Top Cinema Releases in May

It’s the start of May tomorrow which means it’s time to look ahead to the films I’m excited to see over the next month – and there are loads to choose from. Here are my top picks!

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Allied: Film Review


I was keen to see Allied because I love Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt so a film with them both seemed like a dream. Allied not only had their star power but director Robert Zemeckis behind the camera and Steven Knight (Locke, Eastern Promises) as a writer, so you would think it would be awesome, but it was simply average.

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Top Films for November

It’s November which means the awards season films are slowly creeping in – but never fear, there’s plenty of blockbuster fare to enjoy too. So here’s my top picks:

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The Big Short: Film Review


I did not expect a film about the financial crisis to be interesting and entertaining, but The Big Short manages to do both thanks to a terrific cast including Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt and a script which tries hard to make the financial jargon simple.

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Top Films for January


A new month and year is rapidly approaching and January brings with it an amazing selection of new films. The month always seems to be filled with stellar movies and Oscar bait and this one is no exception. We also have a lot of movies that have been out in the US for a while so I can’t wait to finally see them. Here are my picks:

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Fury: Film Review


War movies are not usually my thing – and it is rare for me to find one that I actually enjoy. This film is great. It is no Saving Private Ryan nor does it reinvent the genre but it offers a fresh perspective and was superbly cast.

Brad Pitt is ‘Wardaddy”, a sergeant who leads a five-man tank team sweeping through German towns during the tail end of World War II in 1945. The film opens the crew heading back to camp as one of their men has died and they need a replacement. They are given Norman (Logan Lerman), who is young, naive and afraid. The roughened team – consisting of ‘Bible’ (Shia LaBeouf), ‘Gordo’ (Michael Pena) and ‘Coon Ass’ (Jon Bernthal) – give him a tough time to harden him to the brutal reality of war.

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Fury: Film Festival Press Conference


So on Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend the London Film Festival press conference for the closing film Fury. It stars Brad Pitt (in the middle of the panel) as Wardaddy, the leader of a five men manning a tank during World War II. All in attendance (from L-R) were: director David Ayer, Michael Pena, Brad, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf and Jon Bernthal.

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Big Videos: Ke$ha, Rihanna and World War Z


She is back! This song is catchy and very much like her previous material from her first album Animal. I didn’t like it at first but it is such a grower. The video is fun to watch too. This is her lead single from upcoming album Warrior.


Ri has finally released the video to Diamonds. It feels a bit past it now because Diamonds has been out for so long. I do like the song but not as much as her other material. I found this video quite boring to be honest because I know she can do better. I don’t understand why this video was released BEFORE the single, rather than weeks afterwards. It doesn’t have the same impact. This is the first album off her album, Unapologetic, which is released next week.

World War Z 

I cannot wait for this movie! I love zombies flicks (even though they’ve been done to death) and this one stars Brad Pitt! He is a United Nations worker who searches the globe for information on what can break down the zombie outbreak. It looks like an action-packed disaster movie and these zombies are craaaazzzy! Sadly, we have to wait until June 2012 for the release.

Big Videos: Carrie, Brad Pitt and Girls Aloud


Here is a trailer for 2013 version of Carrie starring Chloe Moretz! I am excited for it already and I know Chloe will be amazing. Sadly, the trailer is very short and you don’t see much except for a town on fire but you do get a brief look at Carrie! I can’t wait for the next trailer- I want to see more!

Brad Pitt 

Brad gives a dramatic monologue about the meaning of life…for a Chanel No 5 advert! I find it odd how his speech relates to the fragrance so I doesn’t work for me. It is refreshing to see a fragrance spokesperson look their normal self rather than ultra glam. Anyone else find this weird? I like the monologue but I would rather he used it for something else!

Girls Aloud 

Girls Aloud have released a new single called Something New (very apt!) This is the first song since their hiatus in 2009. This marks their tenth anniversary and band member Cheryl Cole says that they won’t remain a group for a long time- she reckons they will do a tour and greatest hits album before calling it quits for good.

Have a listen to the audio! The song was leaked online yesterday and was officially played on Capital FM at midday today. I like the song- it is catchy and it grows on you. I loved the group so I had high hopes for this. It is dancey (what isn’t these days?!) and I really like the chorus. The single will be released on 18th November.

Brad Pitt dons dreadlocks for shoot

Check out these pictures of Brad Pitt for Interview magazine. It is certainly different to the usual type of shoots you see with the actor looking as hot as possible in a super glamorous setting. In this set, Brad adopts different characters and they are awesome!

They were shot by Steven Klein and the accompanying interview was conducted by Guy Ritchie, who has worked with Pitt in the past on the movie Snatch.

Brad admits he has gotten more selective over roles lately because, he says, “‘I want it to be worthy enough of a story to leave the family, you know? They’re everything. The family is first.

“If I’m gonna spend however long it takes to make a movie, give up 14 hours a day for however many weeks or months, then it’s very important for me to know that I’m working with people who I respect and enjoy and that we’re going for something together.”