Men in Black: International – Film Review

I loved the original Men in Black and I’m a huge fan of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson so I figured Men in Black: International was onto a winner. Sadly I have to report that it’s a bland, forgettable action movie. What a shame.

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The Lion King: The new trailer has filled me with hope

Back in September 2016, when the “live-action” (it’s not live-action FYI) remake of 1994’s The Lion King was announced, I wrote a blog post voicing my concerns, but the trailer has settled these worries and filled me with hope, joy and excitement.

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Why is Taylor Swift being so elusive ahead of Reputation’s release?

When Taylor Swift announced that her next album, Reputation, was coming on November 10th (that’s tomorrow people!) I assumed that she would be EVERYWHERE in the weeks leading up to it. But no – she hasn’t done one interview, red carpet or promotional appearance. WHY?

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Grammys 2017: Best & Worst Dressed


Last night it was the Grammys awards, which is one of my favourite red carpet events because celebs dress bolder. The dress code doesn’t seem to be as serious and formal as the Oscars for example and celebs tend to have more fun – and there were certainly some interesting choices!

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What I loved about Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance


In case you have been living in a hole, let me fill you in: Lady Gaga performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show last night and she didn’t disappoint. I have been a fan of hers since the beginning but I haven’t loved her musical output so much in recent years and I was hoping she would eventually do something to come back on top and she has!! Her performance is definitely my favourite since Beyonce’s in 2013.

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The MTV VMAs were incredibly underwhelming


The Video Music Awards are the awards show I look forward to the most because it is usually fun, packed with celebs having a good time and present some shocking or ridiculous behaviour. I caught up with the show last night and tbh, I was so bored and tired I almost stopped watching. When did the VMAs become so average and underwhelming?

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Met Gala 2016: Best & Worst Dressed

I don’t really remember when the Met Gala became such a big celeb thing but it is, and the fashion is under a microscope on an even more ridiculous scale than the Oscars! I honestly don’t understand why celebs go and put themselves under this pressure to wear something fabulous, something that stands out and something that is in keeping with the theme.

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Madonna vs Taylor Swift: Whose has the best star-studded video?



Madonna has dropped the music video to Bitch I’m Madonna and people are pegging it as a rival Taylor Swift‘s star-studded promo for Bad Blood but it doesn’t even come close, despite having way bigger names. For a start, Madonna’s came out exclusively on Tidal, which is a pain in the arse in itself and half of these celebs weren’t actually at the filming – they were just added afterwards!

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Met Ball 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


Forget the Oscars, forget the Grammys… The Met Ball is officially the biggest night on the fashion calendar because it is ALL about the red carpet. Nobody really cares about the fundraising that happens inside! So many stars attend and they go all out with the fashion and their bold choices really divide opinion. This what red carpets should be about! So much to discuss and debate over.

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Why exclusive Rihanna & Beyonce content will not make me get Tidal


Photo credit: Instagram

Yesterday Rihanna posted a link on Twitter for the new video for American Oxygen and, like most fans I’m sure, I was disappointed to find it send me to Tidal, where I could only watch it if I signed up to the free trial or the actual monthly subscription service.

I love Rihanna and always watch her videos. But does that make me want to get Tidal? No. One video is not that encouraging. I’m sure more content by the Tidal backers (Ri, Bey, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Madonna) will be exclusive to the streaming app over time but that’s just going to make me listen to them, or get involved in their music, less. I don’t want to and shouldn’t have to pay to see a music video. So I still have no idea what American Oxygen sounds like, and I’m okay with that, because I think those artists are making a mistake and will lose fans/streams/play because of it.

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