Top Films for August


August is here which means more movies for your cinema-going selves! There are plenty to choose from this month but I’ve whittled it down to the ones I’m most excited about.

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Grammys 2016: Best & Worst Dressed


Last night was all about the 2016 Grammy Awards but the show is so long and with so many categories that I personally find the red carpet far more exciting. You can usually depend on the Grammys for some divisive fashion choices but I generally liked everything this year – especially this gorgeous look from Taylor Swift. People have been bashing her new bob but I think she looks fantastic.

There were some crazy outfits from absolute nobodies, so they are not included. I have a ton of best dressed and just a few worst dressed which weren’t totally horrible, just a bit naff. The standard is high this year.

Here are my picks:


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What do you make of my choices?

Pitch Perfect 2: Film Review


I LOVED Pitch Perfect so naturally I was excited for more. While Pitch Perfect 2 was awesome and so much fun, it just didn’t have the same SOMETHING that made me love the first one. It wasn’t quite as funny or as edgy, and I think that’s simply because we saw that all the first time around. On its own, Pitch Perfect 2 was amazing, but in comparison to its predecessor it just isn’t at the same level.

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Top Films for May



It’s a new month, which means a whole new set of films to be excited about. Here’s what I’m looking forward to watching:

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The Last Five Years: Film Review


I usually love a musical, so for me to not love The Last Five Years is quite an achievement. This adaptation of the off-Broadway production just becomes tiresome and you wish you could watch one scene – just one scene! – where they are not singing. But there isn’t: they sing the whole way through, which is something I hate – I like musicals which use song to highlight key moments or entertain, rather than ones that are entirely song because nothing stands out.

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Top Films for April


A new month is upon us so, as usual, here my list of movies to look forward to in April…

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The Voices: Film Review


I wanted to see this because it looks so flippin’ weird but I was interested to see how it would be done. A comedy-horror/thriller is a hard to pull off and I wouldn’t have pictured Ryan Reynolds being a lead in this type of movie but this was bizarre in an enjoyable way and has changed my mind about Ryan’s acting abilities – he was good!

It’s about a mentally ill guy named Jerry, who is off his medication and believes his pets are talking to him. His dog is the good guy, always complimentary and positive whereas the cat is evil and he encourages Jerry to kill people. He soon realises that he isn’t as in control of himself as he thought and his world soon begins to unravel.

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Oscars 2015: Best & Worst Dressed

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The main fashion event is here!! I could not wait to check out the red carpet fashion from this year’s Oscars and some of the dresses were incredible. My favourite is Rosamund Pike, who totally pulled it out of the bag after several dire choices. Emma Stone was consistent as ever but I fell in love with Anna Faris’ gown – so beautiful. To be honest, nobody was badly dressed (ignoring Lady Gaga’s gloves), so the worst dressed pile are generally ones that weren’t to my personal taste. Enjoy!

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Cake: Film Review


I had to see Cake to find out if Jennifer Aniston’s performance is worthy of award nominations and the shock at her Oscars ‘snub’. While it is certainly a different role – everyone will notice she’s shunned the make-up and high maintenance appearance – it didn’t really stand out to me and the film itself is incredibly boring and depressing.

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Into the Woods: Film Review


I love a good musical and I love so many of the cast in this so I have been excited for a while and yes, it was good but it wasn’t AMAZING. And I really wanted amazing.

Emily Blunt and James Corden play a couple who are unable to have children due to a curse put on their house by a witch (Meryl Streep). To break the spell, they must find four items within the woods which puts them in touch with well-known fairytale characters like Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood and Jack (and his Beanstalk).

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