Inside The French Dispatch exhibition

Wes Anderson‘s latest film The French Dispatch comes out on Friday, and to celebrate, the team at 180 Studios have once again created a fantastic exhibition.

If you went to their exhibition for Isle of Dogs, you’ll have some idea of what you’re getting, but this one is significantly bigger and more expansive. I’ve always loved Anderson’s signature style, attention to detail and his eye for production design but this will give you a whole new level of appreciation.

The first space is largely dedicated to general French Dispatch items – sets, miniatures, maps, costumes and so many props. Then the rest of your journey throughout the exhibition is divided into the film’s main three stories – The Concrete Masterpiece, The Private Dining Room of the Police Commissioner and Revisions to a Manifesto.

The strongest sections were probably the second and last – I loved seeing the “concrete masterpiece” in the flesh as well as a prison cell, a miniature plane and so much more (this section has the most content) but then with the last you end up in the actual Le Sans Blague cafe! The yellow and black set has been recreated and is a fully working cafe so you can sit and have tea or coffee and a pastry.

I would personally recommend going to this exhibition after seeing the film as you’ll just understand the context and significance of everything much more.

The French Dispatch exhibition runs until 14th November. Tickets are timed and cost £10. It can be found at 180 The Strand and you literally can’t miss it – the outside also looks like the bright yellow cafe!

Here are some of my highlights –

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