Red Sparrow: Film Review

I was really excited for Red Sparrow because I was under the impression I would be seeing Jennifer Lawrence kicking ass in some action-packed spy thriller like Atomic Blonde. Turns out Red Sparrow is nothing like that – it just a slow-burning dialogue-driven thriller that was just a bit meh.

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Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Lawrence at the Red Sparrow London premiere: My pics

Last night, Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton were joined by their co-stars at the European premiere of Red Sparrow in London’s Leicester Square – and I have all the pics.

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The Man Who Knew Infinity: Film Review


I had never even heard of The Man Who Knew Infinity until a few weeks before release – it has slipped under the radar, which is a shame because it is a touching boy genius story and one of Dev Patel’s best performances.

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High-Rise: Film Review


I rarely come out of a movie with such an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. With most films, if I don’t love them, I just have feelings of “it was okay” or “didn’t really enjoy it” rather than genuine dislike – but High-Rise has managed it. I did not like it one bit and I find that odd considering most people I know raved about, Tom Hiddleston is a fave and I had wanted to see this since the London Film Festival in October.

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