The High Note: Film Review

The High Note

The concept of The High Note – a comedy-drama about a soul diva and her assistant – sounded very much up my street and it didn’t disappoint. It was fairly formulaic stuff, but I still enjoyed it quite a lot.

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Long Shot: Film Review

Seth Rogen is one of those comedy actors who just makes me laugh. I don’t know what it is about him but you can guarantee I’ll like a film that he’s in and I’ll laugh my head off, but Long Shot went above and beyond my expectations. The best romcom of the year so far!

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Blockers: Film Review

I have to be honest, I thought Blockers was gonna suck. I had the lowest expectations for it, so I came away pleasantly surprised by how funny, modern and relevant it was. A teen comedy for the ‘woke’ generation, if you will.

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