My favourite looks from the 2020 SAG Awards

Last night it was the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards – one of the top acting award ceremonies – and there were a lot of interesting fashion choices on the red carpet.

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Wonder Park: Film Review

It’s the Easter holidays so naturally we have some animated movies set to hit cinemas. First up is Wonder Park, which is a sweet and entertaining way to spend just under 90 minutes.

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Oscars 2018: Best & Worst Dressed

This awards season, I have been doing the red carpet analysis for all the major awards shows and we’re now at the climax – the Oscars!

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Oscars 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

margot crop

We have finally reached the end of the film awards season! It felt like we would never get there but yes, the Oscars, the pinnacle of everything, happened Sunday night. Sure, the prizes are a good talking point but this is ALL about the fashion. This is the biggie – the event everyone saves their best for, and there were some damn good outfits on display.

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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Film Review

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Just from the ridiculous title, I had a distinct feeling that this was going to be terrible and I almost turned down an invitation to see it. However, I must own up – I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. It is cheesy and clichéd (of course) but it makes you feel good and is a perfect family film.

Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner are the heads of the Cooper family. Everything seems to be fine for them and they have a positive outlook on life, except for Alexander (Ed Oxenbould). He thinks most days suck and he wishes his parents and siblings Anthony (Dylan Minnette) and Emily (Kerris Dorsey) would just have a bad day for once. His wish comes true and hilarity ensues.

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Men, Women & Children: LFF Film Review


This film is a really interesting and relevant take on modern relationships and how they are affected by social media. It is definitely more biased towards it being bad but that’s probably because director/co-writer Jason Reitman is more aware of how things used to be before the Internet became so prolific. It is thought-provoking with a great cast.

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Top Films for April


Dark Skies

I thought I would throw a horror into the mix because I don’t usually pick them. A family is plagued by weird events that get increasingly dangerous. Turns out that some evil force is out to get them and they have no way to escape. It looks seriously creepy! Released: 3rd April



The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I do love a cute Disney movie. Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton can’t have children so they put their wishes about their imaginary child in a box and bury it in the garden. The next day, a boy named Timothy appears and they believe he is a miracle. He is clearly different from other children, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Sweet family film. Released: 5th April



Spring Breakers

I have been looking forward to this for ages! Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens break out of their teenage roles to play college girls turned criminals. They rob a fast food restaurant to fund their spring break but along the way, they befriend a drug dealer named Alien (James Franco) who gets them involved in his business. Things soon start to escalate and the police get involved. Cannot wait to see these girls doing grown-up stuff! Released: 5th April




I love post-apocalyptic thrillers and this one looks amazing. Nobody lives on Earth anymore but someone needs to fix the drones that patrol the planet. That is Tom Cruise’s job. One day, he is extracting resources when he is attacked by a resistance group lead by Morgan Freeman, who cause him to question his existence. Is he working for the good guys or not? Is the world actually in the state it thinks it is? This is a high action thriller. Released: 12th April



The Place Beyond the Pines

Who doesn’t love a bit of Ryan Gosling?! Gosling stars as a stunt motorbike rider who discovers he has a son with Eva Mendes. To provide for his son, he uses his skills to commit a series of bank robberies. Bradley Cooper plays the cop on his tail and Rose Byrne is his wife. This may not be up there with Drive, but I’m willing to find out. Released: 12th April



Iron Man 3

I think everyone is excited for this! Robert Downey Jr returns as the superhero once more. This time, he faces his worst enemy yet, a terrorist named The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), who destroys Tony Stark’s personal life completely. Tony must rebuild his life while seeking vengeance on his opponent. Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall will add to the regular cast of Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Jon Favreau (who decided not to direct this one). It’s going to awesome! Released: 26th April

Big Pics: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively & One Direction

Kim Kardashian 


Here’s the price of beauty! Kim has this horrible facial, just to make herself look younger. She’s only 32, yet she’s having her own blood injected into her face. It’s called a “vampire facial” and it looks horrible! At least she wasn’t embarrassed by it- it was filmed for Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.


James Franco 


Bless James! The hard-working actor was awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend.

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck 

BESTPIX: John Varvatos 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit Presented By Chrysler - Kids Tent By Hasbro Studios - Inside

How loved up to these guys look?! The pair have been married for five years and have three children but are still going strong. It is brilliant to see.


The Croods


Blake cuddled up to a furry critter while supporting her husband Ryan Reynolds publicly for the first time since their marriage. Ryan lends his voice to a role in The Croods and Blake was with him at the NYC premiere, along with co-star Emma Stone.


One Direction


The One Direction boys are getting their waxworks made by Madame Tussauds. The five-piece set will tour the worldwide museum once they’ve been completed.


Amanda Bynes


Wow this is Amanda?! She looks like she’s trying to be Nicki Minaj! She looks so different. I don’t like!

Big Pictures: Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and One Direction

Big Pics: Jessica Simpson, Jessica Chastain & Beyoncé

Jessica Simpson


This is the moment Jessica lets slip that she is expecting a boy. Jimmy Kimmel asked how the pregnancy was going and she admitted it wasn’t good as she has been vomiting a lot and she said: “I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous.” It was only afterwards that she realised what she said and even Jimmy hadn’t clocked what she meant!

Josh Hutcherson


Now it’s Josh’s turn for his Capitol Couture poster. Doesn’t he look suave?! The high-fashion pieces are promotional material for the November release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. For the other pictures, check the Instagram here.



Beyonce seems to like posting pictures of herself where she looks badass. She looks cool even with the cap just balancing on top of her head. She also posted a tour rehearsal picture on her Tumblr.


Kimberley Walsh 


What is Kimberley smoking?! Hmmm…looks a bit dodgy. Her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding posted this to Twitter before swiftly removing it. Perhaps Kim told her off for ruining her good girl image?!

Jennifer Garner


I just had to post this. It is a BRILLIANT picture! What a face she is pulling.

Jessica Chastain


She kept quiet about her man during the awards season but Jessica finally stepped out in public with her boyfriend Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in Paris. Jessica is in the capital for Fashion Week and also to support Gian, who is the executive of French brand Montcler.


Oscars 2013: Fashion Hits and Misses

As it is the Oscars, celebs go all out with the fashion which means you usually get some really, really great dresses and some truly awful ones. There were no shocks unfortunately (except that you can see Anne Hathaway’s nipples through her dress!) but the poorly dressed just didn’t compare to the others or it was simply a risky or ill-advised choice.

Here are my best and worst dressed.


Amy Adams


It is unusual for me to like something like this but I think Amy looks stunning. The Oscars are the perfect opportunity to wear huge ballgowns so Amy didn’t hold back. The bust is fitted and detailed perfectly. Love it.

Jessica Chastain


I have been loving Jessica’s award season taste- she is spot on every time. I think she has worn better gowns but I think this is simple and gorgeous.

Amanda Seyfried


I love Amanda style and this pale number is amazing- the detailing, the halterneck, the fit on the bust, all perfect.

Jennifer Garner


I love that Jennifer has picked a unique colour and it really suits her. It may look like those parts are sticking out the sides like wings but it’s actually part of the detailing at the back.

Charlize Theron


I think this gown suits Charlize perfectly. It goes so well with her funky hairdo. It is such a strong look.

Anne Hathaway 


I think dress is very simple but so pretty. I love the material and just check out that necklace! I think it works because of her cropped hair. Check out the nipples too haha!


Helena Bonham Carter


This is hardly a bit surprise because Helena has always had quirky tastes. Her hair is a mess and there are too many different coloured layers to that skirt.

Kristen Stewart


I really dislike this but a lot of people love it. I just don’t like the detailing and I don’t think it hangs off her properly. Plus the mermaid fin look isn’t cool.

Naomi Watts


I just don’t like it, which is so disappointing as I’m usually a fan of her style picks. If the left boob was symmetrical to the right,  I may like it but I just don’t like what’s going on at the top.

Nicole Kidman


This was just far too shiny so I don’t like how it looks. It looks wet!

Sandra Bullock


I am not loving the bottom of the skirt- it reminds of a gypsy skirt and that’s not a red carpet look.

Halle Berry 


This had a futuristic vibe to it that I simply wasn’t feeling.