Pics: BAFTA Fashion Hits & Misses

The celebrities (and me!) braved the torrential rain and the bitter cold (standard English weather) to grace the red carpet at the Royal Opera House for this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards.

As per usual, I have had a look at the red carpet choices from tonight’s BAFTA ceremony and have picked my favourites and the not-so-great dresses.

I was there but due to the awful weather and just a regular digital camera, I didn’t manage to get any decent pictures of my own. Considering the weather, it is hardly surprising that most of the celebrities didn’t hang around the fan section of the red carpet for long (especially the women)- I guess they just wanted to get press and pictures over and done with so they could head inside.

When the ladies braved the cold to ditch their coats, you got to see their fabulous dresses. Some aren’t as great. Here are my picks.



Jessica Chastain


I LOVE the colour of this! She looks gorgeous and the colour goes so well with her hair!

Anne Hathaway


While it is simple, I think this is my favourite of Anne’s award dresses so far. Her hair looks amazing too!

Amy Adams


I think the lace detailing on this is really pretty, especially around the cleavage area. I don’t like the arms so much. I LOVE those earrings though!

Sarah Jessica Parker


SJP is mixing it up! I love the playsuit, except I dislike the material of the top half. It’s such a different look for her so I’m really impressed.

Helen Mirren


The dress is alright but to be honest, I picked her because of the hair. Who would a 67-year-old to dye their hair pink?! It quite suits her though and she looks like she’s loving it.


Marion Cotillard


I just don’t understand this dress- the colour, the bulge at the side, the gap on the other side…what is going on?! It’s just awful!

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer has been doing so well with her dresses recently that I expected so much more of her so I was disappointed by this. It is very plain and I don’t like her hair styling.

Gemma Arterton


This is far too plain for an awards ceremony. She could have done better.

Paloma Faith


This dress is a bit nuts. There is just so much going on and I can’t even describe what material this is. She looks like she belongs on a Christmas tree.

Top Films for February



Denzel Washington stars in his Oscar-nominated role of a pilot who manages to land a plane when the system fails. He is hailed a hero until it is discovered that he was under the influence of alcohol during the flight, which is illegal so he has to stand trial. Don Cheadle plays his defence lawyer in what seems like a hard-hitting drama about morals. Released: 1st




Anthony Hopkins stars as the famous horror director, Alfred Hitchcock, in this look at his life, his work and his marriage during the filming of the classic horror, Psycho. If you have seen the BBC1 drama “The Girl”, which is similar but on the set of The Birds, you will know that Alfred was a weird and creepy man. Helen Mirren has been Oscar nominated for her supporting role as his wife Alma. Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel also star. Released: 8th



Wreck-It Ralph

This looks like a quality Disney animation. It is completely original as it set in the world of arcade games meaning there are plenty of pop culture references. Ralph is fed up of being a villain in his game so he escapes and tours other games until he finds where he belongs. The trailer makes it look incredible! John C Reilly voices the lead and is joined by Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman. Released: 8th



This is 40

I CANNOT wait for this! It been released in the US for ages. This is the “sort of spin-off sequel” of Knocked Up and revolves around the marriage of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. If you remember what they were like in the original movie, just imagine how dysfunctional their marriage is now that they are pushing 40. Judd Apatow is a genius, so as long as it is as good as the first one, I’ll be happy. It co-stars Megan Fox, Jason Segel, Chris O’Dowd and Lena Dunham. Released: 14th




I thought I would throw in a horror to mix it up a bit. This genuinely looks petrifying though AND it stars Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain, so it must be good, right?! Annabel (Chastain) and Lucas take on his young nieces after they had been left alone in a forest for five years. Naturally, they are going to be a bit messed up but it seems they brought something into the house with them… Released: 22nd


I have deliberately missed out Hansel & Gretel, A Good Day To Die Hard, Warm Bodies and Cloud Atlas. These are all “big” films for this month but they just look so bad and I have no inclination to see them at all.

Big Pics: Harry & Taylor, Rihanna & Chris plus Lea & Cory

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift 


These two are constantly travelling! I’m also surprised how much time they’ve managed to spend together despite their careers and living in different countries. They been seen in England, then LA, Utah, New York and now in the British Virgin Islands! The pair were happy to pose with fans though, and that’s how their location has been busted!

Rihanna & Chris Brown


Ri and Chris Brown were spotted hanging out together in LA! They MUST be together, surely?! How much more evidence do we need?!

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith 


Aren’t you just sick of these pictures of celebrities being on holiday?! I’m so jealous! Lea and Glee co-star boyfriend Cory were having a new year’s break in Hawaii. Also, in the picture below, how good is Lea’s bod?


Helen Mirren


Helen should have got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame AAAAGES ago! She’s been in the business for years. She’s finally been awarded the famous star.

Miley Cyrus 


As like 80% of Miley’s pictures, this involves a dog. But as it’s a new one, it deserves a mention. This is Bean and isn’t it so cute?! Perhaps this one is a replacement for Lila, who died after a dog fight.