El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – Film Review

I never thought Breaking Bad needed a movie spin-off/epilogue, I liked how the series ended, but I got caught up in the hype for El Camino as much as every other fan. But my gut instinct was right all along – El Camino is totally unnecessary.

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Isle of Dogs: Film Review

I’m pretty late to the Wes Anderson fan club, only joining it after The Grand Budapest Hotel (and then watching his older work), so I was fairly excited about his stop-motion animation Isle of Dogs, and I must admit, I liked it but I wasn’t blown away by it.

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Top Films for March

It’s the start of March, aka monthly movie preview time! Here are the releases I’m most looking forward to in March.

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Why Him?: Film Review


I haven’t seen a good new comedy in what feels like ages and I must admit Why Him? didn’t seem like the candidate as the trailer didn’t fill me with high hopes and I wondered why Bryan Cranston would sign up for something so poor. I was wrong, Why Him? is actually good and I enjoyed it a lot.

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Top Films for September


How is it September already?! I can’t believe it’s here but there is an impressive slate of films heading your way this month, so I had to expand my usual five-six recommendations to eight and I could have even included more. There is THAT much cool stuff coming up.

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Top Films for February


It’s the start of a new month which means my usual ‘what to watch’ list. Most of January’s list was comprised of the U.K. playing catch up with releases that had been out in the U.S. for months – but in February we finally get some actual 2016 movies like Deadpool and Zoolander 2. YAAAAY! Here’s my run-down of February highlights:

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Trumbo: Film Review


I did not think Trumbo would be up my street because it seemed quite dry and very political. I didn’t particularly care for a story about Hollywood’s treatment of communists, so I was very surprised to find that Trumbo was both entertaining, hilarious and informative.

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Top Films For May

Film Title: Neighbors

Bad Neighbours

I have been looking forward to this for ages because I am a massive Zac Efron fan and I think that Seth Rogen is hilarious. This comedy sees grown-up parents (Rogen and Rose Byrne) pitted against a college fraternity, lead by Efron, who have moved in next door and are making their lives hell. Released: 3rd May

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Film Picks for November

The Sapphires

This Australian comedy looks like a right laugh. Chris O’ Dowd becomes the manager for a black girl group and grooms them to become The Sapphires- Australia’s answer to The Supremes. We see the group progress until they are taken to their first proper gig- entertaining the troops in Vietnam. This looks really funny but it also has a sad side when looking at the effects of war. Released: 7th



This movie is directed and starring Ben Affleck and has had rave reviews from the US. It is loosely based on an account from a CIA operative about the rescue of six US diplomats who were captured in Iran during the Iran hostile crisis in 1979. However, their mission is a bit odd- they create a phony film which they want to shoot in Iran, with the hope that they can smuggle the diplomats out as crew afterwards. It is a mixture of serious mission stuff and the hilariousness of what they are trying to do. Also starring Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin. Released: 7th.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

I don’t think I need to say much on this. I absolutely cannot wait for the final instalment of the Twilight Saga. The ending is supposed to be different to the book so I’m totally intrigued. This film will focus Bella’s vampire transformation, the arrival of Renesmee and the impending arrival of the Volturi, who think the Cullens have broken the vampire code. It shall be awesome. Released: 16th


End of Watch

This gritty cop film is shot like The Hurt Locker- grainy and almost handheld style. Jake Gyllenhaal and Micheal Pena star as two cops who do routine traffic checks. One day they come across a serious drug deal going down and confiscate the money and weapons not realised they are messing with a notorious gang. They are now in trouble with the cartels who will stop at nothing until they are dead. Released: 23rd


Alex Cross

We have met Alex Cross before- he was played by Morgan Freeman in Along Came a Spider and Kiss The Girls. Now another James Patterson novel has been adapted and Tyler Perry is in the lead. The homicide detective is pushed to his limit while investigating a serial killer who specialises in torture and pain. The main reason I want to see this is because Matthew Fox (aka Jack Shepard from Lost) is playing the killer. It is such odd casting but, in the trailer, he seems believably creepy and sinister. Check out his physical transformation too! Released: 30th