Music comebacks I’m excited for in 2017

Lorde's Instagram

Lorde’s Instagram

With the exception of The Weeknd and Little Mix there weren’t any impending music releases I was that excited about in 2016 and I hope that changes in 2017. There are quite a few pop stars we haven’t heard from in ages and I reckon this year is when they drop the much-awaited new material.

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Billboard Awards 2013: Backstage Pics


Here are some pictures that you wouldn’t have seen during the televised broadcast of the Billboard awards. They are Twitter/Instagram uploads and in-audience shots. I love seeing these pictures because they are a true representation of what the show was like.

Check out the thumbnails below.

Big Pics: Hunger Games, Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale

Hunger Games



Lionsgate has released another still from the upcoming Catching Fire. They are getting us excited even though we have to wait until November! Here, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) hugs her sister Prim, presumably before she heads back into the next tournament. I love the marketing plan though- constantly drip feeding us pics is making me so intrigued. 


Zac Efron



How hot does Zac look here?! He looks yummy on the set of Townies, which he will star in with Seth Rogen. 




Rihanna & Amber Rose



Who knew these guys were friends?! They hung out together after Ri’s show in LA earlier this week. 


Ashley Tisdale



How hot does Ashley look here?! This is so sexy- she has definitely shaken off her Disney image. Phwoaaar!


Amanda Bynes



What is the small, hand-rolled cigarette in her hand?! She couldn’t surely be smoking pot in public?! Also, take a close look at her hair- you can see where her extensions have been put in. 


Avril Lavigne



Avril is joined by boyfriend Chad Kroeger on the set of her music video, Here’s To Never Growing Up. I feel like I’ve seen that look before!

Avril Lavigne’s comeback single is a disappointment


After releasing one single off her previous album, Goodbye Lullaby, Avril Lavigne has decided to have another crack at making chart-topping music.

Unfortunately for her, the music industry has changed since she was big and she needs to change it up to stay current. This song, Here’s to Never Growing Up, is exactly like the music from her very first album, Let Go. I feel like she is going backwards rather than forwards. She knew what worked for her back then and is giving it another shot. I just don’t think it will do well commercially.

Hardcore fans will love it because it sounds very similar to her first song, Complicated. It just isn’t fresh, new or exciting. I loved her music back in the day and I bought her first three albums but I just feel she’s a bit past it now. She needs to reinvent herself if she wants to be big again.

The single is released today and the album is currently untitled and without a release date. Check out the audio below.

Big Pics: Avril Lavigne, Emma Watson & Taylor Swift

Avril Lavigne


Avril is releasing more music?! I thought she had given up considering she only released one single from Goodbye Lullaby. It’s like she brought out What The Hell and then went onto her next record. The single, shown above, will be released on 9th April, with her (fifth!) album later in the spring. I’m loving the artwork- but why does she have to be naked?!

Emma Watson


Emma looks HOT in this cover shot! She is posing as her Bling Ring character Nikki, hence the tattoos, long hair and risqué clothing. Still, loving it!

Finding Dory


Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, has announced that the scatty fish will be getting her own movie. Finding Dory is scheduled for released in November 2015, so a long wait. I wonder how they can make it different from the original (and upcoming sequel) but keep the same humour and characters.

Lindsay Lohan


Crikey! Check out the bruises on LiLo’s legs! Looks like she’s been in a fight. She’s been having quite a rollercoaster ride in Brazil!

Perrie Edwards


I just don’t get it this piercing?! Whyyy?! Is it not uncomfortable and inconvenient?! I would be scared of catching it. Little Mix’s Perrie seemed to like it. Oh well.

Taylor Swift


I do love Taylor’s humour. She posted this on her Twitter to encourage followers to vote in the American Country Music Awards but she posted an hilarious photo with it that we can all appreciate. Just look at her cat’s face!

Hayden Panettiere


I think we can all appreciate how hot Hayden is in these pictures. We already that she has a banging bikini bod after seeing her on the beach in Miami but these shots make us sick with envy!


Big Pics: Prince Harry & Avril Lavigne

1. Well I doubt this is news to anyone by now because the Prince Harry naked story is EVERYWHERE. There are quite a lot of places which aren’t publishing the photos as the spokesperson for the Royal Family has urged publications to not use the pictures. They think it isn’t in the public interest- HELL YEAH IT IS!

This isn’t the first time Harry has caused a bit of controversy, for example he was pictured dressed as a Nazi for a fancy dress party, smoking cannabis and having an altercation with the paparazzi. But this is a BIG mistake and it won’t go away any time soon! The photos are bad quality because it was taken on somebody’s phone. Harry was playing a game of strip billiards while staying in Las Vegas. His security have been questioned as they must have seen people taking pictures of him naked.

I mean come on- you are famous, you do not get naked in the presence of cameras!!




2. Avril wasted no time showing off her MASSIVE engagement ring. The pop star is on the front cover of Hello! Canada magazine with her new fiance Chad Kroeger. To be fair, if I had a ring that big, I would be shoving it in everyone’s face!


Avril Lavigne has got engaged!

This has certainly surprised me as I didn’t even realise Avril was dating anybody! But, she has put a ring on it AGAIN as Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger has popped the question.

Avril confirmed the news to her fans by retweeting this message, “Congratulations Avril and Chad! Get all the details from @PeopleMag.”

This will be the second marriage for 27-year-old Avril, who married Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley in 2006, when she was only 21. They divorced three years later. She then moved onto reality TV star Brody Jenner in 2010 (before her divorce was even finalized!) but their romance fizzled out by January 2012. Avril then spent time with Chad from February onwards as they were working on material for her fifth studio album. It is thought they starting dating in February, so this is incredibly fast! She certainly doesn’t have much of a gap between relationships!

Six months is not a lot of time to know someone and I don’t see the point of rushing into things! Her marriage with Deryck didn’t last and they had been friends for years! You would think having one divorce already under her belt, she would take things slower. Instead she speeds up! Maybe this is how she does things- even with her relationship with Brody she rushed into getting his name tattooed on her! Too much commitment!

Chad, 37, is thought to have popped the question on August 8th. Chad was with his last girlfriend for six years, so I wonder why he rushed into it with Avril. Only time will tell if it works out!

Bigs Pics: Rihanna, Drew, Avril and Lady Gaga

1. There is no denying Drew Barrymore’s baby bump in this photo. After the wedding, it was very obvious as her new husband Will Kopelman was pictured cradling her bump on a magazine front cover but now, Drew is no longer making a effort to hide it. The couple are currently on their honeymoon after getting married the weekend before last.


2. Someone needs to tell Rihanna that we can see her nipples through that top! The singer was spotted wearing this ensemble in New York yesterday. I suppose she doesn’t particularly care now after having so many nude shots of her in circulation, some of which she even posts herself on Twitter. Check out this massive billboard in Times Square promoting Rih’s latest perfume, Rebelle (second pic).

The singer has also come under fire this week after a story emerged that a body double was used in some of the Armani Jeans campaign shots. Rihanna has rubbished the claim and I have to agree with her- why would she need a double?!


3. Check out Avril Lavigne’s hair cut. Now I think the side shave can look good on people but I am NOT a fan of hers. There is so much taken off that it just looks like she’s recently had an operation. Not a good look!


4. Lady Gaga posted a picture to Twitter yesterday showing her injuries after she was accidentally hit by a pole during her Born This Way show in Auckland, New Zealand. The singer claims she is suffering from concussion but continued with the rest of show and arrived in Australia today. She admits that she still feels “woozy” today but luckily she has a few days rest before the tour resumes in Brisbane.

She tweeted; “Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling.”

“Thank you so much for all the thoughtful messages. I feel a bit woozy but a little better everyday. Very happy to be in beautiful Australia.”

The incident has also been captured on camera by members of the audience. Check out the video underneath- you can see just how professional she is by missing only a few words in Judas once she gets hit, but she quickly resumes the song. Then she continues the majority of her 2 hour show!!

Avril Lavigne attacked in bar

Avril Lavigne was left with a black eye, bruises and scratches after she was attacked by a group of five people after leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in LA during the early hours of Sunday morning.

The singer took to Twitter to say; ‘I don’t fight. I don’t believe in it. To clear things up I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool. My face is f*****.

She added: ‘As in black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts.’

Her boyfriend Brody Jenner was taken to hospital to get stitches after being hit with a bottle. The pair are both insistent that the attack was unprovoked. The police were called to the scene.

I cannot believe it! I feel so sorry for anyone who gets assaulted for no reason. Poor Avril and Brody!