Big Pics: Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber & Kim Kardashian

Paris Hilton


Paris partied with model Cara Delevigne in Cannes last night. I didn’t actually know they were friends until Paris captioned the pic with: “Such an amazing time out with my girl@CaraDelevingne last night. Love her! Always have the best time together. ” Paris also had a great time making out with her boyfriend River Viiperi.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is like the queen of boho chic but this time, she added a gothic twist, adding a hint of Dracula to her ensemble.

Justin Bieber


I can’t think of any situation where shorts and knee high socks are acceptable, yet Justin acts like he is the coolest. He’s completely unaware of the fashion crime he is making.

Kim Kardashian


Someone please tell Kim Kardashian she can stop wearing heels. Just look at her swollen ankles! I’m amazed she hasn’t broken the shoes. She must be in so much pain. Seriously, lady, just wear comfy flats!

Thandie Newton


On a more sombre note, look at a poor Thandie! These are some horrific stills from her gritty TV show Rogue in which she plays an undercover cop. We don’t know what has happened but she has been beaten up BADLY. The bruises you can see in the next picture are nasty. She is such a good actress. Rogue is on Wednesday at 9pm on the Audience Network in US.


Big Pics: Keira Knightley, Rita Ora & Matt Smith

Keira Knightley 


Keira smooches with her new husband James Righton on their honeymoon in Corsica. The pair got married 10 days ago.

Mindy Kaling 


Mindy was MEAN to pal Amy Poehler by sending her a ton of shots. She captioned the pics with: “I’m kind of a bitch”. You said it! Poor Amy.

Zayn Malik


One Direction’s Zayn Malik was abused while sleeping by girlfriend Perrie Edwards. She gave him a funky set of nails, which I totally love. I doubt he will appreciate it though- especially his sleeping face being shown to millions!

Calvin Harris & Rita Ora


Are Rita and Calvin dating?! It may not be obvious in this picture but the one below certainly hints at it! The pair were spotted at a Daft Punk album party.


Cara Delevigne


Cara has got herself a massive tattoo of a lion on her finger! Bit random. Best of luck to magazines- they’ll have to add that to the photoshop list!



The Glee cast seemed to be having a great time at the FOX Upfronts presentation in New York last night. L-R: Darren Criss (Blaine), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Lea Michele (Rachel), Jane Lynch (Sue), Kevin McHale (Artie), Matthew Morrison (Mr Shu) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina). Love them!

Matt Smith


What a transformation! Matt looks like a total thug. He has seriously got into his role in the upcoming How To Catch A Monster- the directorial debut from Ryan Gosling. You can see Mr G in the car below.


Big Pics: Lindsay Lohan, Cara Delevigne & Carey Mulligan

Lindsay Lohan 


Here is the first picture of Lindsay heading to the Betty Ford treatment centre. At least we know she’s actually there. Let’s hope she uses this time properly!

Cara Delevigne


Cara seemed be laughing but this could get her in trouble! The model dropped a suspicious looking packet of white powder on the floor when she left her house. There has been no explanation for it either- she doesn’t even seem concerned! Check out her smooch with Sienna Miller at the Met Gala.


Hayden Panettiere


I love her pictures, they always make me laugh! Here, you can tell that Hayden is proud of her man, heavyweight boxer, Wladimir Klitschko.

Malin Akerman


Malin showed off her son Sebastian, who is less than a month old! This is the first look at her boy. Her caption was: “Did my hair today and this was my son’s reaction… I think he likes it ;)” Bless!

Carey Mulligan

Check out these crazy shots from Carey’s photoshoot with Flaunt magazine. She looks so different.

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Met Gala 2013: Behind-the-scenes twitpics!

L-R: Rita Ora, Kelly Osbourne, Cara, Ashley Madekwe & Jourdan Dunn

L-R: Rita Ora, Kelly Osbourne, Cara, Ashley Madekwe & Jourdan Dunn

The best part about any awards ceremonies these days is checking out all the pictures from inside that the celebrities share on Twitter and Instagram.

You will have a much better insight of who is friends with whom at the Met Ball last night. The celebrities capture great, fun moments on camera and let us in on it.

Here is a little sideshow of these bits you didn’t see, including the preparation, during the event and after the event. I threw in a few professional shots too.

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Big Pics: Fearne Cotton, Mila Kunis & Marc Anthony

Chloe Green & Marc Anthony


Are they dating?! Look at this pose! The Topshop heiress is 21 and J.Lo’s ex-husband is 44! What the heck?! What a weird coupling. It isn’t confirmed but joining Marc and his twins to Disneyland certainly makes it look that way.


Diane Kruger


Bit of an odd shoot?! Never seen someone spitting water out for a magazine shot before! Luckily, the rest of the pictures in Manhattan magazine were more normal. Diane is promoting her next movie, The Host.


Fearne Cotton


Fearne Cotton has been seen out and about since the birth of her son Rex last week. She was pushing the week-old boy in his pram while strolling with her boyfriend Jesse Wood.

Cara Delevigne & Chloe Moretz


Cara gets to hang out with all the cool people. She met Chloe while at Paris Fashion Week. So jealous- I love Chloe!

Mila Kunis


Mila looks so hot in this shoot for Marie Claire magazine. She was promoting her new movie Oz: Great and Powerful yet she spoke about how she wants to calm down on her work schedule.

She said: “I don’t think I can do this three-movies-a-year thing. It’s too much. There comes a point in your life where you want to be….home.”


Big Pics: Rita Ora, Olivia Wilde & Jennifer Lawrence

Rita Ora 


Rita showed how close she was to best mate, model Cara Delevigne. They were almost kissing! Below is a random photo Rita posted on her Twitter showing her fitting into a fridge. Bit odd.


Jennifer Lawrence


I think this is the first time I have ever seen a celeb sucking their thumb! In public! I do love Jennifer but this isn’t cool.

Olivia Wilde


I love this picture! Tom Hanks is pulling an impressed face with his actor friend Christopher McDonald (I know him best from Flubber and Happy Gilmore!) after being shown Olivia’s engagement ring. Her fiancé Jason Sudeikis looks on happily. Such a great picture! Everyone seems so happy.



How hot does B look in this photo shoot for Vogue?!