Quentin Tarantino movies then you will love this- it has violence, ridiculous blood and witty dialogue. I wouldn’t say it is my favourite of his but I did really enjoy it. The subject matter can make you uncomfortable at times but what can you expect- the treatment of slaves wasn’t exactly pretty. It is headed up by a stellar cast who put in tremendous performances.

Jamie Foxx stars as Django, a slave who is freed by bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). Django must help Schultz indentify some wanted men in return for his freedom. However, along the way, the pair bond and Schultz keeps him on so they become partners in the bounty hunting business. That doesn’t go down too well- it’s 1818 and black people are slaves so everyone is offended by Django riding a horse and acting like a white person.


Schultz learns of Django’swife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), and decides to help Django track her down. This leads him to the plantation of Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). The pair try to buy Broomhilda under false pretences and when Calvin’s butler Stephen (Samuel L Jackson) finds out about their romance, all hell breaks loose.

You know going into the movie that there will be hefty dialogue and unrealistic bloody violence. You know there will be swearing and some controversial topics. In the reviews, many critics complained about the use of “n-word”- I admit that it was used far too much. I didn’t find it offensive though because it is depicting a certain era in which black people were called that. To balance it out, there wasn’t much general swearing unlike Quentin’s other movies.

Django Unchained

The violence is always going to be rather ridiculous because he does like the blood. I didn’t find the blood in shoot-outs gruesome because they just looked so silly- particularly towards the end. However, there are certain bits of violence to do with slavery like Broomhilda being branded with a hot iron on the face, being whipped or a slave being pulled apart by dogs that were horrible. Again, it is true to how black people were treated back then so it is a brutally honest depiction.

The acting was quality and it is made easier by the dialogue. The script is fantastic and it is no surprise that Tarantino won Best Original Screenplay at the Golden Globes. I can say the same for Waltz and his Best Supporting Actor award because he is marvellous. Jamie Foxx was great but I thought Waltz stole the show. DiCaprio is always amazing and he doesn’t fail in this. There were some odd casting choices such as Jonah Hill as “Bag Head #2”- he was in the movie for less than ten minutes and it just seemed so odd. Amber Tamblyn was in it for one shot! Quentin made an appearance himself but I thought his cameo didn’t work as he didn’t look right for the movie.


You don’t need to like Westerns to like this. As long as you love Tarantino movies, you will enjoy this. I don’t think this is better than Kill Bill Vol 1 to be honest (that’s my favourite) but that’s also down to the running time. It just goes on and on and when you think it’s done, it keeps going on. It definitely could have been trimmed down.

Besides the running time, it was great- there was a good mix of action, violence, humour and witty dialogue. The actors were amazing and the script is fantastic. Kudos to Tarantino for taking on such a taboo subject- not many writers would touch a movie about slavery. It definitely deserves its Best Film Oscar nomination.

My Pics: Django Unchained UK Premiere


The cast of Quentin Tarantino’s latest smash came to party at the UK premiere in Leicester Square tonight to celebrate its Oscar nominations (although Quentin was missed out of a director nod!)


I braved the cold for hours so was disappointed when only Quentin and Christoph Waltz made an effort with the fans- they spend so much time on the red carpet and covered everybody.

The other cast members- Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson and Kerry Washington- done a really half-arsed job of signing and greeting fans- they only did a small section away from me so I’m afraid I don’t have many decent pictures.

The most disappointing thing was that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t come- I would have loved to meet him. However, the cast that came to us were lovely and it was obvious they got along with each other. They were laughing, hugging and hanging out together. The chemistry between them was fantastic. Jamie made me laugh by rapping along to the music and Quentin was joking around with the paparazzi.

Other celebrities included Hugo Taylor, Ashley Roberts and James Arthur.


Quentin Tarantino



Christoph Waltz 



Samuel L Jackson


Kerry Washington & Jamie Foxx


(I did say I couldn’t get up close!)

James Arthur