Patriots Day: Film Review


Everyone would have heard about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings from press coverage but I doubt any of us really knew what happened on the ground during that time and in the days afterwards and Patriots Day intends to change that. It’s no surprise the tragedy was made into a movie and I must admit I got quite choked up by how it all went down.

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10 Cloverfield Lane: Film Review


I have been hyped for 10 Cloverfield Lane since its entire existence was announced only in January – which is unheard of these days. The trailer looked great but didn’t tell us much at all, it’s produced by my man J.J. Abrams and there was a somewhat of a connection to 2008’s found footage monster movie Cloverfield, which I loved. The good news is that it is a great movie; bad news is that it is not the film you would expect.

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Trumbo: Film Review


I did not think Trumbo would be up my street because it seemed quite dry and very political. I didn’t particularly care for a story about Hollywood’s treatment of communists, so I was very surprised to find that Trumbo was both entertaining, hilarious and informative.

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American Buffalo: Theatre Review

American Buffalo performed at Wyndham's Theatre Damian Lewis as Walter, John Goodman as Don, Tom Sturridge as Bob ©Alastair Muir 22.04.15

American Buffalo performed at Wyndham’s Theatre
Damian Lewis as Walter, John Goodman as Don, Tom Sturridge as Bob
©Alastair Muir 22.04.15

My tickets were booked for this as soon as Damian Lewis signed on as the star and I could not believe my luck when John Goodman and Tom Sturridge were announced as his co-stars. That’s what I call an A-list line-up! And while they were amazing, the play itself was not great.

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Big Pics: Halle Berry, Justin Bieber & Demi Lovato

Halle Berry 


Yep! Well she’s most definitely pregnant! She also revealed that her pregnancy was a total surprise.

She said: “This has been the biggest surprise of my life to tell you the truth. I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”




What MUST you do when in Cuba?! Go to Club Tropicana of course! And that’s exactly what B and Jay-Z did. I wonder if the drinks are free?!

Justin Bieber


Check out Bieber’s new do. It is sort of like his old side-swept fringe but with a short buzz cut at the side, like Miley Cyrus. It is quite a feminine cut but I like it.

Demi Lovato


Look who Demi bumped into at the airport! Also, Gwyneth Paltrow was the one who asked her for a photo. Very cool.

The Hangover Part III 


Here is the first look at John Goodman’s role in the final Hangover film. We still don’t know his name or his involvement with the Wolfpack but he sure looks angry with Zack Galifinakis, who plays Alan. Can’t wait!

AnnaSophia Robb


How pretty does she look here?! The cover coincides with the finale of The Carrie Diaries. The show hasn’t yet been commissioned for a second season, and I doubt it will. Read why here. Loving the clashing prints below!


Pics: Time Magazine Oscars Special

Anne Hathaway and Hugh  Jackman- Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman- Les Miserables

Loads of magazine are getting in on Oscars madness and the nominees are in serious demand in the run-up to the ceremony.

Christoph Waltz- Django Unchained

Christoph Waltz- Django Unchained

Time magazine has done a simple black-and-white photoshoot with a number of the contenders. They also interviewed them about their role, how they prepared for it and what the role meant to them.

John Goodman- Argo

John Goodman- Argo

The pictures are stripped back and pretty darn good. Here’s my highlights. Don’t forget to check out the video at the bottom!

Jessica Chastain- Zero Dark Thirty

Jessica Chastain- Zero Dark Thirty

Naomi Watts- The Impossible

Naomi Watts- The Impossible

Sally Field- Lincoln

Sally Field- Lincoln

Amy Adams- The Master

Amy Adams- The Master


Argo: Review

This is a brilliant film and I recommend everyone go see it. It is intelligent, gripping and well-written. It has the perfect combination of humour and serious political drama. Ben Affleck has done a wonderful job directing, producing and starring in this.

In the 1970s, Iranian protestors storm the US Embassy in Tehran out of anger at the US for harbouring their Shah (the president). The Iranian’s want the Shah back to they can deal with him themselves. During their break-in, some of the staff at the embassy manage to escape but they can’t get very far. They are given shelter at the Canadian Ambassador’s home but they cannot leave for fear they will be killed. They are essentially hostages.

This is where Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) comes in- the CIA need to devise a plan to get them out. Naturally, it’s going to be tough especially now the relations between the US and Iran are bitter. Mendez comes up with the idea that they could pretend to be a Canadian film crew who are scouting locations in Iran and he hopes to smuggle them out afterwards. This is a crazy idea but the CIA have no better options.

If it wasn’t based on a true story, which was declassified by Bill Clinton in 1997, you wouldn’t believe it. It seems ludicrous that the plan was even conceived, let alone executed. It makes for a brilliant film though. The parts where Affleck, John Goodman (a make-up artist) and Alan Arkin (a director) come up with a believable movie- complete with script, pre-production pictures, publicity and production company are really funny. It’s enjoyable to watch.

Once Affleck hits Iran, the tension hits new levels. Once the hostages are in the open, hoping to board a plane home, you are on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, waiting for something to go wrong. There are so many close calls and seriously, it is nail-biting stuff. The dialogue between the hostages and Mendez is great because they are conflicted- they want to get home but they don’t trust the plan and fear for their lives. There are some familiar faces in the hostages group to keep an eye out for such as Clea DuVall and Tate Donovan.

The film just feels so real- I don’t know if they actually filmed it in Iran but it felt gritty and realistic like they were actually in an area of political unrest. I have no idea how the film got permission to film there if they did! The clothes and hairstyles certainly helped put you back into the time period. During the credits, you will see the actual passport photos of the hostages and the actors who play them in the film look so much like them! I felt like the movie paid attention to detail and it made it all the more believable, despite such a crazy set-up.

The script is clever. At first, I found the political jargon a tad overwhelming and it was hard to keep up. Luckily, the film begins with a historical background about Iran and helps us place the film in this history. It is powerful and clever and the fact it is true makes all the more intense.

I can’t big this film up enough. Please go see it!