MTV Movie Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


The MTV Movie Awards were held in Hollywood last night and to be honest, the calibre of stars on the blue carpet was pretty dire. They had decent people inside but hardly any A-listers did the carpet posing – except Scarlett Johansson, who looks FABULOUS. This is my favourite look by far. There aren’t many looks to chose from – but here’s the run down of the ones I rated and hated.

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Home: Film Review


I did not have high hopes for Home. The trailer looked lame and the jokes seemed dumb and Dreamworks animations are hit and miss. So colour me pleasantly surprised when Home turned out to be AWESOME. I really enjoyed it and it’s a perfect family film.

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Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The main fashion event is here!! I could not wait to check out the red carpet fashion from this year’s Oscars and some of the dresses were incredible. My favourite is Rosamund Pike, who totally pulled it out of the bag after several dire choices. Emma Stone was consistent as ever but I fell in love with Anna Faris’ gown – so beautiful. To be honest, nobody was badly dressed (ignoring Lady Gaga’s gloves), so the worst dressed pile are generally ones that weren’t to my personal taste. Enjoy!

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Golden Globes 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


The awards season is here so OBVIOUSLY I’m going to be analysing red carpet fashion and giving my top picks and lesser picks. For the Golden Globes, there weren’t many that made me go ‘wow’ – most of them were pretty but safe and even those that I consider ‘worst dressed’ weren’t THAT bad. They just made me react in a bad way – but at least they made me react – some people gave me nothing. Emma Stone is my clear winner – her outfit is FAB. If I had to attend an awards show, that is what I would wear.

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Teen Choice Awards 2014: Best & Worst Dressed

Last night, the stars come out in LA for the Teen Choice Awards, supposedly voted for online by teenagers (although reports today suggest the show’s producers may change the winner at their discretion). One Direction, Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars were the big winners of the night, but of course, all eyes were on the red carpet.

Some of these outfits are so spot-on. A clear theme was the crop top and Taylor Swift and Chloe Moretz stand out by totally nailing the trend. Nobody is terrible to be honest, there were no huge shockers but there were some that just weren’t at the same standard and didn’t float my boat.


Taylor Swift 


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Billboard Awards 2013: Best & Worst Dressed


Here is the usual! Last night was the annual Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Taylor Swift totally owned the night with EIGHT gongs and a performance of 22.

Nicki Minaj did well in rap categories, One Direction owned group categories, Bieber for male awards and Rihanna for R&B (although she wasn’t in attendance- nor were 1D). You can see the full list of winners here.

Here are my best and worst dressed:


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Big Pics: Ellie Goulding, Miley Cyrus & Ryan Phillippe

Ellie Goulding


Ellie is making out with Calvin Harris?! Shock horror! Never fear people, it is just acting for their music video to I Need Your Love. Side note, Ellie needs to put her bum away.


Chris Brown & Jennifer Lopez


Could there be a future collaboration between these two?! It is certainly very intriguing. Loving her pink jumper too.

Ryan Phillippe & Ashley Greene


Is this a thing?! The Twilight star & Reese Witherspoon’s ex were spotted leaving a LA club together in the early hours. It does look suspicious, considering she is hiding. They are both single too. You can’t immediately tell it’s her but check the bag, and check the picture below.


Kelly Osbourne


Kelly showed her obvious happiness at being given the all clear to head back to work following her seizure. She posted this picture with co-star Joan Rivers on the set of Fashion Police.

Miley Cyrus 


Miley is clearly loving the feedback she is getting for her “twerking” video. The singer uploaded a video to Facebook on Thursday of her shaking her booty to a rap song while in a unicorn onesie. It is very cool and so many people have seen it (it currently has 41,000 likes)! Check the video below.

Grammys 2013: Fashion Hits & Misses

So the Grammys were on in Hollywood last night- on the same date as the BAFTAs which was a genius idea. Anyway, the biggest award ceremony in music always presents some interesting fashion choices and let’s not forget about the strict wardrobe policy the broadcasters CBS imposed on celebrities (read about that here)- not that it was adhered to, ahem, Rihanna.

The show has a ridiculous amount of awards and quite a lot of the winners aren’t recogniseable over here so I’m going to summarise: the biggest winners were fun., Gotye, Jay-Z & Kanye

and country music singer Carrie Underwood. Adele got an award for Set Fire to the Rain and Mumford and Sons picked up best album for Babel. Go the Brits! Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé also won one each. You can read the whole list here.

The most important thing (of course) is the red carpet fashion to here are my hits and misses.





I love it when celebrities change it up and wear something other than dresses. This outfit is perfect on B. Great choice.

Taylor Swift 


Taylor looks really pretty in this. While I do love it, I can’t help but think she’s worn something similar really recently.

Katy Perry


Those boobs, oh my! Katy makes the most of her assets but keeps it classy by keeping the rest simple. I love the detailing at the top and the colour. I wonder if CBS is pissed with the amount of boob on show.



If they weren’t pissed with Katy, they will be with Rihanna- you can see nipple! That is definitely breaking the rules! I think she looks great in it. I just wish she would have covered up her breasts. I know she’s pretty relaxed about nudity but c’mon, on this occassion you could have put them away!

Carrie Underwood


I’m not so fussy at the bottom part but the bodice is really cool. I love the pattern and the structure plus that necklace makes her look so elegant.


Jennifer Lopez


J.Lo is clearly trying to replicate the Angelina Jolie leg. Besides the slit and the awkward pose, this dress is very boring and almost a drape. It doesn’t flatter her at all.

Kelly Rowland


There are very too many see-through parts to this dress. If they were just on the bottom, or on the top, it would be okay but this is just too much. Her boobs are a bit much too.



There are parts I don’t like. I like the embroidery and the structured top half (besides the shoulder flaps). I think if the bottom wasn’t so sheer it would be okay. You can see her pants!



I appreciate that Adele is trying to break out of her black rut but this is horrible. She just looks like she’s wearing curtains!

Florence Welch 


I hardly ever like what Florence wears but geez, she looks like a reptile! What’s with the spikes?! So weird.

Big Pics: Rihanna, Shakira & Jennifer Lopez



He may only be three days old but Shakira’s son Milan already has personalised Nikes. Obviously, they are far too big for him at the moment but that is very cool. The father, Gerard Piqué, tweeted the pic.

Jennifer Lopez


Jen went without ANY underwear to pull off this dress! The singer was at a promotional screening in Vegas for her upcoming movie Parker. This is a brave look so I am impressed- I couldn’t go without underwear!



Is there any point in Rihanna wearing this dress?! You can see her boobs and knickers as clear as day! I know we’ve all seen her pretty intimately by now (after the countless Instagram pictures!) but c’mon, you are out in public! Rihanna also posted a picture of herself recently smoking a dubious cigarette. It is HUGE and in brown paper so doesn’t look like a proper ciggie!


Jennifer Lawrence


Finally, W magazine have gotten over their “making celebs like look shit” phase and done a brilliant job at making Jen look really different. The tan looks a bit weird, as do the striking blue eyes, but I love this look- she’s channeling Sandy from Grease!

Big Pics: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez & Rita Ora

Selena Gomez


Selena looks great even though she is wearing the most bizarre outfit! Looking at the bikini, I reckon she’s publicizing her adult role in the upcoming Spring Breakers, in which she spends most of the film in her bikini.

The Saturdays


How glam do The Saturdays look?! It’s amazing how much their look has changed now they’re working the US. This is the first US shoot for Glamoholic magazine. Frankie looks stunning.

Jennifer Lopez


Don’t you think this picture of J.Lo is super unflattering?! The hair looks like straw and her smile has given her horrible lines around her mouth. I doubt she will be impressed with this. On another note, Jen was seen holding a puppy outside Jimmy Kimmel recently. It looks adorable- I want it!


Rita Ora 


Now, we should now by now that Rita loves to Instagram every moment of her holidays rather than just enjoy them like a normal person. I think she likes to make people jealous. Here she is riding an elephant while on holiday in Thailand. She also hanging out with Snoop Dogg (I suppose I should start calling him Snoop Lion).