Barely Lethal: Film Review


The trailer for Barely Lethal made me sure this would be awesome – I love spy/action movies and I love high school comedies and this combined the two. I thought this genre blend would be sweet but sadly it just doesn’t do either genre justice and fails badly on both fronts.

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Fantastic Four: Is it doomed?


I have not known a superhero movie to receive such bad buzz so close to its release in a REALLY long time, but Fantastic Four is released on Friday and the word on the street is not good, especially since early press reviews are not allowed to be published far in advance. I find it really surprising since the 20th Century Fox studio seemed really big on its promotion months ago.

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Entourage: Film Review


I have only seen the first season of Entourage and I was concerned that I would not get the movie but there was no need to worry as it is so accessible to newcomers and so enjoyable that I think everyone can get onboard with it.

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Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video is going to be amazing!!


When I first heard that Bad Blood was going to be a single, I was shocked because Taylor Swift has so many other single-worthy songs on 1989. I like the song a lot, but it definitely isn’t my favourite. However, I am SO excited for the music video as Taylor has nailed the promo for it – it doesn’t come out for more than a week and these posters are creating so much hype – they hint at a movie quality action movie vibe, a kick-ass revenge theme and there is an epic cast.

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Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Review


The first film was not quite my cup of tea but I could appreciate it for its style and diverse range of casting. While the stylised black-and-white picture is still there, it loses its edge in this follow-up (nine years later) purely because we’ve seen it before. However, I thought the storylines were more fleshed out and I liked that there were more leading female characters.

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Hilarious! Watch celebs read mean tweets about themselves


Now, you know that celebrities probably read some of the mean tweets written about them online but in this segment, they have to read them aloud on TV.

On The Jimmy Kimmel chat show, the “Mean tweets” segment sees celebs like Jessica Alba, Russell Brand and Zach Braff read out a mean tweet that has been written about them and it is seriously harsh, but equally hilarious!

Met Gala 2013: Best Dressed

Jennifer Lawrence was the best dressed for sure.

Jennifer Lawrence was the best dressed for sure.

You would have probably seen my previous post in which I talked about the Met Gala- it is a celebration of the opening of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Although, it has now turned into a catwalk show for celebrities! It is less about the art than about the celebrities and their outfits!

I did the worst dressed first because that category was better represented last night. However, there were some stand out dresses and here they are in my slideshow below.

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Big Pics: Jessica Alba, Katy Perry & Johnny Depp

Jessica Alba


Jessica celebrated her 32nd last night with her husband Cash Warren and a few celeb pals. How cute is this pic?!

Ed Sheeran


What a cool moment! I bet Ed was overwhelmed meeting the legend that is Robert De Niro.

Hayden Panettiere


Hayden is having a laugh with Sophia Bush and Nashville co-star Connie Britton at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  I love seeing celebs hanging out together. I have no idea who the dude at the bottom is!

Katy Perry 


While in DC, Katy decided to hang out with ol’ Abraham Lincoln. Her caption was merely “sup?”

Johnny Depp


Who is the mystery lady that Johnny is holding hands with?! Well, according to the press it is his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard. You can’t really tell from this picture, but you can tell it is her in the picture below next to Johnny’s hunched body.


Big Pics: Rihanna, Lea Michele & Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba


Awww, so sweet! You never see Jessica out with her husband Cash Warren. Here they are in LA taking their two girls, Honor and Haven, to a play park.


Sarah Jessica Parker


Wow! Sarah has been airbrushed so much! It is ridiculous. Harper’s Bazaar China edition has gone a bit over-the-top. She is 47 years old- she does not look that flawless!

Lea Michele


Lea treated her followers to a behind-the-scenes shot from Glee. I love this shot! So much fun. She also had a great picture with Naya Rivera.




Rihanna was clearly making the most of her birthday week in Hawaii. She seemed to be having an amazing time playing around on jet skis.


Big Pics: Jessica Alba, Britney Spears & Megan Fox

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba caused quite a stir on Hollywood Boulevard after she set up a kissing booth for the public. This was all part of a stunt which was broadcast live on the Jimmy Kimmel show.


Megan Fox


Megan and her husband Brian Austin Green were obviously making the most of time away from son Noah by getting smoochy at a Brahma party in Rio.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is completely dwarfed by Katherine Heigl at the Jenny Packham show at New York’s Fashion Week. She should stick with people more her height like AnnaSophia Robb and Victoria Justice (see below).


Selena Gomez & Lily Collins


Did we know that these guys were friends before?! It is hardly surprising though since Lily knows everyone and Selena seems to be friends with everyone.

Britney Spears


What a horrible Adidas top! Ewww! Anyway, Britney teased her Twitter followers with this picture taken from the upcoming remix video to Scream and Shout. Looks like she has been seriously airbrushed too!