Little Mix, The Vamps & at Summertime Ball: Picture Gallery


Yesterday I went down to Wembley Stadium to catch all the music stars performing at the Capital FM Summertime Ball and it was a lot of fun, except that the big, big acts like Zayn Malik, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas didn’t do press so I didn’t get to see them. Sad times.

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Love Lives of the Sats

Firstly, Rochelle and Marvin are back together?! This hasn’t been confirmed but it’s definitely doing the rounds in gossip circuits. I would love for this to be true- I think they were a good match and they thought each other was ‘The One’ so I was super shocked when they split a few months ago. Word is that they realised they missed each other during New Year celebrations and decided to give it another go. I will definitely be keeping my eye on that relationship.

Second, Frankie and Wayne Bridge!! Who’d have thought?! Apparently, she wants to become like Cheryl Cole and thinks this will help her get there. Some magazines say she’s in love with him and it’s genuine, others say that she doesn’t really want a relationship yet. I hope they aren’t together, for Dougie’s sake (they only split in November AND she never gave him an explanation), but there have been a few pictures of them looking cosy around his home in Cheshire. She seems to have moved on quickly- some magazines even speculate that Wayne was the reason she split with Dougie. Who knows? Most magazines agree on the fact that Frankie is fame-hungry and wants a relationship which can propel her career further. She must have though Dougie wasn’t well-known enough to do that. I feel sorry for him, plus I recognise his name more than Wayne Bridge.

Sources say that Frankie wants to become a solo star after The Saturdays. She wants to be well-known and loved by the public like Cheryl Cole and she thinks Wayne will help her achieve that. To be honest, people didn’t love Cheryl just because she married a footballer- it was more because she was cheated on by her husband, her solo work and her judging success on The X Factor. Frankie will need more than Wayne to get to Cheryl’s level.