Criminal: Film Review

Kevin Costner’s latest action thriller is batshit crazy and unintentionally hilarious but so completely entertaining, mostly at its own expense.

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Britney’s new video- Criminal

Britney’s new video has landed and boy is it racy!

Brit filmed the video in London and it features her leaving an aggressive boyfriend for a criminal.

She turns into a criminal as well and the pair hold a shopkeeper at gunpoint and steal money from the till. The video has been criticised for glamorizing gun crime.

The criminal boyfriend is played by Brit’s real man Jason Trawick and boy do they show you what their love life is like. There is many a sexual scene, which is why it is flagged as inappropriate on YouTube. They have sex, hold each other naked and make out quite a lot. I’m not sure why they felt the need to display their intimate relationship on such a public platform.

The video is great in a WTF, controversial way but the song isn’t all that brilliant. Take a peek below but remember that this video may offend some people.