Emmys 2016: Best & Worst Dressed


I feel like I haven’t done a red carpet round-up in aaaages! But the awards season is creeping up on us slowly but surely and it all kicked off last night with the biggest TV show ceremony – the Emmys. Game of Thrones and People V OJ Simpson cleaned up (see all the winners here) but my main focus is on the red carpet, of course.

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Romeo and Juliet: Theatre Review



I have never seen Romeo and Juliet on the stage, which may be considered some type of crime for an avid theatregoer like me. So what better introduction than a production starring the gorgeous Lily James and Richard Madden, who recently worked together on Disney’s Cinderella?

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Met Gala 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

I don’t really remember when the Met Gala became such a big celeb thing but it is, and the fashion is under a microscope on an even more ridiculous scale than the Oscars! I honestly don’t understand why celebs go and put themselves under this pressure to wear something fabulous, something that stands out and something that is in keeping with the theme.

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Emmys 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

Awards season is officially underway, which means more red carpet fashion analysis woohoo! I’m not huge into fashion but I love checking out what the celebs choose for these fancy ceremonies. One of my favourites from last night’s Emmys is Emma Roberts, who looks absolutely gorgeous in this pale gown. I have just given the highlights of the best & worst, but I must admit, most fell into the ‘meh’ category, where was just boring and uninspired so they got ignored. The ones I have chosen inspire a reaction.

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Screen Actors Guild Awards: Best & Worst Dressed


Another Sunday, another Hollywood red carpet event and obviously I had to analyse what the ladies were wearing. Sadly, this time around has been a pretty boring bunch. Besides the few that stood out (good and bad), and there weren’t many, everyone else just played it safe and wore something so uninspired and boring. For example, I have put Reese Witherspoon on my worst dressed list, not because her outfit is terrible, but because I expect more from her. She was top of my previous two lists from this award season and then she shows up in a bland white one-shoulder number. You can do way better Reese! So quite a lot of my worst dressed list was simply because they were underwhelming.

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Golden Globes 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


The awards season is here so OBVIOUSLY I’m going to be analysing red carpet fashion and giving my top picks and lesser picks. For the Golden Globes, there weren’t many that made me go ‘wow’ – most of them were pretty but safe and even those that I consider ‘worst dressed’ weren’t THAT bad. They just made me react in a bad way – but at least they made me react – some people gave me nothing. Emma Stone is my clear winner – her outfit is FAB. If I had to attend an awards show, that is what I would wear.

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Emmys 2014: Best & Worst Dressed

Hayden Panettiere - my fave look of the night

Hayden Panettiere – my fave look of the night

So the Emmys are the biggest awards for TV stars so they all try to bring them A-game. Some of these gowns are Oscar-worthy and I was so impressed by the choices on display. To be fair, they weren’t many badly dressed people. There were a couple of stand-out awful dresses and in the middle ground were those that looked great but did not grab my attention. I’m going to start with best dressed, which was hands-down lead by Hayden Panettiere (above) who looked stunning with her baby bump. The rest continue below…

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Pics: White House Dinner 2013 fashion

US President Barack Obama speaks during

This is not usually an event I would cover because it is more political than showbiz, but there are so many celebrities at the dinner this year than I would definitely classify it as glamorous.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is an annual event which raises funds for a particular charity and is generally attended by political and business figures plus the media. The Guardian described it as a “trade association’s annual banquet”. Normally, there are plenty of famous faces but this year there seems to more famous faces than “correspondents”. So I understand the critics who say it is gone way too Hollywood and glamorous. There is even a Vanity Fair afterparty! I would agree that it has changed but I’m not complaining as it’s another red carpet event to check out!


After the dinner, Barack Obama gave a humourous speech- the tradition is to take the piss out of himself, other politicians and even some media figures. He even sent-up his wife’s fringe (or “bangs”) and Jay-Z. Over Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba, he said: “I got 99 problems and now Jay-Z is one.” Consensus was that Obama was funny, however, comedian Conan O’Brien was poor and his jokes didn’t really cut it.

The Washington DC Hilton was packed out with celebrities and here are the best and worst dressed. I will also list the celebrities there at the very bottom so you can understand the sheer quantity that attended. At the very, very bottom check out the spoof video that Obama made with Steven Speilberg.



Katy Perry


Sophia Bush


Hayden Panettiere


Claire Danes


Kate Mara



Sharon Stone


Michelle Dockery


Connie Britton


Elizabeth Banks


Okay, so besides these ladies, I will write a list of the celebrities that attended. Brace yourself, it is long!

Gerard Butler, Kerry Washington, Kevin Spacey, Michael J Fox, Piers Morgan, Barbra Streisand, Amy Poehler, Olivia Munn, Matthew Perry, Psy, Steven Spielberg, Rebel Wilson, Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen, Glee’s Darren Criss and Kevin McHale, John Legend, Patricia Arquette, Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Revenge’s Madeleine Stowe, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and How I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor. NOW THAT’S A LOT. Not to mention the celebs who just went to the afterparties. Can you imagine how big this dinner was?!

Now check out this spoof video that Obama made with Steven Speilberg.

Big Pics: Kristen Stewart, Claire Danes & Katy Perry

Kristen Stewart


W magazine is at it again! I do not understand why celebrities go for photo shoots with them recently because they just want to make them look bad (check out how they made the gorgeous Emma Stone look!) Kristen looks so tired and well, normal, here. This is not a special photo shoot- in fact, it looks more like paparazzi picture. I don’t know why W has gone down this road to be honest and I hope they go back to their fun and glamorous shoots soon.


Kristen Bell

kristen b

Look at the size of that bump! Kristen posted the cutest picture on her WhoSay account in which her dog is cuddling up to her bump. Her caption says: “Some people are more excited than others about the baby filling.”

Claire Danes


Here is Claire with her gorgeous baby Cyrus!  The boy is only a month old and he is a jetsetter already. Claire was flying out of LAX after picking up a Best Actress in TV series award for Homeland.

Katy Perry


Now, we know how hard Katy campaigned for Barack Obama before the election, so naturally she will perform at the inaugural celebration. Katy wore this amazing stars and stripes number to headline at the Kids Inaugural event in Washington.

Agyness Deyn


Agyness has been off the modelling radar since her secret marriage to Giovanni Ribisi in June last year. But what better way to come back with a bang than by getting your boobs out?! There isn’t much point in wearing clothes as they aren’t hiding anything. Her boobs are on show in every picture in this shoot for Interview magazine. In the last photo, it looks like she’s about to masturbate. That’s just wrong.



Big Pics: Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez

Anne Hathaway 


Anne seems like one of the nicest celebrities! You can see her hanging out with other actresses and she just seems so sweet and like she is having so much fun. Here she is with Jessica Chastain and below with Claire Danes and then Les Mis co-star Amanda Seyfried.



Ben Affleck 


Well, we knew Ben would be happy with his award for best director but this picture says it all.

Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy 


Here is the moment when J.Lo’s ex meets her new boyfriend, Caspar Smart. It doesn’t seem too awkward.

Don Cheadle & Maria Menounos 


Maria shared this picture on her WhoSay account and she is just chilling with a beer while laying on Don! As you do!

Miranda Kerr


Miranda and husband Orlando Bloom looked so in love on the red carpet and they were side-by-side most of the night. It is great to see that the break-up rumours are just rumours. It was also Orlando’s birthday and he was surprised by a cake on their table. They are such a gorgeous couple too- you just want to hate them!