Uncut Gems: Film Review

I had been hearing about Uncut Gems on Twitter for months and was excited to finally know what all the fuss was about. And daaaaamn, Uncut Gems is such a stressful watch. I breathed out a sigh of relief once it was all over.

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Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Adam Sandler at the The Meyerowitz Stories LFF premiere: My Pics 

On Friday evening, the cast of The Meyerowitz Stories took to the red carpet at London Film Festival’s purpose-built Embankment Garden Cinema to support the movie. You can see the pictures here:

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The Meyerowitz Stories: LFF Film Review 

Following the debut of The Meyerowitz Stories, Noah Baumbach‘s next feature, at Cannes Film Festival, all everyone was talking about was Adam Sandler’s performance, which some have even dubbed Oscar worthy! I couldn’t believe it. I personally wouldn’t go quite that far, but it is 100% his best performance in years and certainly a game changer for him after a long succession of duds.

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Pixels: Film Review

Pixels has been savaged by U.S. critics, who just seem to hate Adam Sandler, who is admittedly on a terrible run of late, but it is not as terrible as you would expect. Okay, it is by no means great but I think it will work well if you want to keep your family occupied over the summer holidays.

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Men, Women & Children: LFF Film Review


This film is a really interesting and relevant take on modern relationships and how they are affected by social media. It is definitely more biased towards it being bad but that’s probably because director/co-writer Jason Reitman is more aware of how things used to be before the Internet became so prolific. It is thought-provoking with a great cast.

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Adam Sandler receives 11 Razzie nominations

Adam Sandler has broken the record of Razzie nominations received by one person, including Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Screen Couple (twice!) and Worst Picture for Jack & Jill.

The Razzie’s are officially called The Golden Raspberry Awards and they honour (and poke fun at) the worst films of the year. So the opposite of the Oscars. The previous record holder was Eddie Murphy with five back in 2007 for the film Norbit.

So eleven is quite a jump! I reckon he will hold that record for some time. I would feel sorry for him but the two films he is nominated for, Just Go With It and Jack & Jill, are just appalling. He used to be in some really funny movies and now they are all a bit crap. I don’t find him particularly funny anymore and afte Jack & Jill, this news really doesn’t surprise me.

I wonder if he will do a Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock and turn up the awards! It hardly ever happens but it is really good fun to see celebs have the balls to appear and not take themselves too seriously. However, picking up Worst Actress (for the Jill part in the movie) must be a tough one to deal with!

Other movies taking a beating are Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Breaking Dawn: Part I- they are nominated in almost every category.