Tenet: Film Review


Cinemas needed a new blockbuster to draw audiences back in after the lockdown and Christopher Nolan offered up his new movie Tenet, which was originally scheduled to come out in July, to help them out – but is it worth the trip? Decide for yourself with my spoiler-free review.

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Monsters and Men: Film Review

Films about police brutality and Black Lives Matter have become popular in recent years so Monsters and Men really needed to do something different to stand out from the crowd, and while it is a poignant and touching film, it isn’t as affecting as films such as The Hate U Give and Fruitvale Station.

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BlacKkKlansman: Film Review

I had been wanting to see BlacKkKlansman ever since it won rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival, and even though I had months of building anticipation, it lived up the hype. Spike Lee’s latest movie is based on an incredible true story that manages to be both hard-hitting and funny.

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