Late Night: Film Review

I love Mindy Kaling and I was a huge fan of her TV show The Mindy Project so I got very excited when I heard she was writing a feature film starring Emma Thompson! My expectations were naturally quite high for Late Night and it sadly fell short of them. [Read more…]

Blockers: Film Review

I have to be honest, I thought Blockers was gonna suck. I had the lowest expectations for it, so I came away pleasantly surprised by how funny, modern and relevant it was. A teen comedy for the ‘woke’ generation, if you will.

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Snatched: Film Review

Snatched hasn’t fared very well with the critics but I’m hear to tell you not to listen to them because I found it bloody funny and I was entertained throughout.

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Bad Neighbours 2: Film Review


I loved the 2014 comedy Bad Neighbours and since it did so well at the box office it was no surprise a sequel was ordered. I was wary of it though because I didn’t think it could beat the original, be as remotely funny or be anything more than a repeat of previous events. But I didn’t need to worry – Bad Neighbours 2 is brilliant and such a laugh.

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Sisters: Film Review


I love Tina Fey and I love Amy Poehler separately and I love them a million times more when they are together. They are comedy gold in my book. So you cannot imagine how disappointed I was watching Sisters, which is so, so lame.

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