The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: Film Review

The release of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms was a confusing one at first – it seemed like perfect festive fodder for Disney so it was weird it was being released with minimal fanfare at the start of November – but it all makes sense once you see it. It’s not awful by any means, it’s just forgettable fluff.

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Fast and Furious 8: Film Review

I’ve been of the belief that the Fast & Furious films should end for a while now, especially after Furious 7 finished so beautifully. That being said, I actually really like them and find them highly entertaining so if they keep making em, I’ll keep going to watch.

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Will Smith, Helen Mirren and Naomie Harris at the Collateral Beauty premiere: Pics and gossip


Collateral Beauty has been slated by critics but that didn’t stop the film’s cast and crew – including Will Smith, Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris and Edward Norton – from promoting the movie wholeheartedly at the London premiere this week.

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Helen Mirren’s going to be in Fast 8 and I’m so excited

Helen Mirren has confirmed that she is going to be in the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise and when I heard this news I couldn’t help but squeal a little inside. This is awesome news!

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Eye in the Sky: Film Review


I assumed Eye in the Sky would follow a team of drone pilots and present a series of situations, but it doesn’t, this focuses on one sole case presented in real time as the military and politicians hash out whether to strike or not.

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Trumbo: Film Review


I did not think Trumbo would be up my street because it seemed quite dry and very political. I didn’t particularly care for a story about Hollywood’s treatment of communists, so I was very surprised to find that Trumbo was both entertaining, hilarious and informative.

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Met Ball 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


Forget the Oscars, forget the Grammys… The Met Ball is officially the biggest night on the fashion calendar because it is ALL about the red carpet. Nobody really cares about the fundraising that happens inside! So many stars attend and they go all out with the fashion and their bold choices really divide opinion. This what red carpets should be about! So much to discuss and debate over.

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The Hundred-Foot Journey: Film Review


Well, isn’t this just a sumptuous little feel-good film. It is pretty forgettable and not particularly original but it leaves you with a smile on your face and a hungry stomach.

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Hitchcock: Review


This is an enjoyable, funny and interesting look into the life of Alfred Hitchcock, played here by Anthony Hopkins. However, it barely touches on his obsessive, creepy behaviour with his leading ladies and it is nowhere near as effective as the recent BBC TV movie, The Girl.

This biopic looks at the section of Hitchcock’s life in which he is making Psycho. At the time, it was considered too big a risk so no studio would finance the picture so he and his wife, Alma (Helen Mirren) put up the money themselves. While this looks at the making of Psycho, that film-making is more of a backdrop to an exploration into Alfred and Alma’s marriage.


I did enjoy this and if it had been released before the BBC movie, it would have been fine as I wouldn’t have known anything about Hitch. However, in the BBC version, Hitch was possessive and lecherous towards leading lady Tippi Hendren (from The Birds) and I was hoping this film would look into that as well. It did touch on these subjects but it didn’t explore them- it skimmed the surface. Knowing what I know now about Hitch, I just don’t think it is an accurate depiction of his character.


I feel like this movie isn’t really a biopic, just an interesting movie based on real-life characters. I felt that Alma was actually the star of the film as she stood out and was given more depth than anyone else. Helen was a perfect casting choice for that role. There is one scene in which Hitch accuses Alma of having an affair and the dialogue in that is brilliant and gripping. There aren’t enough scenes like it.


The make-up for Hopkins was remarkable and he looks unrecognisable. He changed his voice as well and the way he walked. Both Scarlett Johansson as the star of Pyscho, Janet Leigh, and Jessica Biel, as a minor character, Vera Miles, were grossly underused and I would have liked to have seen more of them. I understand that the film focussed on Hitch’s marriage rather than movie, but I would have liked more behind-the-scenes action. Also, the part at the very end in which Hopkins narrate on-screen, straight to the camera, seems silly. I didn’t like that bit at all.


I would say that if you wanted an enjoyable, easy watch about Hitch, watch this. If you wanted an uncomfortable, accurate depiction of Hitch, then watch BBC’s The Girl.

Pics: BAFTA Fashion Hits & Misses

The celebrities (and me!) braved the torrential rain and the bitter cold (standard English weather) to grace the red carpet at the Royal Opera House for this year’s British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards.

As per usual, I have had a look at the red carpet choices from tonight’s BAFTA ceremony and have picked my favourites and the not-so-great dresses.

I was there but due to the awful weather and just a regular digital camera, I didn’t manage to get any decent pictures of my own. Considering the weather, it is hardly surprising that most of the celebrities didn’t hang around the fan section of the red carpet for long (especially the women)- I guess they just wanted to get press and pictures over and done with so they could head inside.

When the ladies braved the cold to ditch their coats, you got to see their fabulous dresses. Some aren’t as great. Here are my picks.



Jessica Chastain


I LOVE the colour of this! She looks gorgeous and the colour goes so well with her hair!

Anne Hathaway


While it is simple, I think this is my favourite of Anne’s award dresses so far. Her hair looks amazing too!

Amy Adams


I think the lace detailing on this is really pretty, especially around the cleavage area. I don’t like the arms so much. I LOVE those earrings though!

Sarah Jessica Parker


SJP is mixing it up! I love the playsuit, except I dislike the material of the top half. It’s such a different look for her so I’m really impressed.

Helen Mirren


The dress is alright but to be honest, I picked her because of the hair. Who would a 67-year-old to dye their hair pink?! It quite suits her though and she looks like she’s loving it.


Marion Cotillard


I just don’t understand this dress- the colour, the bulge at the side, the gap on the other side…what is going on?! It’s just awful!

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer has been doing so well with her dresses recently that I expected so much more of her so I was disappointed by this. It is very plain and I don’t like her hair styling.

Gemma Arterton


This is far too plain for an awards ceremony. She could have done better.

Paloma Faith


This dress is a bit nuts. There is just so much going on and I can’t even describe what material this is. She looks like she belongs on a Christmas tree.