The Little Things: Film Review

The Little Things

Having Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto – three Oscar winners – in one movie would make you think that it’s a sure-fire hit, so I went in with high expectations for The Little Things – and came away rather disappointed.

The film, set in the ’90s, begins with Joe ‘Deke’ Deacon (Washington), a Deputy Sheriff from the Bakersfield area, who is sent to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, his old workplace, to collect evidence for a case. He meets new detective Jimmy Baxter (Malek) who invites him along to a murder scene, which has striking similarities to an old serial murder case Deke was unable to solve. Deke takes leave from his job so he can help Baxter solve it.

The Little Things, written and directed by John Lee Hancock, made me think of ’90s crime thrillers like Seven, Kiss the Girls, and The Bone Collector (another Washington movie) as well as TV procedurals like True Detective so it never stopped feeling unoriginal and familiar. It started off so promising but plateaued shortly after Albert Sparma (Leto) came into the picture because it became less about them working the investigation – finding clues and suspects etc – and more about them being obsessed with nailing this creepy guy; it just didn’t have much of a murder-mystery vibe to it or a ton of substance. I had hoped it was all building to a really cool mind-blowing twist so the final act was anticlimactic and the ambiguity of the ending didn’t do it for me. There are some interesting revelations along the way but not enough to properly reel me in.

Washington is stellar in the lead role. Deke looks tired and defeated and he’s mentally tortured, troubled and could perhaps use some professional help. His partnership with Baxter makes for an unlikely buddy duo but I liked how the two very different men – one who takes an old school approach to the investigation while the other is new – came together to form an alliance for a common cause. While Deke is haunted by his past, Baxter is consumed by the present case and the frustrating inability to nail down Sparma.

There was a lot of uproar on Twitter when Leto got nominated for the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards for his transformative role and I don’t get what all the fuss was about. Sure, it’s not an amazing performance, but it doesn’t warrant that reaction. Leto looks very different, having lost a ton of weight to give him a skeletal-looking face, in addition to dark, sunken eyes, dodgy teeth, and very greasy hair that looks like it hasn’t seen shampoo in a long time. He changed his voice and line delivery too to make him successfully come across like a sinister weirdo.

Given the top-tier cast and the strong beginning, it’s a real shame The Little Things became such a let down.

Available to rent at home via premium video-on-demand platforms from Thursday 11th March

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Blade Runner 2049: Film Review

With sequels, there is always that concern about whether the second instalment with tarnish the reputation of the first, especially one so well-loved as Blade Runner. It was certainly a risk with Blade Runner 2049, which comes 35 years after the original, but luckily they have waited that long to make sure they have created something that is loyal to its predecessor and builds upon its success. No easy feat.

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Suicide Squad: Film Review


I wasn’t keen on Suicide Squad when it was announced because it sounded awful but I was won over by the trailers and I eventually became excited for it. That was until the reviews came out and, although I tried to ignore them, it was impossible not to take note of the negativity and lower your expectations. But I just want to assure the fans that the film is not the travesty it has been made out to be – it is messy and extremely flawed, yes, but I enjoyed most of it.

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Justice League cast make surprise appearance at Suicide Squad premiere

suicide crop

I haven’t been to a London premiere this exciting and spectacular in ages and it couldn’t have come at a better time – Suicide Squad really needed a big event like this to lift fans’ spirits following the critical mauling the film has received and the cast made sure it was a lot of fun – and things got even crazier when the Justice League showed up announced! AMAZING!

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Top Films for August


August is here which means more movies for your cinema-going selves! There are plenty to choose from this month but I’ve whittled it down to the ones I’m most excited about.

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Top Films for 2016


2016 has well and truly kicked off so what better time to look at the movies coming up in the year ahead and get excited about some the releases to come?

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Don’t judge Suicide Squad by its trailer


The official trailer for Suicide Squad was released yesterday after it was leaked from Comic Con over the weekend. The trailer had been put together to give fans who had queued for hours to get into the panel a taster of what was to come, but Warner Bros/DC Comics never wanted it available for the public, yet they were forced to do so as there were so many poor quality, leaked versions everywhere. This is why I urge you to not judge the trailer – it simply isn’t ready.

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Comic-Con highlights: Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, Deadpool & Star Wars


This weekend in film news is ALL about the San Diego Comic Con because so many panels have been held to promote TV shows and movies, and it is pretty hard to keep up with all the news. Basically, for me, the biggest news is the latest trailers for the upcoming superhero films Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Deadpool. And while it has no new trailer, I was so psyched about the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens panel that I simply need to talk about it.

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Best Oscars Pictures: After parties

Here’s my selection of the best after-ceremony pictures from the Oscars 2014:


Lupita photobombs Jared Leto 


Then he does the same to Anne Hathaway…


Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne patch up their differences


Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Jamie King get in the photo booth 


Best buds Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez cuddle up



Anna Kendrick


Olivia Munn and Emma Roberts


Hope you all enjoyed!


Dallas Buyers Club: Review

Film-Toronto Preview

This has had a lot of Oscar nominations and the leads, Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, have picked up Golden Globes for their performances already and it’s not hard to see why.

This film is probably most known for McConaughey’s weight loss and although it is shocking at times (he looks so unhealthy!), you get used to it and realise how much it adds to the story. He stars as Ron Woodroof, a real-life electrician who is diagnosed with HIV which, at the time, is called the ‘gay disease’. In the 80s, the only drug available in America is called AZT but it makes him worse, so he seeks out other options. He travels to Mexico where he finds other drugs which haven’t been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and smuggles them into the States.

He soon realised he can sell them onto other HIV/AIDs sufferers, including transgender Rayon (Jared Leto), who go into business together. Selling the drugs are illegal, so they set up a ‘buyers club’ where the drugs are for free once membership has been paid for. That is until the FDA hears about the ring and tries to close them down.


You would expect a film like this to be rather depressing and it is at the start when he is diagnosed and only given 39 days left to live. He looks shocking. You realise how bleak the outlook was for HIV sufferers at that time and how the stigma can almost be as bad as the illness. But then he gets new-found determination, reads up on the literature and figures out to deal with this thing. In doing so, he helps a lot of people and I actually left this feeling positive.

Obviously, you know things don’t end well during these types of stories but I was left feeling so amazed at the lengths Woodroof went through to help other sufferers when he could have been selfish and kept the medication to himself. The FDA kept trying to shut him down but he would just find another loophole or a different supplier. If anything, I was frustrated at the injustice of it all- the FDA are supposed to helping sick people yet they were encouraging sufferers to stay on AZT, which made them sicker and made effective treatments illegal. It provided a great deal of insight into the corruption within the agencies.

The performances are very, very good but if you remove the transformation factor (especially in Leto’s case, dressed as a woman) then I wouldn’t say their performances were any better than the other Oscar nominees. They are on par.

The dialogue and performances are brilliant in this and I don’t want people being put off thinking it is going to be depressing because it is a motivational movie about how far a man will go to survive and to help others. It has such a good message and it is so interesting. A must-see.