Emmys nominations: My thoughts

Emmy Awards

Today the nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards were announced and this is a summary of my thoughts reading the shortlist:

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Freak Show: Film Review

Alex Lawther first came to my attention playing the young Alan Turing in 2014’s The Imitation Game and his subsequent work in Black Mirror, The End of the F***ing, Goodbye Christopher Robin and Ghost Stories proved his ability to play odd, tortured, offbeat characters – but he goes above and beyond all that with Freak Show.

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Freak Show: BFI Flare Film Festival Review

Alex Lawther first came to my attention playing the young Alan Turing in 2014’s The Imitation Game and his subsequent work in Black Mirror, The End of the F***ing, Goodbye Christopher Robin and Ghost Stories proved his ability to play odd, tortured, offbeat characters – but he goes above and beyond all that with Freak Show.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 2

Express Yourself

So the second season of The Carrie Diaries wrapped last week and I have to say, despite my reservations following a week first season, this was much better and I really enjoyed it.

The show is very cheesy and sweet but in a rom-com way that I love. I think AnnaSophia Robb is perfect as Carrie and she is a far more well-rounded character this time around. I disliked her in the first season because she was so whiny and kept breaking up with Sebastian for pathetic reasons. Now, she has grown-up, lost her virginity and fought her dad over going to college. She is more feisty and has more bite which makes her far more interesting.

This series has been great for lining up Carrie as we saw her in Sex and the City. We left her in New York City, with no college education, a waitressing job and living with Samantha Jones. So it isn’t a stretch to see her writing a column about sex, especially as earlier in this series, we saw her considering writing a paper on sex for her creative writing class.

Win Some, Lose Some

I think the friendships and characters were more fleshed out and believable this time around. They had better chemistry and were fun to watch. The dialogue was wittier too and tongue-in-cheek at times. I liked the unlikely friendship between Donna LaDonna and Mouse.

I had reservations about Lindsey Gort, who plays the young Samantha Jones. She portrays her very well except she doesn’t use a British accent, which was a major problem for me. I ended up really liking her although she was pretty two dimensional in that she only cared about sex and men. We only started to see her deeper feelings later on.

I knew Carrie and Sebastian would end up together during the show but I really hoped they wouldn’t. They weren’t good for each other and I thought Weaver was a much better fit. However, I was still gutted when they break up yet again- presumably for good this time.

Although it has been a much stronger season I still have a feeling it won’t get renewed this time around. The series never managed to surpass the 1 million viewers mark which is very poor and I will be amazed if the CW think it is worthwhile.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be that gutted if it did get cancelled because I think it ended in a good place which tied into SATC and made sense. The minor things haven’t been answered are- Carrie never sees her family in SATC, so what happened between now and then? Why did she stop living with Samantha? Why do we never see Walt, Mouse or Maggie in SATC? Does Carrie ever go to college? What does she do after her waitressing job? These are little niggles that need to be answered for it to have a proper conclusion.

Big Pics: Halle Berry, Justin Bieber & Demi Lovato

Halle Berry 


Yep! Well she’s most definitely pregnant! She also revealed that her pregnancy was a total surprise.

She said: “This has been the biggest surprise of my life to tell you the truth. I thought I was kind of past the point where this could be a reality for me. So it’s been a big surprise and the most wonderful.”




What MUST you do when in Cuba?! Go to Club Tropicana of course! And that’s exactly what B and Jay-Z did. I wonder if the drinks are free?!

Justin Bieber


Check out Bieber’s new do. It is sort of like his old side-swept fringe but with a short buzz cut at the side, like Miley Cyrus. It is quite a feminine cut but I like it.

Demi Lovato


Look who Demi bumped into at the airport! Also, Gwyneth Paltrow was the one who asked her for a photo. Very cool.

The Hangover Part III 


Here is the first look at John Goodman’s role in the final Hangover film. We still don’t know his name or his involvement with the Wolfpack but he sure looks angry with Zack Galifinakis, who plays Alan. Can’t wait!

AnnaSophia Robb


How pretty does she look here?! The cover coincides with the finale of The Carrie Diaries. The show hasn’t yet been commissioned for a second season, and I doubt it will. Read why here. Loving the clashing prints below!


The Carrie Diairies: Will It Get a Season Two?!


The first series of the Sex and the City prequel , The Carrie Diaries, hasn’t exactly got off to a flying start. The viewing figures are already dwindling after only thirteen episodes and The CW hasn’t commissioned a second season yet. I wouldn’t surprised if this happened. Even the original Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker, described the show as “odd”, admitting that she isn’t sure if she likes it. I’m starting to agree with her and I’ll tell you why.

I wanted it to be good because I love Sex and the City but obviously, this had to be different as Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) is only 17-years-old, in high school and in Connecticut. This was never going to have that girly, sexy realness about it. However, I was at least expecting it to be a good teen drama but it is just too nice.


Carrie with Larissa

The plot seems too straightforward and the twists can be seen from a mile away. I think everyone knew Walt was gay and personally, I called Maggie and Sebastian in the penultimate episode. I just feel as if the story hasn’t really progressed since the beginning in terms of Carrie’s plotline. Okay, she has a job at Interview which is far better than her law firm internship but, in terms of her personal life, she is back to square one.

I love the actors but I just feel like some of the characters haven’t been fleshed out enough. For example, Mouse’s only storyline has been about her grades, a new guy, and how that is affecting her grades. I still think she is the funniest character in the show though- Ellen Wong is brilliant.

Mouse and Maggie

Mouse and Maggie

Maggie and Walt have the most dramatic arcs, which seems weird because you would assume Carrie would. Walt’s (Brendan Dooling) confusion over his sexuality was obvious but at the same time, you really felt for him and wanted him to be honest with himself. I like his character the most because he hits me emotionally. None of the other characters do that. Maggie (Katie Findlay) and the affair storyline was good when it came to a head at the lock-in. The tension between her and Walt is great even though they are trying to be friends. I think her insecure, selfish side adds another dimension to her character. It’s not a great characteristic to have, but at least it’s interesting. I want more of this.

Carrie and Walt

Carrie and Walt

Dorrit (Stefania Owen) seems pretty one-dimensional as Carrie’s angst-filled younger sister. She generally hates everything and, now she has a love interest, has completely changed into a new person. She seems happy and understanding. Her overhaul is a bit unbelievable. Also, call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want to know about the sexcapades of a 14-15 year old girl. Ditto for Carrie’s father, Tom (Matt Letscher). For some reason, I find his sexual storyline cringey even though I was fine with other parents doing it, like Sandy and Kristen in The O.C. Larissa (Freema Agyeman) is brilliant for comic relief but her character feels too OTT to be genuine. She is so loud, colourful and vibrant but I love the partying influence she has on Carrie.

Dorritt, Carrie & their dad,Tom.

Dorritt, Carrie & their dad,Tom.

The biggest issue of all is the relationship of Carrie and Sebastian (Austin Butler). It just doesn’t feel true. Yes, they love each other but they are so on-and-off over the most pathetic things. I know some couple are like that in real life but it is infuriating. I also find the dialogue between them can be rather cheesy. What concerns me the most about the show is that I don’t relate to Carrie, whereas in SATC, she was my favourite and I felt like I was most like her.  She annoys me a lot in that she always wants things to be perfect, she breaks up with Sebastian after a silly little fight and she just worries about everything. Don’t get me wrong, I think AnnaSophia is doing a great job-I love her and her look- I just don’t think Carrie has been given much depth.

Sebastian & Carrie

Sebastian & Carrie

Perhaps if the show had a full 22/24 episodes first season, we might have discovered more about the characters and grown to love them. I feel like we were just getting to the dramatic stage at the very end, so if season two brings more of that then I will watch it.

I love the music, the clothes, the hair and all the 80s bits. I do enjoy watching it and there have been some great scenes but I just want the characters to be more fleshed out and real. The story arcs don’t last long (except Walt and Maggie’s) so we don’t feel for the characters as much as we should. The plot needs more meat to it and I feel it is gradually getting there.


It is very unlikely the show will get a season two as it doesn’t make financial sense looking at the figures (under 1 million already!) If it is does, the characters need more to them, the storylines need to be more complex and dramatic so we can really get into the story and the people. It does have the opportunity to be great, I think it just realised it too late. It began too nice and then didn’t have enough time to create a truly dramatic plot. The finale was great in terms of drama so if The CW gives it a chance and the show makes these changes, I reckon season two could be really good.


Do you agree with my criticisms?! Do you think anymore changes should be made?! What did you like/dislike about the show?

Big Pics: Jessica Alba, Britney Spears & Megan Fox

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba caused quite a stir on Hollywood Boulevard after she set up a kissing booth for the public. This was all part of a stunt which was broadcast live on the Jimmy Kimmel show.


Megan Fox


Megan and her husband Brian Austin Green were obviously making the most of time away from son Noah by getting smoochy at a Brahma party in Rio.


Vanessa Hudgens


Vanessa is completely dwarfed by Katherine Heigl at the Jenny Packham show at New York’s Fashion Week. She should stick with people more her height like AnnaSophia Robb and Victoria Justice (see below).


Selena Gomez & Lily Collins


Did we know that these guys were friends before?! It is hardly surprising though since Lily knows everyone and Selena seems to be friends with everyone.

Britney Spears


What a horrible Adidas top! Ewww! Anyway, Britney teased her Twitter followers with this picture taken from the upcoming remix video to Scream and Shout. Looks like she has been seriously airbrushed too!

Big Pics: Sofia Vergara, Orlando Bloom & Michelle Williams

Sofia Vergara 


Here’s the moment when Sofia had a nip slip when her fiance Nick had an altercation in a club on New Year’s. This picture surfaced later in the week- Sofia was caught in the scuffle and ended up on the floor. To be fair, she wasn’t exactly covering her breasts much to begin with…just take a look below.


Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr


Orlando and wife Miranda put paid to separation rumours by showing their affection in public. However, I’m not convinced because they look very awkward and it doesn’t look genuine.


Jason Segel & Michelle Williams


These are just ANOTHER couple who have gone on holiday over new year! Still jealous! The pair were in Cancun, Mexico and Michelle covered up her fair skin with a shirt and hat. They were also seen with actress Busy Phillips, complete with baby bump.


AnnaSophia Robb


Robb channels 60s model Twiggy in her shoot for Teen Vogue. She is promoting her new TV show, The Carrie Diaries, which premieres next Monday (14th January)- I cannot wait! She will be playing the lead role of Carrie Bradshaw, which are certainly big shoes to fill.

During the interview, Robb spoke about her reluctance to do TV:  “When I was younger, I didn’t want to be on TV. I made a conscious decision to stay away from Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel—not that they’re not great companies, but because I wanted to play different kinds of roles and have the freedom to choose my projects.

“So when my agent called about this job, I said no way. TV was too much of a commitment. I realized it was actually a really strong story. It had a lot of heart and integrity, and Carrie seems like a character that I can grow with.”

First Look: The Carrie Diaries

I am so excited for this! Here is the first trailer for The Carrie Diaries, the prequel series to Sex and the City. The show focuses on Carrie Bradshaw in 1984 when she heads to Manhattan for the first time for an internship.

AnnaSophia Robb plays Carrie and it is unlikely that we will see the other girls. It is going to be SO GOOD! The series starts in January on The CW.