Without Remorse: Film Review

Without Remorse

A movie adaptation of Tom Clancy’s novel Without Remorse has been in development since the ’90s, and finally, after many changes to the director, writer, and cast, the movie has been made once and for all.

Michael B. Jordan stars as John Kelly, a US Navy SEAL who leads an operation to rescue a CIA operative taken hostage by ex-Russian military forces in Aleppo, Syria. Three months later, after he’s retired from the military ahead of his wife Pam (Lauren London) giving birth to their first child, Russian assassins retaliate by killing two SEALs from the Aleppo rescue and Pam and shooting John twice. Once he’s recovered, John embarks on a mission to avenge his wife’s murder and get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

Without Remorse is very much a conventional action thriller which doesn’t show us anything we haven’t seen before, with the exception of the performances (which I’ll get to soon). It is perfectly watchable and held my attention for the most part, but Jordan and his cast members deserved a movie that’s a cut above your average and mixes things up whereas this follows a familiar, well-trodden path.

I expected more from the screenplay given that it’s written by Taylor Sheridan – of Hell or High Water, Sicario and Wind River fame – but it’s just serviceable. It does the job, nothing more, nothing less. I didn’t really care about getting to the bottom of the conspiracy, possibly because the ultimate bad guy was so obvious that the reveal lacked a thrill.

I also would have liked Stefano Sollima to have given us more interesting and gripping action sequences. There was a fight in prison that showed promise (on a shallow front, Jordan being topless probably helped) but that was too short-lived, while on the flipside, the Russia sequence felt too long and drawn out and my concentration started to drop. The airplane sequence looked cool though.

Thankfully, Jordan makes the film better than it rightfully should be. He has proven that he’s physically capable with fight and stunt choreography in Black Panther and the Creed films, and Without Remorse properly cements his status as an action star. Kelly is a dangerous man with nothing left to live for and he definitely isn’t mentally sound enough to take on a mission and Jordan nailed his slightly unhinged persona.

Jodie Turner-Smith is awesome as Lt. Commander Karen Greer, a decorated Navy SEAL, and her character is something of a trailblazer considering there are still no female Navy SEALs in real-life. She is Kelly’s closest ally and the most grounded and level-headed member of the team. Hats off to Turner-Smith for shooting this physically intensive role while pregnant too!

Elsewhere, Jamie Bell and Guy Pearce play CIA agents who are under suspicion of being corrupt and are convincingly shifty, while there isn’t enough Colman Domingo, who makes a small appearance as a pastor.

It is already well known that Jordan has signed on to play the character in Rainbow Six next and while this isn’t the strongest launch, the premise sounds very different to this origins story and the teaser left me intrigued.

On Amazon Prime Video from Friday 30th April

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Evan Rachel Wood rants on Twitter after baby scan is published


Evan Rachel Wood went on a mega Twitter rant after a website published pictures of her ultrasound scan.

We don’t know much about Evan, her pregnancy or her marriage to Jamie Bell because she is an extremely private person. So  it is no wonder she was fuming on Twitter about the feeling “violated” by the scan being displayed for all the public to see- especially as she only had the scan out in the hospital car park.

Evan, 25, took to Twitter to vent her anger over a series of tweets after it was published on MailOnline.

“Which sick f**k paparazzi hid in the parking lot of my hospital after my ultrasound. I cant stand this.You took a picture of my ultrasound photo???!!!! I couldnt be more furious right now. I want to cry. My child isnt even born yet. Thats my child. Its not even out of the womb and they are snapping photos of it. I am getting out of la. People have no hearts.”

It continues!: “I have never been more violated by a photographer. Thats the inside of my body and my child. Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred. Fyi i was not walking down the st parading my ultrasound photo. That was the roof of a hospital parking garage where you should be safe.”

She then addressed the website directly: “I would like to ask @mailonline to please remove the photos because they are private medical records, and its an invasion.”

After the pictures had been removed, she calmed down after after a while and tried to end her rant on a calmer note. She wrote, “Man, when that mama bear instinct kicks in, she KICKS in.”

Wood married Bell, 26, married in secret in October and they confirmed their pregnancy in January.

Top News: Lily Allen, Evan Rachel Wood & awards round-up


Lily Allen

Earlier this week, Lily Allen (or Cooper) had her second child- a daughter named Marnie Rose. I LOVE the name. Lily also has a one-year-old daughter named Ethel with husband Sam. She thanked everyone on Twitter saying, “Quite overwhelmed by all the well wishing going on. THANKYOU everybody x x x”


Elton John

Elton John and David Furnish were thought to have become fathers this week but their spokesperson denied the rumours today. Papers were reporting that the couple had used the same surrogate mother who gave birth to their two-year-old son Zachary.


Evan Rachel Wood 

Evan has confirmed that she is expecting a child with her husband Jamie Bell. The 25-year-old Ides of March actress met the Billy Elliott star on the set of a Green Day video in 2005 and they got married in secret in October last year. She can be seen holding a slight bump on the set of her latest movie 10 Things I Hate About Life.



Adele has been seen heading to LA today after she has been rumoured to sing Skyfall at the Golden Globe awards this weekend. The song is nominated for Best Original Song. This will be her first work commitment since her child’s birth in October.


Award ceremonies

This week was a big week for nominations- BAFTA, BRIT and Oscars! So there has been a lot to keep up with. I’m going to give you a quick summary on the Oscars but for the full list of BAFTA nominations, see here and for the BRITs, see here. In the Oscars, Steven Spielberg’s Civil War drama Lincoln has received the most nods with twelve. Silver Linings Playbook and Les Misérables both did well.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Steven Spielberg, Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field were all nominated for Lincoln and Silver Linings got nominations in all of the top six categories (best actress, actor, supporting actress, actor, best film and best director) for Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver and David O Russell. For Les Mis, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman got mentions but director Tom Hooper was snubbed. Quentin Tarantino and Zer Dark Thirty’s Kathryn Bigelow were also snubbed in that category.

Here is the list for best film- Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. For a full list, see here.

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood tie the knot

…Or so it would seem, judging by their matching wedding bands!

Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood have been together for three years after meeting on the video shoot of Green Day’s video for “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

Reports suggested that the pair would get married this week but these pictures show that they have privately gone and done the deed.

They were spotted at LAX- going on a honeymoon perhaps?! I’m happy for them, they seem like such a great couple. They briefly broke up in 2006 after a year together, during which time they got matching tattoos. They got back together early last year. During that gap, Wood dating and engaged rocker Marilyn Manson. Thank God she went back to Jamie!