If Beale Street Could Talk: Film Review

So many film critics have raved about If Beale Street Could Talk and complained about its lack of love this awards season, so I went into Barry Jenkins‘ latest project with the highest expectations and I feel bad admitting that I came away deflated.

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Alita: Battle Angel – Film Review

I wasn’t super excited about Alita: Battle Angel but I decided to check it out and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I have a feeling it’s going to be a box office flop which is a shame because it’s actually quite good.

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Patrick: Film Review

I feel Disney, under their newly-revived Buena Vista International label, have put no advertising budget into Patrick at all – I haven’t seen much promotional material around, and only really knew about it thanks to Beattie Edmondson and her mum Jennifer Saunders‘ appearance on Graham Norton. After seeing Patrick, I can understand why – it is nice and cute, but nothing to rave on about.

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Deadpool: Film Review


I had been excited for Deadpool for ages, I seriously enjoyed the trailers and kick-ass marketing campaign and I was truly looking forward to a hilarious anti-hero movie. But it was too much of what I expected it would be – too silly, too crude, too lame – and that made me like it less.

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Nicholas Hoult: Kill Your Friends Apple Store Q&A


Nicholas Hoult (second left) came to the Apple Store in Covent Garden Friday night to chat about his upcoming movie Kill Your Friends, a comedy/crime thriller about the dark side of the music industry.

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