Oscars 2013: Fashion Hits and Misses

As it is the Oscars, celebs go all out with the fashion which means you usually get some really, really great dresses and some truly awful ones. There were no shocks unfortunately (except that you can see Anne Hathaway’s nipples through her dress!) but the poorly dressed just didn’t compare to the others or it was simply a risky or ill-advised choice.

Here are my best and worst dressed.


Amy Adams


It is unusual for me to like something like this but I think Amy looks stunning. The Oscars are the perfect opportunity to wear huge ballgowns so Amy didn’t hold back. The bust is fitted and detailed perfectly. Love it.

Jessica Chastain


I have been loving Jessica’s award season taste- she is spot on every time. I think she has worn better gowns but I think this is simple and gorgeous.

Amanda Seyfried


I love Amanda style and this pale number is amazing- the detailing, the halterneck, the fit on the bust, all perfect.

Jennifer Garner


I love that Jennifer has picked a unique colour and it really suits her. It may look like those parts are sticking out the sides like wings but it’s actually part of the detailing at the back.

Charlize Theron


I think this gown suits Charlize perfectly. It goes so well with her funky hairdo. It is such a strong look.

Anne Hathaway 


I think dress is very simple but so pretty. I love the material and just check out that necklace! I think it works because of her cropped hair. Check out the nipples too haha!


Helena Bonham Carter


This is hardly a bit surprise because Helena has always had quirky tastes. Her hair is a mess and there are too many different coloured layers to that skirt.

Kristen Stewart


I really dislike this but a lot of people love it. I just don’t like the detailing and I don’t think it hangs off her properly. Plus the mermaid fin look isn’t cool.

Naomi Watts


I just don’t like it, which is so disappointing as I’m usually a fan of her style picks. If the left boob was symmetrical to the right,  I may like it but I just don’t like what’s going on at the top.

Nicole Kidman


This was just far too shiny so I don’t like how it looks. It looks wet!

Sandra Bullock


I am not loving the bottom of the skirt- it reminds of a gypsy skirt and that’s not a red carpet look.

Halle Berry 


This had a futuristic vibe to it that I simply wasn’t feeling.

Big Pics: Harry & Taylor, Ryan & Eva plus Halle & Olivier

Harry Styles & Taylor Swift 


The One Direction lads landed back on English soil on Friday yet one member was missing= Harry. With their romance getting more serious each day, Harry jetted to Utah for a skiing break with girlfriend Taylor Swift and her brother Austin. It is unclear if Harry will jet back to England just in time for Christmas or if he will stay with her.



Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart


Jennifer Lopez posed on her man’s lap during a celebrity football match in Puerto Rico.

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez


Halle Berry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez flew into Paris to spend Christmas with the French actor’s family- but without Halle’s daughter Nahla in tow. She is clearly staying with her father Gabriel Aubry, which is surprising given the recent dramatic events within the family.

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes


How weird does Ryan Gosling look with blonde hair and so many tattoos?! He is joined by his girlfriend Eva Mendes in his latest film The Place Beyond The Pines which also stars Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne and Ray Liotta. Ryan stars as a stunt motorbike driver who starts robbing banks to provide for his newborn child. He looks mental. Check the stills and trailer below. It will be released over here in April.



Big Pics: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus & Rihanna

Katy Perry 


Don’t you just love Katy’s on-stage wardrobe?! It’s so much fun. Katy performed at the closing ceremony for the World Parachuting Championships in Dubai and obviously wanted in on the funky jumpsuit action. She came down from the ceiling with a parachute before launching into her set. She eventually stripped down to this outfit…


Miley Cyrus 


Miley had a major version faux pas this weekend while performing at the Christmas Creampies concert in LA. I just hate the whole outfit, I can’t even begin to explain as there is so much wrong with it!


Halle Berry


It’s nice to see Halle and her daughter Nahla happy and playful after their recent Thanksgiving drama. They were playing at the beach in Malibu. Her fiance Olivier Martinez was also on the trip with them.



Now we know Rihanna isn’t afraid to show some skin…but she’s taken it to the extremes by being photographed naked down below! We’ve all seen her breasts a number of times but this shocked me as she clearly isn’t wearing any pants. Don’t you want to keep anything private? These two pictures were uploaded to Twitter by Ri’s best pal Melissa Forde.


Halle Berry finally lets Gabriel Aubry see his daughter



Yay! This makes us so happy! I’ve been rooting for Gabriel Aubry since his ex girlfriend, Halle Berry, put an emergency restraining order against him so he couldn’t see his own daughter.

I’m sure you know the story by now but here is a quick re-cap: Gabriel and Halle have a four-year-daughter called Nahla, with whom they share legal and psychical custody. Halle is now engaged to Olivier Martinez. Halle and Gabriel have been fighting in court recently over Nahla’s custody because Halle wants to move to France and take Nahla with her but obviously Gabriel isn’t happy with that as it would breach their custodial argument.

Tensions between them had been running high but they reaching boiling point when Gabriel dropped Nahla off at Halle’s house on Thanksgiving. A chat with Olivier quickly got heated and they had a fight- Gabriel was arrested although he came off much worse- look at the picture below. Halle quickly put an emergency restraining order against him so he couldn’t see or contact either her, Olivier or his own daughter. Gabriel appealed to the courts but wasn’t successful.



Finally, thank god, Halle has come to her senses and dropped the order against him so in these pictures, we can see his reunion with his daughter who he hasn’t seen since that dramatic Thanksgiving morning.

It would seem that the trio have reached peace after warring since last week. Gabriel filed for a restraining order against Martinez but he has dropped that now and according to reports, Halle has offered to pay all of her ex’s medical and legal bills that he has incurred due to the fight.


A court hearing is scheduled for December 13 as Gabriel was charged with battery but hopefully this won’t affect his custodial rights. I’ll feel so sorry for him if this fight means he loses Nahla and Halle then moves her to France. This fight was as much Olivier’s fault as Gabriel so I hope this doesn’t affect him too much.

Look at what Olivier Martinez did to Gabriel Aubry!

I think it’s fair to say that Halle Berry’s ex boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, came off far worst than her fiance, Olivier Martinez, after their fight outside Halle’s home on Thanksgiving.

Both men were hospitalised but we’ve seen Olivier and all he has is a bruised hand and neck- look at the shiner on Gabriel’s face! They were arguing over the ongoing custody situation of Nahla- Halle and Gabriel four-year-old daughter. You can read all about the fight here. Gabriel was arrested by Martinez (he did a citizens arrest) and charged with battery. He was then let out on bail.

Gabriel claims that Martinez started the fight and threatened to kill him, but who knows what really went down. The men are going to keep mud-slinging so we won’t know what happened. What we do know is that Aubry had filed a restraining order against Martinez- a move which makes sense.

The ironic thing is that, since the fight, Halle and Olivier got an emergency protection order against Gabriel which prevented him from being within 100 yards of either Nahla, Halle or Martinez. I think that’s unfair considering that is breaching his custodial rights AND Olivier was as much of a part of that fight as Gabriel and he still has access to her. Today the model went before a judge to overturn the emergency protection order so he can now see his daughter. Reports suggest that may also be trying to get an order banning Martinez from being near Nahla. I understand his thinking but that will really throw a spanner in the works for Halle’s family life.

Obviously, Halle can’t exactly ban her fiance from seeing her daughter but I think it’s unfair that she is banning Nahla’s father when both men are guilty. The only reason they were fighting is because Halle wants to move Nahla to France, away from Gabriel and Aubry chose to fight against it so he keep in contact with his daughter. I feel sorry for him, in case you couldn’t tell.

Halle Berry’s ex and fiance get into a fight!

Crikey, it’s all going off in showbiz land! Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, ended up in a fight with her fiance, Olivier Martinez, outside her house on Thanksgiving.

Police were called to Berry’s home after the altercation which saw both men hospitalised. According to reports, Aubry sustained a broken rib, facial contusions and may have a head injury. Halle’s ex has also been charged with misdemeanor battery. Olivier was seen with a swollen hand and bruising on his neck.

Aubry and Berry have joint legal and psychical custody over Nahla, four, since they separated in 2010. The fight happened after the model dropped Nahla off at Halle’s place on Thanksgiving morning.

I can make a good guess about what caused the fight. Tensions have been running high between the threesome recently as Halle was told by the courts she could not move Nahla to France, Olivier’s home country. She and her fiance had been planning to start a new life in France with her daughter but this would breach Gabriel’s custodial rights. The courts ruled in favour of Aubry and Halle’s French dream has been dashed. Obviously, Olivier is pissed off about this so their meeting at the house would have been strained to say the least- although I didn’t expect a punch-up!!

Halle has been engaged since March this year after dating for two years.


Halle Berry denied moving her daughter to France

It has been a fierce battle between Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry over custody of their daughter Nahla.

The pair dated since 2005 and when they split up in 2010, Gabriel fought for the courts to formally recognise his paternity and he was given joint physical and legal custody of the four-year-old.

However, since then, Halle has dated and become engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez. She wanted to move out there with her daughter Nahla as she wanted to start a new life in France. Obviously, Gabriel kicked up a fuss about this because this would breach their custody agreement.

The courts decided this week that Nahla has to remain in the US which means Halle has had her french dreams shattered.

Part of her argument was that France would be a safer place for her to grow up compared to LA as the paparazzi aren’t so bad. Gabriel had a stronger argument though because he wouldn’t be a part of Nahla’s life if she relocated to France. The courts sympathised with Gabriel and now Halle will have to rethink her future plans with Olivier.

Big Pics: Gaga, Scarlett Johansson & Halle Berry

Scarlett Johansson 

Scarlett has added another tattoo to her collection. She showed off her new horseshoe tatt while in Paris this week. She already has at least three others.

Kristen Bell 

Now THIS is the picture which got everyone talking- and it certainly does look like a little baby bump! Rumour started after this picture surfaced and Kristen’s fiancé, Dax Shepard, confirmed that they are expecting while on Jay Leno this week. The couple have been engaged for three years.

UPDATE (08/11/2012): Kristen also confirmed the news via Twitter, writing, “RE: my breeding -thank you sincerely for all the congrats and well wishes. You are all lovely 🙂 Xoxoxo”

Halle Berry 

I am loving Halle’s styling in this- the hair, the shoes, the sunglasses- she just looks really cool! This was part of a shoot for the German magazine Interview. She has started promotional duties for her upcoming movie, Cloud Atlas, which unfortunately isn’t released in the UK until February.

Lady Gaga 

Now we should know by now that Gaga has no qualms about getting naked but I’m still surprised to see her topless on her hotel balcony. Gaga stepped out while in Rio De Janiero with only a piece of fruit to hide her modesty.

Big News: Halle Berry, Agyness Deyn, Aaron Johnson and Mischa Barton

1. Halle Berry has been ordered to pay $20,000 a month in child support to her ex, Gabriel Aubry. The couple split in 2010 after five years together. After months wrangling over custody of their four-year-old daughter Nahla, the pair have reached a joint custody arrangement.

But Aubry filed a separate case seeking $24,000 a year from Berry because Nahla has grown up with an expensive lifestyle. A judge granted his request earlier this week.

Berry is currently engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez. She is apparently planning to move to France, which has caused more legal trouble between her and Aubry.


2. Shock weddding alert! Model Agyness Deyn has got married to American actor Giovanni Ribisi! I didn’t even know they were dating!

A rep for the Friends and Avatar actor said; “Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi quietly married in Los Angeles over the weekend.”

Apparently the couple got hitched at LA’s Registrar’s office. Why the rush?!  It is thought that the pair only got together a few months ago. Ribisi has been married before and has a fourteen-year-old daughter.


3. Actor Aaron Johnson and director Sam Taylor-Wood tied the knot yesterday in Somerset. Johnson is 23 years Sam’s junior and they met on the set of Nowhere Boy, which Sam directed.

The couple have two daughters- Wylda Rae (nearly 2) and Romy Hero, who was born in January. Sam has two children from her previous marriage. She will take the name Taylor-Johnson.


4. Mischa Barton stars in the music video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Everybody On The Run”. She runs around LA in her underwear after her dress is pulling off when it gets caught in a taxi door. Interesting!