High-Rise: Film Review


I rarely come out of a movie with such an overwhelming feeling of disappointment. With most films, if I don’t love them, I just have feelings of “it was okay” or “didn’t really enjoy it” rather than genuine dislike – but High-Rise has managed it. I did not like it one bit and I find that odd considering most people I know raved about, Tom Hiddleston is a fave and I had wanted to see this since the London Film Festival in October.

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Top Films for March


It’s that time of the month again guys – movie preview time! There isn’t a huge amount of exciting releases to choose from in March so the list is more compact than usual. But as the saying goes, it’s all about quality over quantity and there seems to be some pretty decent movies on the horizon. Here are my picks:

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Top Films for 2016


2016 has well and truly kicked off so what better time to look at the movies coming up in the year ahead and get excited about some the releases to come?

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BFI London Film Festival: What I want to see


Tickets for the BFI London Film Festival opened today and I have been through the schedule and here are my (pretty obvious) choices for the tickets I want to get my hands on:

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