The Promise: Film Review

All I knew about The Promise was that Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale were in it, and I was sold, so I had no idea I was in for an intense war epic about the Armenian Genocide. The story was fascinating in a horrifying way but something was off – I should have been in tears and breaking my heart, but I was unmoved.

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Bastille Day: Film Review

What an expected delight Bastille Day is. I was bracing myself for this really dumb, mind-numbing wall-to-wall action film but I was pleasantly surprised that it was far from that – it was smart, funny and with an actual plot. I had no hope for it and I totally love it. It’s brilliant when film takes you by surprise – I was positively beaming at the end!

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The Walk: Film Review


All the buzz around The Walk seems to be about the visual spectacle element and sure, it does look amazing, immersive and you do feel like you are on the wire with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But once you strip all these style pointers away, the film is missing something, and I’m not totally sure what that is.

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