We Summon the Darkness: Film Review

We Summon the Darkness

When I think of Alexandria Daddario, I have this image of this super attractive yet friendly and down-to-earth girl, thanks to the supporting characters I’ve seen her play on film, so it was surprising yet refreshing to see her turn that image upside down and show audiences a completely different side of her in We Summon the Darkness.

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San Andreas: Film Review


San Andreas is a big, ambitious disaster movie on an epic scale that we haven’t seen since Roland Emmerich’s 2012 back in 2009. I personally had not seen one focussed solely on earthquakes and I had learned loads about the San Andreas Fault in school so I was gripped, despite it being very by the book.

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Dwayne Johnson talks San Andreas at world premiere


Hollywood hardman Dwayne Johnson unfortunately covered up his famous guns with a flash suit for the world premiere of San Andreas in London, but any disappointment I felt was wiped away when he came over to chat. He is nicest guy. I cannot stress this enough. He looked like he was enjoying himself, he involved all the fans, he had great energy, he spoke to all the press and even broke a freakin’ Guinness World Record for the amount of selfies he took!

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