Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – Film Review

The Fast and Furious franchise is just the gift that keeps on giving. Who would have predicted what it would become from its humble beginnings in 2001? And now we have its first spin-off – Hobbs and Shaw, which is very good fun and as ridiculous as you would expect.

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Top Films for August

A new month is upon us once again which means it’s time to look ahead at which cinema releases I’m looking forward to most this August.

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The Meg: Film Review

Jason Statham versus a shark?! Has there ever been a greater combo?! Despite this, I didn’t hold out much hope for The Meg, but thought it would be funny all the same. Sadly, it takes itself more seriously than I would have liked.

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Fast and Furious 8: Film Review

I’ve been of the belief that the Fast & Furious films should end for a while now, especially after Furious 7 finished so beautifully. That being said, I actually really like them and find them highly entertaining so if they keep making em, I’ll keep going to watch.

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Spy: Film Review


I was not excited about Spy at all because the trailer sucked and I thought ‘this better not be the level of humour’ as the comedy highlights shown weren’t funny to me. So my expectations for this were super low and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it and it is truly hilarious. I would recommend you all completely ignore the trailer!

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Spy: London premiere coverage


The stars of upcoming action comedy film Spy graced the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square tonight and considering there is a big comedy cast, the only one remotely entertaining was Jason Statham!

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Big Pics: Harry Styles, Harry Judd & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Harry Styles


This picture taken on a yacht in the Caribbean shows the full extent of Harry’s tattoos- and don’t they look horrible?! Perhaps the boat and the wings look okay on their own but they are cluttered by all the random junk by his shoulder. It looks like someone has just scribbled some doodles on a notepad. Yet this is permanent and I’m sure he will regret them later on. It looks so bad. I’m so turned off right now.

Harry Judd

harry j

Here is the first glimpse of Harry from McFly’s wedding to Izzy Johnston. The pair got married in December and the exclusive pics are in Hello! magazine. Don’t they look amazing?!



Rihanna has debuted a new hairstyle and I like it. I do prefer her shorter, edgier style but this is nice and it is a refreshing change. They are only extensions after all so she might be back to her crop soon. She’s kept her buzz cut on the side of her head.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Jason Statham


Lovebirds Rosie & Jason pucker up while on holiday in the French alps. It’s nice to see some celebs on a skiing holiday rather than a beach one! The couple have been together since 2010.