Animals: Film Review

There have been so many films showing men behaving badly over the years that it always makes a nice change to see women being given those kinds of roles.

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Tell It to the Bees: Film Review

Tell It to the Bees is one of those period LGBTQ films that make you appreciate how far society has come, but also have far it still has to go.

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My Cousin Rachel: Film Review

I’m a huge fan of Sam Claflin and I’ve been following his films for the last few years now so I was obviously going to check out My Cousin Rachel but I was even more pleased to discover he puts in one of his finest performances yet.

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Cinderella: Film Review


I had hoped by taking an old Disney tale and revamping it for the modern day, Cinderella would be updated and have a modern feel.  It turned out to be the opposite – this was far too old-fashioned, traditional and literally a copy of the 1950 Disney animation so it didn’t feel fresh or exciting.

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The Riot Club: Film Review


This is brilliant but it is absolutely not for the faint-hearted. If you think you are seeing a funny, happy tale about posh assholes then you will be very wrong and believe me, you will come out of the cinema seriously angry at the injustice of it all.

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