Nashville can’t go on without Connie Britton

I’ve been so behind watching Nashville this season so when I saw all the spoilers about Rayna James’ death, I was shocked. I was only five episodes behind! How could this happen? Well I’ve whizzed through those to catch up and I cannot believe what’s happened.

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Why has Nashville been cancelled?


A lot of U.S. network shows have been cancelled this week, but I didn’t expect Nashville to be one of them. Sure, I don’t think the storylines have been as strong as they once were, but the viewing figures are still great (4-6 million weekly) and I’m still invested in these characters. WHYYY?!

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Nashville’s ‘shocking’ death: My reaction


This week a big character was killed off of Nashville and it is probably the most dramatic thing the show has ever done. But sadly due to the nature of the internet and other indicating factors, it was pretty clear who was going to popped off – but I must admit the way it was done was very cool.

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