The Roads Not Taken: Film Review

The Roads Not Taken

With a talented cast including Javier Bardem, Elle Fanning, Laura Linney, and Salma Hayek, I was excited to see The Roads Not Taken, but it was one of the most frustrating movies I have seen for some time.

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Everybody Knows: Film Review

Everybody Knows, a Spanish-language film made by Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, opened the 2018 Cannes Film Festival so I figured it was worth checking out. I liked it but dear me it was long.

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Mother! – Film Review

I knew going into Mother! That it would be weird and confusing as hell and while my predictions were correct, I never could have prepared myself for how intense, stressful, and deeply uncomfortable it was.

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Top Films for September 2017

You know what time it is! It’s the start of the month which means it’s time for me to look ahead to the cinema releases coming our way over the next few weeks.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

When I heard there was going to be another Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I couldn’t help but groan because I felt the franchise was done – as much as I loved the first two, the last two (especially the fourth) weren’t so good and I expected this, also known as Salazar’s Revenge, to be SO bad, so imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover that is a welcome return to form for the franchise.

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W magazine makes more celebs look like crap!


Now, if you’ve been following my rant about W magazine since they made Emma Stone look awful (see here), you will appreciate this post. In the same issue, they made Kristen Stewart look like a druggie (see here), but now they’ve outdone themselves by doing a shoot of actors for a “best performances” feature.

In the feature, over thirty celebs pose for the magazine as it is celebrating their performance in a recent film. They are like the Emma and Kristen ones in that they are not glamorous and are uncomfortably normal.

The photographer, Juergen Teller prefers natural and raw photographs with no editing afterwards. It is a bold move and a refreshing choice except that the stars look worse than usual. They aren’t even wearing make-up so they just look like shit. Although, doing it this way, you can see who is a natural beauty- Keira Knightley and Jessica Chastain for example.

There a lot of pictures to choose from so I’ll just post the highlights here. If you want to see the full set of shots, click here.


Jack Black


Javier Bardem


Amy Adams

amy adams

Ben Whishaw


Marion Cotillard


Jessica Chastain


Philip Seymour Hoffman


Keira Knightley


Matthew McConaughey


Nicole Kidman


Don’t you just think they are the weirdest and most random set of shots?! Not only are the celebs not looking their best but the settings are a bit strange too. The Javier Bardem and the Ben Whishaw stand out as odd. Why did Marion Cotillard say yes to being pictured fresh out the shower?! It is just so bizarre.

Skyfall: Review

I had heard loads of brilliant reviews for this film so I went in with very high expectations. Skyfall is great but not as amazing as I assumed it would be. It is definitely the best Daniel Craig Bond film and certainly in comparison to Quantum of Solace. I liked that it emphasised Bond’s age and questioned his effectiveness as an agent as well as the future of espionage as a whole.

When a mission in Turkey goes awry and Bond (Daniel Craig) is accidentally shot by a fellow agent, M’s leadership at MI6 is called into question as Bond’s mission was to retrieve a list of undercover agents and their aliases. With Bond assumed dead and the list still out in the open, M (Dame Judi Dench) has made a serious mistake and the new head of intelligence and security, Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) asks her to step down. After an explosion hits MI6, Bond decides to head back to London to help M. He is unfit, a drunkard and getting a bit old. However, M sends him out to find the list and the villain behind it. It turns out the villain, Silva (Javier Bardem) was an old agent for M and he wants his revenge on her. It seems her past is catching up with her and Bond needs to help her survive.

I like that this is a personal attack on M because it makes the villain and his motives far more believable. It isn’t something ridiculous like they want to take over the world, it is simple revenge on a woman he believes betrayed him. It was good to see a trademark office character, M, take a leading role in this film and she has a lot of screen time- mainly outside the office. The questions in the film are relevant today- how can guns fight cyber terrorists? What is the point of MI6? Is Bond too old to be an agent? I liked that about it. It was contemporary, relevant and modern but it still stayed true to its roots. It’s a tough balancing act but I think it was treated well.

I thought the Bond girls, Naomie Harris (as Craig’s fellow agent) and Bérénice Marlohe (one of Silva’s women) were grossly underused. Usually, the Bond girl has a lot of screen time but these were definitely minor parts. They bought big plot moments to the film but weren’t around very much. I understand it is because M was the main woman in this story and you couldn’t have included everyone but I would have liked to have seen more.

Daniel Craig was brilliant as ever and I think he makes a fantastic Bond. Judi Dench was perfect again but two people that stood out for me was Ben Whishaw, who plays Q, and Javier Bardem, as the villain. Silva was different to usual villains as he had a personal vendetta against someone and clearly has mental problems. He isn’t particularly violent himself- he rigs stuff through computers or gets his henchmen to do it for him. He was a psychological villain which is refreshing. Whishaw was brilliant as he brought such humour to the role of Q. The first time Bond is introduced to him is hilarious because Whishaw is far younger than his predecessors.

The action was really good, I loved that central London was used a lot (especially the tube!), I loved that you learned about Bond’s past, M’s past and the showdown at the end is far different to what’s been done before. The settings in this are amazing and it looks brilliant. It is fresh, new and relevant and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt the one-liners fell a little flat and someone of the stunts/ explosions/ effects were a bit ridiculous. Overall, it was a really enjoyable film and I think the highly positive reviews affected how I received it because I was expecting so much more.