True History of the Kelly Gang: Film Review

The True History of the Kelly Gang

True History of the Kelly Gang has been reviewed pretty well so I’m sorry to add my negative reaction into the mix. I just wasn’t a fan at all.

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The Gentlemen: Film Review

It was good to see Guy Ritchie returning to his gangster roots and doing what he does best – a crime caper – but The Gentlemen just wasn’t my cup of tea.

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Triple Frontier: Netflix Film Review

I must admit I’m still not completely on top of Netflix film releases but I took notice of Triple Frontier because of the talent onboard, with Margin Call and A Most Violent Year‘s J.C. Chandor up front as director and co-writer, along with Zero Dark Thirty’s Mark Boal, and a cast which includes Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac. That’s an impressive line-up!

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David Beckham and Charlie Hunnam at the King Arthur London premiere: My pics


Tonight the stars of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword hit the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square to promote the movie – and I have pics of Guy Ritchie, Charlie Hunnam, David Beckham (!!), Poppy Develingne & Aidan Gillen. 

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The Lost City of Z: Film Review

The Lost City of Z is one of those films that are annoying to review because my feelings about it are complicated and conflicting. It is a fascinating story and I liked it, but I would have enjoyed it way more had it been given a substantial trim because it is too long and slow.

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Top Films for March 2017


It’s the start of the month which means it must be movie preview time! I’ve got you covered from superhero movies, Disney live-action reboots to some awesome independent release. Check out my picks!

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Crimson Peak: Film Review


I am not a big fan of horror movies, nor do I see everyone’s fascination with Guillermo del Toro. But I love Mia Wasikowksa, Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain individually so having them all in Crimson Peak was just a dream for me, not to mention them being dressed in the most stunning costumes. Crimson Peak is stylish, spooky and oozing in gothic atmosphere and tension.

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Fifty Shades of Grey: Film Review


The reaction to both the book and film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has been extremely polarising. I get the impression that it is almost cool to say it’s crap, so I’m going to do the uncool thing by saying I liked it. It was not perfect by all means, but it was not as bad as I was bracing myself for.

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15 Films to Watch in 2015



There are so many amazing films coming up in 2015 and I could have written an extremely long list but since its going to be 2015, I decided to pick my top 15 movies that I cannot wait to see in the new year. Here we go:

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