The King of Staten Island: Film Review

The King of Staten Island

Pete Davidson gives us an insight into his life with his semi-autobiographical comedy, The King of Staten Island.

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Trainwreck: Film Review


Trainwreck has been out in the U.S. for a while now and the reviews have been great so I was expecting a lot from this Judd Apatow rom-com, written by the star Amy Schumer, and it totally delivers. The genre has died off in recent years because they get so formulaic and samey, but this is super smart, witty and totally hilarious.

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This is 40: Review


If you love Judd Apatow movies, then you will love this. It is written in the same style as his other movies and the dialogue is as witty as its predecessor, Knocked Up.

This “sort-of sequel” focuses on Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), who are both turning forty within the same week. You may remember their troublesome marriage from Knocked Up as Debbie was Katherine Hiegl’s sister in that movie. They were forever arguing and getting upset with each other, so you can only imagine what they are like a few years down the line. They have day-to-day struggles but the main concern in this film is their age and their financial troubles.


The first hour was fantastic- I thought the dialogue was so realistic and the scenarios were completely plausible. They had their problems but it was funny, bickering problems. These then get worse and it just becomes a lot of shouting and swearing and gets a bit random in places. It stopped becoming funny because it looked like they may divorce and I just wasn’t enjoying the constant yelling. I would say that it was fine for the first 60-90 mins but then it gets a bit crazy.


I think I liked this more than Knocked Up because the humour wasn’t through random happenings or characters, it was because their depiction of family life is very accurate. Things did get a bit over the top and random further into the movie, when everything descended into chaos.



I love Judd’s writing and I think Rudd and Mann had brilliant chemistry. They were brilliant together and it just felt like some of their dialogue was improvised. Their two children were hilarious in their own right- that may be because they were both played by Leslie and Judd’s real-life daughter, Iris and Maude. There were plenty of familiar supporting characters. Jason Segel is barely in it as Debbie’s personal trainer, Megan Fox gets the biggest supporting role as Debbie’s colleague, John Lithgow as Debbie’s dad, Melissa McCarthy as a parent (I didn’t like her part) plus Chris O’ Dowd and Lena Dunham pop up as workers at Pete’s record label. I would have loved to see more of these characters.




I really did enjoy this, for the most part. It doesn’t really relate to Knocked Up at all and Katherine Heigl makes no appearance despite them being close in that movie and there being family events in this. It did seem a bit strange. There isn’t much of a plot, just several obstacles that need overcoming. It could have been about half hour shorter as 135 minutes is a long time for a comedy. I think the dialogue and characterisation of the central family make up for that- they are spot on. I recommend.

Big Pics: Taylor Swift, Lena Dunham & Judd Apatow

Taylor Swift 


Doesn’t Taylor look amazing in this shoot of her as Rapunzel?! The singer was photographed by Anne Leibovitz for a Disney Parks campaign.



Lena Dunham & Judd Apatow 


Now, this duo are geniuses! Lena is the creator, writer, producer and star (and sometimes director) of the HBO drama/comedy Girls. Judd is also the producer of the show but he is more famous for writing and directing The 40-year-old Virgin and Knocked Up.

The pair are celebrating after earning two Golden Globes recently for Best TV Actress (Dunham) and Best TV Comedy (which finally beat Modern Family!) HBO also announced that the show has been commissioned for a third season even though two has just started!

This shoot was for the magazine Fast Company, which had two different cover pictures.



Video: This is 40 trailer

This film looks so good and it is still so far away!

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann star in this “sort-of sequel” to Knocked Up. Personally, it is more of a spin-off as it follows the lives of Pete and Debbie, who we met in Knocked Up. Debbie is the sister to Katherine Heigl’s character, who then got up the duff after a one-night-stand with Seth Rogen. Seth and Katherine are not expected to make an appearance in this film, which will follow the lives of Pete and Debbie and their marital woes.

You can guess what they will be like as we’ve seen their marriage in trouble in Knocked Up and now just jump forward a few years later, and they will have more troubles. Jason Segel will also make a reappearance as Rogen’s stoner buddy Jason.

New cast members include Megan Fox, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Dunham, John Lithgow and Chris O’Dowd. It is written, produced and director by Judd Apatow and stars his wife, Leslie Mann, so you know what to expect. It will have the same type of humour as Knocked Up, The 40-year-old Virgin and Funny People.

I am excited for this because I think the chemistry and comic genius of Rudd and Mann will be great and they have got an amazing supporting cast. The movie is set for December 21st now after being pushed back from a summer showing. I can’t wait!