On the Basis of Sex: Film Review

A lot of people over here won’t have a clue who Ruth Bader Ginsburg is, which is exactly why they should check out the biopic On the Basis of Sex and find out about this formidable, trailblazing woman, who won a landmark case which helped change many US laws which discriminated on the basis of gender.

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Emma Stone and Justin Theroux at the Maniac world premiere: My Pics

Tonight, Emma Stone and Justin Theroux, the stars of upcoming Netflix series Maniac, came to London for the world premiere. You can see all my pics of them inside.

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The Spy Who Dumped Me: Film Review

I had no idea who Kate McKinnon was until she was cast in the Ghostbusters reboot and then I fell under her spell and have loved her ever since. She’s so funny and captivating onscreen, so it’s no surprise she was the best thing about The Spy Who Dumped Me.

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Top Films for October


It’s that time of the month – movie preview time! This October isn’t a massive month for releases to be honest, but that certainly makes my job of picking my recommendations much easier. Here we go:

American Honey

This is just a wonderful character study starring newcomer Sasha Lane, who is definitely one to watch. We follow her as she joins a ‘mag crew’ who travel the country selling magazines, she gets involved in their heavy drugs and drink lifestyle and has a sort-of relationship with Shia LaBeouf, who gives his strongest performance in years. It’s a tad too long but seriously life-affirming. Review on its way. Released: 14th October

War on Everyone 

Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard star in this brilliantly un-PC comedy about two crooked cops, who basically use their badges to steal drugs, money, etc and get away with it. The dialogue is hilarious; it is sharp, witty, and so, so wrong. Theo James also stars as their main villain. Released: Friday 7th October



The Girl on the Train 

Okay, so this hasn’t received the stellar reviews we had all been expecting but I would still recommend you check it out. It is still good (just not amazing) – it is gripping, shocking and features an impressive performance from Emily Blunt, who plays an alcoholic who becomes involved in a missing person’s investigation. It also stars Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, with brilliant small appearances from Laura Prepon and Lisa Kudrow. Released today – you can read my review here.


I do love a good children’s animation and I’m hoping this new musical featuring the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick is just the ticket. They play Branch and Poppy, who go on an adventure to save their town from the troll-eating bergens. I want this to be so much fun. Released: 21st October



Doctor Strange 

Marvel is back WOOHOO! This time we are meeting Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), a top surgeon who is put out of a job following a car accident. He encounters the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who become his mentor in the mystic arts. It looks like an Inception-style superhero movie from the trailer and I’m very intrigued, though definitely not as excited as other MCU offerings. Released: 28th October

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The trailer for this action comedy really made me laugh so I’m hoping the rest of the movie will do the same. Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis star as the Gaffneys, a regular married couple, who end up involved in an espionage mission after discovering their neighbours The Joneses (Jon Hamm and Gal Gadot) are secret agents. This better be hilarious! Released: 28th October

The Girl on the Train: Film Review


Since the film adaptation of the bestselling murder mystery Gone Girl was such a big hit, it was hardly a surprise when the film rights were snapped up for a similar success story – Paula Hawkins‘ The Girl on a Train. The book was exciting and intense and I read it quicker than usual but it was certainly no Gone Girl. The same can be said for the movie adaptation; it tries to be Gone Girl but it’s not and it’s definitely not as strong as the book.

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Zoolander 2 London premiere: My round-up & pics


The Zoolander 2 premiere tonight was probably the most fun premiere in a long time. The cast turn out was fantastic, they were all on top comedy form and they all seemed genuine friends and happy to be there. See inside for my pictures and round-up featuring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Kristen Wiig and Justin Theroux, plus surprise guests Natalie Dormer, Luke Wilson, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac. 

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Big Pics: Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale & Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield 


Emma Stone and Andrew have taken their relationship to the next level by adopting this golden retriever. Isn’t it adorable?!

Sofia Vergara


There is no denying that Sofia looks good in this bikini but it is a horrible choice! There are far too many cut away parts and it is far too revealing. I was shocked (and impressed) when I first saw this.  But if she can still work it at 40, then why not.

Ashley Tisdale 


It certainly looks like Ashley has got herself a new man considering he has his hand around her waist. It is unclear how long Ashley has been dating musician Christopher French for. She finished her two-year relationship with director Scott Speer last year.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux


Firstly, I just want to show my appreciation for how good this couple look! The pair were on holiday (like every other celeb!) in Cabo San Lucas. They were joined by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski- who you can see chilling on a sun lounger on the right of the picture below.


There were also joined by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his fianceé, who you can see on the right in the next picture.


I love seeing celebs being friends and going on holiday together means they must be close. I had no idea Emily and Jennifer knew each other, let alone holidayed together. It wasn’t a group of people I would expect to see and that’s what makes these pictures more interesting.

Jennifer Aniston’s bling-tastic engagement ring

Despite saying yes to boyfriend Justin Theroux in August, today is the first time we have seen Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring. DAMN IT IS HUUUUGE! I think it is a bit too big to be honest with you. It is certainly blinging!

It is unknown who designed and made the ring but reports suggest it is an eight carat emerald cut diamond. Some have criticised it for being too ostentatious which isn’t usually Jen’s style. They have made comments that it is more like a cocktail ring than an engagement ring, which I have to agree with.

The couple, who have been dating since May 2011, were spotted in Santa Fe, New Mexico during a break in Jen’s filming. It is reported that they are searching the state for possible wedding locations.

I’m Back: A round-up

So I’ve been on holiday for a week and I thought I would write a post about the celebrity gossip that stood out to me yesterday when I trawled over last week’s news.

1. Robert Pattinson’s interview

Well, R-Patz’s first interview since the Kristen Stewart affair scandal went public was a bit of a letdown. Okay, I’m glad to see that he looked well and seemed okay on the surface when he appeared on The Daily Show. He was happy to laugh with host John Stewart, but he didn’t address anything to do with his personal life despite John’s persistance. He kept saying how awkward he felt, that he wasn’t sure how to act and kept his attention drawn on the ice cream John gave him. He spoke openly about his new film, Cosmopolis, but was cagey for anything personal. I do understand why, but I thought he might say SOMETHING. Some little morsel of information!!

Robert has been seen out a couple of times since that interview, ringing the New York Stock Exchange bell and doing an interview with his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg. He looks in good health which I’m pleased about but PLEASE, say something!!


2. Miley’s new hair 

I know a haircut isn’t big news but I have to say how much I hate Miley’s new haircut! I loved her hair before she started dying it and trimming it and now she has dramatically cut it all off! She says she feels happier since the change which is great but I definitely understand why fans have been slamming her radical style.



3. Jennifer Aniston says yes to Justin Theroux 

I am so happy about this story because I think they make such a great couple! Justin proposed to Jen while visiting her on the North Carolina set of her new film, We’re The Millers. It was Justin’s birthday and he proposed to her with an eight carat emerald cut ring! They formally announced the engagement a couple of days later on August 12th. I’m so happy for Jen, she hasn’t had much luck since her divorce with Brad in 2005. Both relationships with John Mayer and Vince Vaughn didn’t really take off so I’m glad she’s dropped lucky with Justin, who seems like one cool dude! The pair have been dating since May 2011.


4. Shia to have sex for real in new movie 

Shia LaBeouf has revealed that he will be having actual sex in the new movie he is shooting for controversial director Lars von Trier. He said on MTV News, “There’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says, we’re doing [the sex] for real… and anything that is illegal will be shot in blurred images, but other than that, everything is happening.”

The movie, entitled, Nyphomaniac, sounds to me like a porno. But it wouldn’t surprise me considering Von Trier loves his sex scenes and is known for his graphic imagery, in movies such as The Idiots and Antichrist. The cast will consist of Nicole Kidman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willem Dafoe and Stellan Skarsgard. It is unclear which actress Shia will be getting it on with. I just think it’s too much to be honest! Is it necessary to have unsimulated sex?! Surely, that’s not really acting then. I think it’s a bit far for an actor to go.

5. Beyonce performs at the UN General Assembly Hall 

How good was Beyonce’s performance at the UN? Her song, I Was Here, is the anthem for this year’s World Humanitarian Day (which was yesterday) and it just a well-written and piognant song. She performed it superbly as well. Gotta love B!

Jennifer Aniston engaged?

Jennifer Aniston has only been dating actor Justin Theroux for a few weeks but she is already sporting a ring on her engagement finger. Too soon, surely?

The pair met on the set of new movie, Wanderlust, a romantic comedy which will be released around October.

She was spotted wearing the ring, pictured below, as she left Universal Studios in LA today. The ring doesn’t look like engagement ring so perhaps it was a publicity thing, or they are just being unconventional? Who knows. However, I know that Jen should not be jumping into such a serious commitment so soon!