Finding Dory: Film Review


I love 2003’s Finding Nemo a lot that I was so nervous for Finding Dory because the standard would have to be so high for me to like it. Luckily, Dory is actually awesome (what a relief!) and while it is not quite as good as Nemo, it’s a solid effort and perfect kids entertainment.

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Top Films for July


A new month is here and once again, here are the films I’m most excited about seeing – sadly, nothing on the list is an original idea and it’s mainly sequels or reboots/adaptations. There are a number of obvious choices I have missed off the list for legit reasons, such as Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (this was popular before my time), The Legend of Tarzan (I’ve seen it and I don’t recommend), Central Intelligence (it’s alright) and The Neon Demon (I don’t think I’ll like it).

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Top Films for 2016


2016 has well and truly kicked off so what better time to look at the movies coming up in the year ahead and get excited about some the releases to come?

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