Taylor Swift’s Delicate music video: My reaction

When Taylor Swift announced that she was dropping the music video for Delicate at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Sunday, I couldn’t help but get quite excited. I was expecting an ‘event’, like Bad Blood or Look What You Made Me Do, which also had awards show premieres.

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Katy Perry needs to stop talking about the Taylor Swift feud now

I love a juicy celebrity feud as much as anybody and the Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry one was the perfect example of the tabloid fodder I love. That changed this weekend when Katy spoke about it AGAIN. She cannot stop talking about it and that has made it less exciting and I am over it.

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I LOVE Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams music video


Okay, so I’m been having conflicted thoughts about Taylor Swift quite recently (see recent posts here) but her new video for Wildest Dreams has secured my love for her once again. No-one is doing videos on such a grand scale as this and honestly, this felt like a mini-movie and I would happily pay to go see the feature length version.

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Bad Blood Music Video: Was it worth the hype?


Taylor Swift started getting us excited for last night’s premiere of the Bad Blood video weeks ago – revealing movie posters of all the AMAZING stars it (see them all here). So naturally, everyone was massively hyped waiting for it to come online after its Billboard Music Awards debut – but was it worth the wait? Holy crap, yes!

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Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video is going to be amazing!!


When I first heard that Bad Blood was going to be a single, I was shocked because Taylor Swift has so many other single-worthy songs on 1989. I like the song a lot, but it definitely isn’t my favourite. However, I am SO excited for the music video as Taylor has nailed the promo for it – it doesn’t come out for more than a week and these posters are creating so much hype – they hint at a movie quality action movie vibe, a kick-ass revenge theme and there is an epic cast.

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