Taylor Swift’s Independence Day pool party & more celeb pics


Taylor Swift makes me jealous of her squad at the best of times but her pics from her Independence Day weekend celebrations are just the worst. I have serious envy. And she’s not the only one… check out these amazing celeb party pics!!

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Tony Awards 2015: Best & Worst Dressed


I don’t usually cover the Tony Awards when I do my red carpet outfit ratings but so many dresses caught my eye this year that I simply couldn’t resist. There weren’t many bad ones actually – I’m mainly here to big up the beautiful dresses – including one of my favourites, Jennifer Lopez. I’m used to her flaunting her body and wearing skimpy/barely-there clothes that this was a breath of fresh air. And what a gorgeous dress too! She looks stunning. There was some other amazing looks too, check out my slideshows to find out who made the cut.

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Big Pics: Rihanna, Justin Bieber & Gaga

Backstreet Boys


The Backstreet Boys were awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous?! They haven’t done much since the 90s, so why should they get one now?! There are people far more deserving of a star.

Ashley Tisdale


I am so jealous of Ashley right now. First, that pool looks amazing, as does the resort. Secondly, how hot does she look?!

Justin Bieber


It would appear that Justin has got himself another tattoo. The fish under the owl is completely new. What I don’t get is why have all these randoms things grouped together?! It looks so odd. Unless he’s working towards a full sleeve.

Lady Gaga


Gaga has been very quiet since her hip operation so it was exciting to see her out recently. She was only spotted in a car but still, we got to see her bleached blonde hair and overly white face. Too much powder?!



We all know that Rihanna likes to get naked for her Instagram pics and here she is getting ready for a show. Ri partied super hard during her stay in Florida (which is silly considering she cancelled a show very recently). She had an outing on a yacht, went to a strip club and to a Miami Heat game. Obviously, she documented  all of this.

Rihanna has come under fire for her language after calling this boy a "n****"

Rihanna has come under fire for her language after calling this boy a “n****”

Going to the strip club in a very sexy combo

Going to the strip club in a very sexy combo

A very lady-like pose here with her pal Melissa

A very lady-like pose here with her pal Melissa

Big Pics: Ke$ha, Harry Styles & Vanessa Hudgens



Not entirely sure why Kesha has posted a random, naked picture onto her Instagram. I think she has a thong on. Check out the single cover for her next track, Crazy Kids, featuring Will.I.Am. I like the song, I recommend you give it a listen.


Harry Styles


Harry won at bowling with his friends. What a cool kid.

Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa looks bloody cool. She is here with Ashley Tisdale and their friend Kim Hildago. The trio had a Scary Movie 5 date night, so Ashley was watching herself!

Amber Rose


This is taking commitment a bit far! I always think getting a tattoo of your partner is bad idea but Amber has gone much further than that by getting a full-blown picture of Wiz Khalifa on her arm. BAD IDEA.

Tilda Swinton


What on earth has W magazine done to Tilda?! This is such an odd shot! They’ve added centipedes in afterwards, but for what purpose?! Check out the other crazy shot below.


Big Pics: Hunger Games, Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale

Hunger Games



Lionsgate has released another still from the upcoming Catching Fire. They are getting us excited even though we have to wait until November! Here, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) hugs her sister Prim, presumably before she heads back into the next tournament. I love the marketing plan though- constantly drip feeding us pics is making me so intrigued. 


Zac Efron



How hot does Zac look here?! He looks yummy on the set of Townies, which he will star in with Seth Rogen. 




Rihanna & Amber Rose



Who knew these guys were friends?! They hung out together after Ri’s show in LA earlier this week. 


Ashley Tisdale



How hot does Ashley look here?! This is so sexy- she has definitely shaken off her Disney image. Phwoaaar!


Amanda Bynes



What is the small, hand-rolled cigarette in her hand?! She couldn’t surely be smoking pot in public?! Also, take a close look at her hair- you can see where her extensions have been put in. 


Avril Lavigne



Avril is joined by boyfriend Chad Kroeger on the set of her music video, Here’s To Never Growing Up. I feel like I’ve seen that look before!

Pics: Best & Worst Dressed at Kids Choice Awards

You know the drill. If there is an award show, I will be deciding which outfits I like and dislike. The stars graced the purple carpet for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and here are my picks.

The biggest winners of the night were Kristen Stewart,The Hunger Games and One Direction who came away with two each. It is surprising that Kristen got any because she hasn’t won many awards recently (besides the Razzies), so at least this proves to that her fans still support her despite the whole Rupert Sanders cheating debacle.

Anyway, back to the fashion! Here are my selection of best and worst dressed.





No, it’s not because she’s pregnant! It just thinks this dress is VERY busy. It is has far too many different colours. It’s crazy!

Miranda Cosgrove


I just don’t like the texture of the dress and the two patches which look stuck on. Loving her hair though.

Little Mix


I don’t expect groups to match but they clearly haven’t co-ordinated at all! They just look too different and there is no cohesion between them. Individually, I like Jade’s (left) outfit and Perrie’s yellow skirt. Not a fan of the dungarees.



I dislike because it is wacky and a comedy red carpet outfit. As a costume, I think it is brilliant and she looks badass! I love that her brother has co-ordinated with her (although his colour is pretty nasty!)


Kristen Stewart


I think Kristen look cool here. I love the structure and the shorts look fab.

Ashley Tisdale


I am loving her dress! Ashley looks simply stunning!

Selena Gomez


I think this is a cute outfit. KCAs is a fun event (people get gunged after all) so wearing casual attire is okay, as long as it’s super pretty.

Kristen Wiig


I LOVE what she is wearing here. It is so rock chick and she looks very cool.

Katy Perry 


Katy looks smoking! She is revealing her chest and her midriff but still manages to look classy. The print on this is very bold and I love it.

Big Pics: Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

Ashley Benson & Selena Gomez


I love that they keep it so real. Ashley put this Instagram to show that they don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t care who knows that they chowed down on fast food before their press conference at SXSW. I love them!

Taylor Swift


What a cool pic. Taylor was rehearsing for the start of her RED tour, which kicks off in Omaha tomorrow. The tour just covers North America at the moment, and will end in September.

Halle Berry 


Geeeez! Halle needs to put her boobs away- check out that cleavage! Halle put it all on show while chatting to Jay Leno.

Lady Gaga


Check out Gaga’s current mode of transport at the moment. She still manages to style it out. The singer had surgery on a hip after suffering from severe inflammation of the joints.

Ashley Tisdale


How hot does Ashley look?! I’m so jealous of her bod. She was on holiday in Hawaii with her boyfriend Christopher.

Big Pics: Olivia Wilde, Ellie Goulding & Selena Gomez

Olivia Wilde


Here is the first glimpse of Olivia’s engagement ring. She confirmed her engagement to Jason Sudeikis yesterday on Twitter- apparently he popped the question over the Christmas holidays. The ring looks big but I can’t tell what it’s made out of. I’ll have to wait for a close-up picture.

Ellie Goulding


Here is Ellie going in for a kiss with new boyfriend (not confirmed, but one can only assume) War Horse actor Jeremy Irvine. The pair were seen holding hands while ice skating before Christmas too. She hasn’t been apart from her ex Skrillex for that long!

Julianne Hough


Look how many people it takes to get Julianne red carpet ready! Geeeez! I didn’t realise it was such an operation. Despite all that, Julianne ended up splitting her after-party dress from dancing too much.


Eva Longoria & Hayden Panettiere


The girls were making the most of the food and drink on offer. Girls after my own heart! What I love about these kinds of events is that you discover friendships between stars that you never knew about before. Like these guys!

Emma Roberts


I just had to bring this god-awful dress to your attention. It is so horrible! Emma usually does better than this. Here she is at an after-party with her boyfriend Evan Peters.

Selena Gomez


Selena looked stunning in this gold dress. She attended  the Weinstein after-party with bestie Vanessa Hudgens. In this picture, they were with Heidi Klum but below you will see them with good pals Ashley Tisdale and Sarah Hyland.



Big Pics: Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale & Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield 


Emma Stone and Andrew have taken their relationship to the next level by adopting this golden retriever. Isn’t it adorable?!

Sofia Vergara


There is no denying that Sofia looks good in this bikini but it is a horrible choice! There are far too many cut away parts and it is far too revealing. I was shocked (and impressed) when I first saw this.  But if she can still work it at 40, then why not.

Ashley Tisdale 


It certainly looks like Ashley has got herself a new man considering he has his hand around her waist. It is unclear how long Ashley has been dating musician Christopher French for. She finished her two-year relationship with director Scott Speer last year.

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux


Firstly, I just want to show my appreciation for how good this couple look! The pair were on holiday (like every other celeb!) in Cabo San Lucas. They were joined by Emily Blunt and John Krasinski- who you can see chilling on a sun lounger on the right of the picture below.


There were also joined by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and his fianceé, who you can see on the right in the next picture.


I love seeing celebs being friends and going on holiday together means they must be close. I had no idea Emily and Jennifer knew each other, let alone holidayed together. It wasn’t a group of people I would expect to see and that’s what makes these pictures more interesting.

Big Pics: Celebrity Christmas pictures

Loads of celebrities took to social media to give us a look at their Christmas celebration. Generally, the pictures were of the celebrity with their child/children or a family member, so it will be a bit repetitive. I’m not going to describe the picture unless it needs an explanation. Enjoy the holiday pics!


Miley Cyrus 


Christina Aguilera 


Ashley Tisdale 


Fergie & Josh Duhamel 


Jessica Simpson 


This is how she announced her pregnancy.

Una Healy 


Neil Patrick Harris 



His twins Gideon (top) and Harper (bottom).

Katy Perry & John Mayer



Katy posted this snap so they obviously spent Christmas together!

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon




I saved the best for last! I think these pictures from Nick and Mariah are so cute and they have such an amazing family. Their twins Moroccan and Monroe are adorable!

That’s folks! Hope you had a happy holiday!