Wonder Wheel: Film Review

Naturally, given the renewed controversy surrounding Woody Allen at the moment, his latest project Wonder Wheel is being released in the UK tomorrow with no publicity or fanfare whatsoever. I’m surprised it’s even getting a release anymore, since most people probably don’t know it’s even happening. I can’t imagine anyone will go to the cinema to see it and they won’t be missing out on much – the film is something of a misfire, regardless of the director’s personal problems.

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Trolls: Film Review


I love a children’s animation and I love a musical so Trolls, based on the popular kids’ toys, has the perfect combination and I loved it so much. If you don’t leave the cinema bopping and singing along, there is something wrong with you.

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Top Films for October


It’s that time of the month – movie preview time! This October isn’t a massive month for releases to be honest, but that certainly makes my job of picking my recommendations much easier. Here we go:

American Honey

This is just a wonderful character study starring newcomer Sasha Lane, who is definitely one to watch. We follow her as she joins a ‘mag crew’ who travel the country selling magazines, she gets involved in their heavy drugs and drink lifestyle and has a sort-of relationship with Shia LaBeouf, who gives his strongest performance in years. It’s a tad too long but seriously life-affirming. Review on its way. Released: 14th October

War on Everyone 

Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard star in this brilliantly un-PC comedy about two crooked cops, who basically use their badges to steal drugs, money, etc and get away with it. The dialogue is hilarious; it is sharp, witty, and so, so wrong. Theo James also stars as their main villain. Released: Friday 7th October



The Girl on the Train 

Okay, so this hasn’t received the stellar reviews we had all been expecting but I would still recommend you check it out. It is still good (just not amazing) – it is gripping, shocking and features an impressive performance from Emily Blunt, who plays an alcoholic who becomes involved in a missing person’s investigation. It also stars Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, with brilliant small appearances from Laura Prepon and Lisa Kudrow. Released today – you can read my review here.


I do love a good children’s animation and I’m hoping this new musical featuring the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick is just the ticket. They play Branch and Poppy, who go on an adventure to save their town from the troll-eating bergens. I want this to be so much fun. Released: 21st October



Doctor Strange 

Marvel is back WOOHOO! This time we are meeting Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a top surgeon who is put out of a job following a car accident. He encounters the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who become his mentor in the mystic arts. It looks like an Inception-style superhero movie from the trailer and I’m very intrigued, though definitely not as excited as other MCU offerings. Released: 28th October

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The trailer for this action comedy really made me laugh so I’m hoping the rest of the movie will do the same. Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis star as the Gaffneys, a regular married couple, who end up involved in an espionage mission after discovering their neighbours The Joneses (Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot) are secret agents. This better be hilarious! Released: 28th October

Can Taylor Swift please stop with the celebrity guests


Now, I love Taylor Swift but I’m so sick of her shows becoming like a parade of her celebrity pals. The whole purpose of a surprise guest is to, duh, surprise, but it’s got to the stage now where if she doesn’t bring on somebody epic it’s disappointing. Okay, so you never know who is going to be and some are generally pretty shocking (Julia Roberts anyone?) but still, I have had enough.

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Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag sketches are the funniest

Now, being British, I don’t always find American humour funny. Sometimes, it seems too ridiculous or try-too-hard. Which is why I don’t like Saturday Night Live.

Jimmy Fallon, however, is a different matter. I just feel like he gets my humour. All of his sketches or ‘games’ that he plays on the show are amazing (except the ‘Ew’ sketch which can get tedious) and I just find them so funny. I never watch the chat show in its entirety but I will always watch the sketches he does with celeb guests. The games are always hilarious.

The hashtag one is a definite favourite. He launched his new show this week and I had hoped he would keep the defining features of his previous show and luckily he has. His show may have a new name, location and timeslot but it is still the same. Thank God. This week, he resurrected the hashtag gag with Jonah Hill and it had me in stitches:

I just love it because it is so true and so clever. Whoever writes it is a genius. I just feel like this is on my humour wavelength. Many people probably think it is a lame, tired attempt at humour but I disagree. Love it.

Here is the original hashtag sketch with Justin Timberlake:

Ryan Gosling: “Britney was a sweetheart”


Now, I’m sure you know all about Ryan Gosling as I talk about him incessantly. If not, quick recap- he was part of the Mickey Mouse Club TV show that spawned teen stars like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

He had previously talked about how he lived with Justin and Justin’s mum while they were filming and now, he opens up about his friendship with Britney Spears.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Style, Ryan said: “Britney was a sweetheart. She lived right above me, the girl next door. The little girl I used to play basketball and spin the bottle with.”

Ryan and Britney at the bottom. Christina and Justin on the right.

Ryan and Britney at the bottom. Christina and Justin on the right.


How cute is that?! Could you imagine them playing together?! Awww! I wonder if Ryan was gutted when Britney was more into Justin.

He admits that he doesn’t keep in touch with his former Club pals, saying: “Not really. I mean, sometimes you are at the same event, but it’s a lot like I imagine what it’s like to run into someone from elementary school.”

Despite the Club giving him a cutesy teeny-bopper image at the beginnings of his career, he praises it for the work ethic it instilled.

”It is remarkable. Now you have ‘The X Factor‘ and all that stuff, but back then it wasn’t around. You give these kids an unparalleled work ethic which is why you see the difference between ‘NSYNC and those other bands, and between Britney and Christina and the other girls.”

Oh Ryan, being a Disney kid who played spin the bottle with Britney should be a bad thing, but it doesn’t turn me off at all.


Big Pics: Miley Cyrus, JT & Kim Kardashian

Miley Cyrus 


What is Miley smoking?! It looks pretty suspicious. She didn’t seem to care puffing away while on a balcony in Miami though. She must have known paps would be able to see her.

Kim Kardashian


Kim was hit by rumours that she was faking her pregnancy this week- which is just ridiculous. The reality star decided to post this on Twitter to prove her bump is genuine. Reports were suggesting that she is making it up just because she has put on a load of weight. That is so stupid.

Justin Timberlake & Kiefer Sutherland


Who knew these guys were friends?! Weird pairing, but I guess it makes sense if they both go to the same golf club. JT loves his golf, which is something I don’t get.

Christina Hendricks


I love this shot. If her enviable curves weren’t enough, Christina spoke about how Ryan Gosling picked her to star in his directorial debut, How To Catch a Monster.

She told Flare magazine: “Talk about feeling intimidated. Ryan called me and asked me if I was interested in doing this film and I said: ‘One, of course, yes, and two, why me? And three, I don’t want to disappoint you.’ It’s the largest role I’ve ever had, so this is one I’m definitely aware of my anxiety about.”

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner & Christian Bale


Earlier in the week, we showed you Bradley Cooper’s perm and Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing hairdo (see here) for their roles in a currently untitled David O Russell movie. Now you can see the 80s transformations of Amy, Jeremy and Christian for the FBI thriller. Jeremy plays a mayor, Christian is Mel, a con artist and Amy is Mel’s mistress and partner in crime. The cast for this is amazing- I hope the movie is just as good!



Big Pics: Beyoncé, Rihanna & Russell Brand

Beyoncé & Jay-Z


Beyoncé and Jay-Z went out to meet the people of Cuba while on holiday. The pair were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. I’m sure they wanted some privacy but spent a bit of time heading out, seeing the locals.  I LOVE B’s hair like this!


Jamie Lynn Spears


Jamie tweeted such an old picture of her on Justin Timberlake’s lap while he is next to his girlfriend, Britney Spears. It just gives a cool insight into how they were back then. She actually tweeted this TO Justin saying: “‘@jtimberlake Weird hearing ur music as an Adult. Ha Not only do I appreciate it. I GET it. #jay #crymeariver #mirror.” What a sweet message.



Ri headed back to her native Barbados to celebrate her mum Monica’s birthday. She wrote: “Me and Mama Fenty doing some bday damage! She’s radical man! #phuckyobirthday” and in the second pic (below), she wrote: “The way she looks at me is as epic as the way Dolly looked at me! Love u mommy #AriesLife”


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart


OMG! They’re holding hands in public! This never happens. You never see any picture of them being romantic at all so this is so sweet to see and answers the rumours that say they’re aren’t “on” anymore.

Russell Brand


Russell seems a bit crazy here! He is wearing many random things and he is in Y fronts! He wrote: “Model wears “Found in Garage collection”. West Ham jacket, cowboy hat (worn in vegas w Diddy), rootin rootin boots.” What a weirdo!


Videos: Justin Timberlake & Selena Gomez

Justin Timberlake

Justin has released the video to his uber successful single, Mirrors. I love the song and the video is a beautiful love story. It tells a story of a couple from when they first met to being elderly together. The eight minute film jumps around between different sections of their life. The video is a dedication to Justin’s grandparents, Sadie Bomar and William Bomar, the latter of which passed away in December last year. The last three minutes feature Timberlake dancing in a hall of mirrors. It really is a great music video.


Selena Gomez

This is a hilarious video of Selena on the Jimmy Fallon show. If you watched any of Timberweek, you will know that Jimmy loves to do musical numbers with guests. Here, they sing a duet called “Mario Kart Love Song” which is very tongue in cheek and Selena has trouble keeping a straight face. She is dressed as Peach (yet with a moustache?!) and Jimmy is Mario. Classic.

Videos: Taylor Swift, Kelly Rowland & JT

Justin Timberlake 

This is why I love Justin! He can have such a laugh and is so talented. It’s currently “Timberweek” on the Jimmy Fallon show, in which JT is on the chat show every night this week, providing various entertainment. Last night, he and Jimmy were part of a barbershop shop group called “The Ragtime Gals” and they sang a very original version of Sexy Back. This will cheer you up for sure!

Taylor Swift 

Taylor has released the video to her next single, 22, to coincide with the start of her RED tour. She also explained that 13 is her favourite number so it made sense to release it today. I love the song and this video is fun to watch- it is literally just Taylor hanging out with friends. She explained to Good Morning America that these are her real-life friends so I was surprised to see Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr in the mix! I had no idea they were mates!

Kelly Rowland

This is a very disappointing comeback effort from Kelly. The song is called Kisses Down Low so you can already imagine the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy. It’s all very “too much information”- it’s very descriptive about her sex life and I would rather not know so much. The video looks good but the song is dull and awkward. This is actually her second single from her upcoming album, Talk a Good Game, but I didn’t even hear anything about her first single, Ice, when it was released way back in August last year. It doesn’t inspire much confidence. In recent years, Kelly had been doing collaborations with David Guetta and Tinie Tempah, for example.

Videos: Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake