Chemical Hearts: Film Review

Chemical Hearts

I can already see it now – teenagers watching Chemical Hearts over and over again, sobbing repeatedly at the high school romance drama – but I am not a teenager and I didn’t warm to the movie much at all.

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Brad’s Status: Film Review

I love Ben Stiller and will watch any movie that he is cast in, but Brad’s Status isn’t one I would recommend for a cinema trip because it is pretty average and we’ve seen him in this role before.

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Paper Towns: Film Review


Following on from the success of John Green’s novel A Fault in Our Stars, movie studios clearly thought about the money and decided to adapt another Green book, Paper Towns. The main problem is that there is very little plot, the most interesting character is absent for the majority of the story and the ending makes the whole thing feel pointless. So of course, I’m going to take issue with these things in the film as well – and it’s not the film’s fault, it’s just based on a book that’s not so great.

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