The Tale: Sundance London Film Review

The Tale is the most powerful and upsetting portrayal of childhood sexual abuse I’ve ever seen on screen because it is based on writer and director Jennifer Fox’s real, personal experience.

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Wiener-Dog: Film Review


Wiener-Dog looked like an adorable, off-beat film that I would love – for one, it stars a dog and secondly, it features the likes of Greta Gerwig, Danny DeVito and Zosia Mamet – but I’m sad to report that it simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

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The Age of Adaline: Film Review


The Age of Adaline is very sentimental fantasy romance but as someone who is a sucker for love stories, I really liked it. I don’t rate Blake Lively as an actress but she still managed to make me cry so she can’t have been that bad! Lively stars as Adaline, who stops aging in her late 20s after a freak car accident and she has to change her identity and location every decade to stop people realising her condition, except her daughter (later played by Ellen Burstyn). That is until she meets  Ellis (Michael Huisman) and they begin to fall in love, but that is thrown into chaos when his father (Harrison Ford) is somebody from her past.

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