Emmys nominations: My thoughts

Emmy Awards

Today the nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards were announced and this is a summary of my thoughts reading the shortlist:

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Booksmart: Film Review

I had heard so many glowing things about Olivia Wilde‘s directorial debut Booksmart so my expectations were super high when I went to see it and I’m pleased to report that it exceeded them. It is such a wonderful film!

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Detroit: Film Review

Detroit tells an important story about police brutality against African-Americans in the 1960s and shares a hard-hitting and poignant message that things still haven’t changed today. It made me very angry and left me reeling about the injustice of it all for hours afterwards.

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Men, Women & Children: LFF Film Review


This film is a really interesting and relevant take on modern relationships and how they are affected by social media. It is definitely more biased towards it being bad but that’s probably because director/co-writer Jason Reitman is more aware of how things used to be before the Internet became so prolific. It is thought-provoking with a great cast.

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Ansel Elgort: Men, Women & Children Q&A


On Friday, Kaitlyn Dever, Ansel Elgort and director Jason Reitman came to the Apple Store to talk about their new movie Men, Women & Children, which showed at the London Film Festival (LFF) earlier in the week. It looks into the friendships and relationships between many different strands of people centred around a high school in Texas and also features Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler and Judy Greer.

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