News Round-Up: Kim Kardashian, Oscars & Razzies


Katie Price

Katie Price has announced that she is pregnant just five weeks after marrying her new husband, Kieran Hayler. This will be her fourth child with three different men. The pregnancy wasn’t planned but Katie said they’re “over the moon”.

She already has Harvey, 10, with Dwight Yorke plus Junior, 7, and Princess, 5, with Peter Andre. Her marriage to Kieran is her third after failed marriages with Peter Andre and Alex Reid. She wed Kieran after a month-long romance. 


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 

The rapper and reality star duo have revealed that their first child together will be a girl. The pregnancy was announced on December 30th after Kanye spilled the beans onstage at a gig. The pair have been dating since April last year and it is thought the baby is due around June/July.



The Oscars, which will be televised tonight, will feature a musical segment in which cast members from Les Misérables, Chicago and Dreamgirls will showcase celebrated musicals from the last decade. It is thought they will sing live, yet, according to reports, Catherine Zeta-Jones has been rehearsing All That Jazz with a pre-recorded track. Richard Gere said on Graham Norton Show on Friday night that he would be there with his Chicago cast members but they wouldn’t be singing…is he telling a fib?! Who knows what’s going to happen- I just can’t wait to see it!


The Twilight Saga 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II won seven awards at the Golden Raspberries this year (and there are only ten categories). This is not good news as this is a spoof award show and the awards go to the “worst” actress etc. The Twilight films always win something every year but this is the biggest sweep ever.

They “won” in: Worst Picture, Worst Sequel, Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner), Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Director and Worst Screen Couple. The others that won were Adam Sandler (a Razzies regular) for That’s My Boy, Rihanna for Battleship and That’s My Boy again for Worst Screenplay.

The Hunger Games UK premiere

So I went along to the European premiere of The Hunger Games tonight at London’s O2 Arena. Unfortunately, I arrived too late get VIP access and the opportunity to watch the movie, but I did manage to get a good spot. All the main cast were there- Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth. They were all lovely and spent a lot of time signing autographs to the hundreds of screaming fans.

Other notable appearance were from Chris Hemsworth and Nicholas Hoult. They were polar opposites of each other- Chris was the friendliest of all and Nicholas (Jennifer’s boyfriend!) barely signed anything and headed straight into the cinema. Other “celebs” such as Katie Price, Michelle Heaton and Jenny Frost. I think a couple of TOWIE/ Made in Chelsea were there too, but I cannot be sure. Edith Bowman presented the coverage for the BBC plus other reporters for Yahoo and Sky News were doing the rounds.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took tonight:






I couldn’t get a great picture of Elizabeth Banks because her minder/security guard was in the way at all times. I definitely like Chris the most from this experience because although the other three gave a lot of time signing, he seemed to be the only one enjoying it (which is weird considering it isn’t even his movie!) He spoke to the fans, whereas Jennifer didn’t speak at all (and she’s the lead character!) and Elizabeth’s minder just batted people away. The boys were definitely nicer- except Nicholas Hoult, who couldn’t have got into the cinema quick enough!!

I was sad that Stanley Tucci and Woody Harrelson didn’t come, but I suppose you can’t expect every cast member to turn up.

The Hunger Games is released in the UK on Friday 23rd March.

Reality TV winds me up


Jordan has launched her new show “Signed by Katie Price”, a talent show mixed between The Apprentice and Britain’s Next Top Model. She is basically looking for her next protégé. So a Jordan mini-me. Do we need one of those exactly?!

We gets me is that the contestants are in the running to become a personality rather than someone with talent. Don’t get me wrong, Katie Price has great business skills and has made such a brand for herself but she doesn’t have a particular talent really. She is known for being her and, back in the day, getting her kit off. I know many people these days want to be famous or “somebody” but is this really the way to do it?!

We have far too many “personalities” out there from various reality TV shows so at least Katie got herself this far without the help of a popular television show propelling her to fame. Big Brother contestants and The Only Way is Essex stars are prime examples of people cashing in on being famous for no apparent reason. All they do is sell their personal stories to papers, go to loads of parties and have tons of photo opportunities. Yet they are famous for this. Anyone could do that if they wanted to. I swear people go into these shows with the purpose of getting that 15 minutes of fame. I feel that people with talent should fill up our papers and television time.

With Katie’s new show, she is basically creating yet ANOTHER “face”. The winning contestant will be signed up to Katie’s talent agency which has already lined up a reality TV show and various endorsements. I cannot see why anyone would want to watch this show to be honest. Or why anyone would go on the show. If I wanted to be famous, I would definitely find another way than go on a television show created by Jordan because that already lacks credibility. I would want to be known for a talent rather being “famous for nothing” such as the Kardashians.


I do not know why people began watching Keeping up with the Kardashians when it started because they were unknowns. They are famous now because of the show but who came up with the idea to film them anyway? Same with Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, TOWIE and Made in Chelsea- what possesses someone to consider this quality television? Who commissioned it in the first place? Who thought that these people were worth being in a show? There are so many things I just don’t understand about these shows, yet they are very popular. How were the stars of them picked? Do people really want to see a show about a random group of people?! Apparently they do.

Katie Price is no stranger to her own shows- What Katie Did Next, Signed and various ones when she was with Peter Andre. Why do producers think this is great show idea? And who watches this stuff? But unbelievably, people do and they seem to love it. Katie has created and endorsed a ridiculous number of products such as books, equestrian clothing, straighteners, beauty items, IPods and perfumes to name a few. It is amazing what she produces, but not all of them sell well. Her next venture after this is going to be a documentary following her going on a road trip across America. Are people not fed up of shows starring Jordan?! She is everywhere. Her ex-boyfriend Alex Reid is still considered interesting by the media so he is still in the spotlight. Probably didn’t help that he proposed to girlfriend Chantelle Houghton (from CBB) on television recently. Publicity stunt much?

Katie recently said in an interview with Star magazine that she is looking for “another brand” to come out of the show. She adds “I’ve got everything lined up for my winner, from the reality show to the perfume.” Who would want to buy that perfume?! Really?! It is ridiculous the amount of perfumes that have been released by non-celebs. I reckon the winner will disappear without a trace six months after the show and Katie will have nothing more to do with them. This is just another venture for Katie to make a quick buck. I seriously doubt she will care for the winner for a long time, much like the winner of Paris Hilton’s BFF or The Bachelor. They don’t last and how can they? Once the show is done with, nobody cares about the winner anymore.

As you can tell, I’m not a fan in reality TV. I watch The X Factor and other competition-style things based on talent but I can’t bring myself to watch the other programmes. They are just a whole load of nothing and I don’t want to buy into it. It really makes me sad that the TOWIE cast are in magazines every week because I just don’t think they deserve the exposure. I suppose this feature is a bit hypocritical but I just had to get it all off my chest. Let me know what you think!

Is Jordan engaged?

Jordan appeared at a book signing at a WH Smith store in Hertforshire this weekend wearing a rock on her engagement finger.

Her and Leandro are moving a bit too quickly! Or is it just a publicity stunt? Katie Price was promoting new book, Paradise, after all. She even held the book in her left hand during the photo shoot so her ring will be in all the pictures.

But it does seem like things with her and Leandro are hotting up. She was only back in the UK for three days before he came over to join her. Jordan also says she loves him. Only time will tell if this engagement is actually serious.

Poor Alex Reid!

I’ve always felt a bit sorry for Alex Reid during his relationship with Jordan, but now I feel REALLY sorry for him- Jordan (aka Katie Price) is parading around her new man, Leandro, and their divorce isn’t finalised yet. She has got over him quick and Alex is going to take much longer than that to put their relationship behind him.

The new man in question is Leandro Penna- an Argentinian model that Katie met at Elton John’s post-Oscar Party. He is 25 and can barely speak any English. I just don’t understand why Katie can’t have alone time for a bit- she ALWAYS needs a man and I think that’s quite sad. She’s an independent women in all other respects except relationships.  I just want to know why she feels she needs to move on so soon. Is she doing it to prove a point to Alex? Or because she genuinely likes this guy?

It’s bad enough that she is already in a relationship but she keeps posting pictures on Twitter and he is all over the media. Magazines say that Katie is playing down their relationship and claiming they are just friends, but evidence seems to prove otherwise. Poor Alex! They only filed for a “quickie” divorce last week!  I’m guessing that is the angle the media is taking as Katie tweeted this earlier:

“people forgetting alex shagged a girl in manchester few weeks ago and she did kiss and tell on him!…I will do what makes me happy”

Only time will tell if Leandro is the man for Katie. She has definitely proved the point that she has moved on and Alex is definitely jealous (and rightly so!) I just hope she isn’t using Leandro simply for that purpose.

Jordan is getting angry!

It would seem that usually publicity hungry Jordan has had enough of all the marriage-being-over rumours. The Tweet would suggest that the mags and papers have it all wrong, so we will have  wait and see how long the facade lasts. It was quite ironic that she is getting annoyed with the attention now, considering she usually loves it and brings it on herself. Papers say that she was also checked the internet on holiday to see what was being said about her. Who knows what’s going to happen to her and Alex right now.

Jordan reveals all in Tweet

The day Iwrote that article about Katie Price and Alex Reid’s marriage- turns out I had missed a vital piece of news which was in the papers that day. It seems that Jordan took to Twitter to clear the rumours up for her fans:

She said:  “To answer my fans questions news of the world did a accurate story sunday about our marriage in crises ..always look on bright side xx”

Which is all pretty ironic to me considering I had been thinking this recently, saying why doesn’t she just call it off. Apparently, she wanted to wait until after Christmas for the children and she wants to wait until it’s been over a year since her and Alex’s Vegas wedding. So it doesn’t look like a failure I suppose. Their holiday in the Maldives was make or break, and I think it is reaffirmed her belief that her marriage sucks. Meanwhile, Alex is still in love with Katie, so that could get a bit messy.

Magazines have also been saying that she wants to get back to her Jordan ways as she was the most happiest then. She has many projects in the pipeline for 2011, such as a riding school, and none of those include Alex. Apparently, she has been thinking of a split since November time.

Year in Review 2010: Rest of the Top Five

Katie Price

I’m going to make it no secret that I’m not a fan of Miss Katie Price. I think that she has taken attention-grabbing too far. I think she needs to feel wanted, loved and validated, which is why she married Alex Reid so quickly. If the media are telling their truth, their marriage sounds like it’s going up the creek very rapidly and that’s because the novelty has worn off and Katie has lost interest. They tried for children but with no success, which makes everyone assume that Alex’s stuff isn’t good enough- which I reckon was another attempt at attention and to hold things together. A child wouldn’t have solved their issues, which many celebs seem to think. The media says that couple haven’t been seen together much at all recently- with her doing book tours and jetting to LA with her gay pals instead of Alex and Alex not involving Katie in his documentary. Reports also say that Alex spends a lot of his time at his parents’ house. Katie is still clearly not over Peter Andre, despite being nasty to him around the time of the divorce, and for a long time afterwards. In her book, “You Only Live Once”, she barely mentions Alex and gives a shockingly heart-felt acknowledgment to Pete. Poor ol’ Alex, I don’t like him much, but I feel sorry for him- he will always be living in the shadow of Pete and will always be compared to him. I’m not quite sure what the future holds for Katie- I doubt the marriage will last much longer unless they have a child and I’m sure she will endorse another crazy business venture- another book, some clothes- why not, she’s Jordan.

Dannii Minogue

Whereas 2010 was a crap year for fellow judge Cheryl, this year has been amazing for Aussie Dannii. She missed out of the beginning of X Factor because she was giving birth to baby Ethan, with (hot) boyfriend Kris Smith. She won the style stakes during X factor, despite claiming that she doesn’t have time to plan her outfits and she sees to Ethan in the show’s advert breaks. Her category also won the show this year, with Louis Walsh saying she works the hardest with her acts and spends the most time with them. She also released a book and launched a fashion line, Project D, which is going down very well. I’m sure 2011 will look just as bright for her.

Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel

These are probably the most talked about X Factor contestants EVER and this is because most people didn’t think they deserved to be in the live shows after screwing up their judges’ houses performances. This series has been the biggest ever and a report suggested recently that Cher was probably one of the most talked about celebrity of 2010. That’s big, but anyone could have guessed she would make an impact after her “Turn My Swag On” audition. Cher was made out to be an absolute brat who treated the X Factor crew horribly and boasted that she didn’t need to win the show as she will be a big star anyway. Which is probably true, considering Will.I.Am (who performed with her in the final) and her have already recorded a single. I’m sure she will be big in the US, but not so much over here as I think the media have influenced public opinion of her. She might be the loveliest girl ever, but most people dislike her. She has the attitude to make it and I’m sure Cheryl’s support will help no end. Katie was disliked for the very start, because she screwed up the majority of her performances on her way to the live shows and because she was in the bottom two so many times and was saved a lot, causing public outcry of fixing. Since the voting figures have been released, it turns out she would have been out in the first week if it had gone to deadlock. But that wouldn’t have been as interesting for the media. I didn’t like her from the very start and I didn’t like her performances, but I felt sorry for her. With Cher, I didn’t like her as a person (due to media influence- GUILTY!) but I enjoyed her songs a lot. I’m not certain that Katie will be a hit as the public really didn’t like it, but I’m Cher will go far. Watch this space.