I Feel Pretty: Film Review

I Feel Pretty has had quite the hammering in the press and the reviews have not been kind. Amy Schumer has even hit back saying people don’t quite understand the message. I must admit I’m somewhere in the middle – the central message is somewhat ill-advised and misguided, but there are a lot of other redeeming qualities about it.

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MTV Video Music Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


You can always count on the MTV Video Music Awards for interesting red carpet fashion. This is where the celebs are their most daring, controversial and damn right sexy/sleazy (however you see it). To be honest, I found it quite hard to pick best dressed because I didn’t like most of what I saw, especially Miley Cyrus‘.

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We Are Your Friends: Film Review


Before I start this review, I have to be upfront and honest about two things: I LOVE Zac Efron and I LOVE dance music. This definitely puts a bias on things and put the film in my favour before it had even started. So you will not be surprised to read that I really enjoyed it and I left wanting to go out dancing.

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Zac Efron at We Are Your Friends premiere: My Pics


Zac Efron headed to the unlikely location of Brixton in south London for the premiere of his new DJ-ing flick We Are Your Friends. He was joined by the stunning Emily Ratajkowski and their director Max Joseph (best known for Catfish the TV show).

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Entourage: Film Review


I have only seen the first season of Entourage and I was concerned that I would not get the movie but there was no need to worry as it is so accessible to newcomers and so enjoyable that I think everyone can get onboard with it.

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Met Ball 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


Forget the Oscars, forget the Grammys… The Met Ball is officially the biggest night on the fashion calendar because it is ALL about the red carpet. Nobody really cares about the fundraising that happens inside! So many stars attend and they go all out with the fashion and their bold choices really divide opinion. This what red carpets should be about! So much to discuss and debate over.

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MTV Movie Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


The MTV Movie Awards were held in Hollywood last night and to be honest, the calibre of stars on the blue carpet was pretty dire. They had decent people inside but hardly any A-listers did the carpet posing – except Scarlett Johansson, who looks FABULOUS. This is my favourite look by far. There aren’t many looks to chose from – but here’s the run down of the ones I rated and hated.

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