The Beach Bum: Film Review

With a cast which includes Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron and Jonah Hill, I figured Harmony Korine‘s The Beach Bum would be an enjoyable way to spend 95 minutes – but it’s not.

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Mid90s: Film Review

I have been a fan of Jonah Hill‘s acting work for a long time so naturally, I was keen to check out his directorial debut Mid90s – and it pains me to say that I wasn’t a fan of it at all.

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Emma Stone and Justin Theroux at the Maniac world premiere: My Pics

Tonight, Emma Stone and Justin Theroux, the stars of upcoming Netflix series Maniac, came to London for the world premiere. You can see all my pics of them inside.

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The LEGO Batman Movie: Film Review


After the success of The LEGO Movie it really wasn’t much of a surprise that they created a spin-off although I wasn’t all that fussed about it being centred around Batman. We have seen him a lot and I didn’t really know what else could be done with his story, but I was wrong and this film really works.

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Top Films for February


You know what time it is! It’s the start of February which means it’s time to look forward to the cinema releases this month brings! There are quite a few awards season favourites finally coming our way as well as some high-profile sequels, such as Fifty Shades Darker, which I have deliberately missed off (I’m not that bothered about seeing it).

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Golden Globes nominations 2017: The comedy/musical section is obsolete


The Golden Globe nominations came out today and you can read the full list here. The reason the Golden Globes annoy me is because they divide all the acting categories between drama and musical/comedy and frankly, there hasn’t been enough awards-worthy roles in the latter so it’s been filled with some questionable entries. Surely it’s time to just combine all the movie acting categories?

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War Dogs: Film Review


War Dogs is based on two real-life 20-something arms dealers, who were covered in a Rolling Stone article and furthermore a book called the Arms and the Dudes by Guy Lawson. You would never believe their story otherwise – what goes down is nuts and unbelievable but told in a very entertaining way, thanks to the man behind The Hangover movies, Todd Phillips.

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Top Films for August


August is here which means more movies for your cinema-going selves! There are plenty to choose from this month but I’ve whittled it down to the ones I’m most excited about.

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Hail, Caesar!: Film Review


I love movies based in the movie industry and I do love a good cast and Hail, Caesar! filled both criteria. I was still not 100% confident I would like it because I do not enjoy all the Coen brothers’ work, but I was still hoping for more than what it ultimately gave.

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True Story: Film Review


True Story is a perfect example of a film which looks amazing and exciting in the trailer when in reality the full-length product is just good. I was hoping for more from this real life true crime tale and it was certainly interesting but it just lacked any excitement, tension or suspense.

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